Logan Wilkinson is the host of Input: A Video Games News Show and co-host & senior editor of Irrational Passions Podcast.
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Also available on YouTube Logan Wilkinson from Irrational Passions makes an appearance as the first ever international guest on Grandstand Gurus. On a trip down memory lane, the Gurus discuss their childhood sports, compare Aussie and American sports cultures, and reminisce on favourite sports video games.2016 AFL HighlightsEmail: explosionnetwork.com/contactThis week's cast:Jack Kruse @krusey_mateJono Pech @JonoHimselfSpecial Guest:Logan Wilkinson - @LeftyLoggy Twitter - Explosion NetworkTwitter - Grandstand GurusiTunes
This week on Break in Reality: Stories, Quin invites Logan Wilkinson to the show.  Logan tells the story of how he was introduced to the Irrational Passions team, and how this been supplemental to his writing. We also dive into where got his start with his IGN Blog and discuss his personal site, leftyloggy.com. From there, we discuss the pieces he is most proud of. Then we end on what the future is looking like for him, and his brand. Follow the Host and Guest -  Quin Hoffman - @quantum_arbiter - breakinreality.com Logan Wilkinson - @leftyloggy - leftyloggy.com
In this episode of Irrational Interviews, we sit down with Amy Hennig, Naughty Dog’s Creative Director and writer. Amy is best known for her work on the groundbreaking Uncharted series, for which she’s won two Writers Guild of America awards. The topic is, of course, storytelling. How does a writer create a complex narrative for a big budget video game? How does one drive the creative process of a large, intricate game development team? In this episode of Irrational Interviews, listen in while Ken Levine — Irrational Games’ own Creative Director and writer – has a reflective conversation with Amy about the unique challenges they both face in their individual, yet strikingly similar roles. The focus of the conversation is the writer’s process. “It’s not the way films are made,” says Amy.  “I’ve described this to friends of mine who are screenwriters, and they just think we’re insane.” The two also dig into their personal process — the act of faith involved in embarking on the journey of writing for a game. As Ken says, “Part of that act of faith is the faith that you have to put in yourself.” The broad-ranging conversation also turns to the challenge of managing complicated production realities while maintaining the flexibility to take creative risks. As Amy explains, “We just sort of loosely plan what we’re doing, because that’s the best you can do with something that’s as iterative and experimental as what we do. We adapt, and we trust each other’s experience – to know that we’re going to make the wisest, most pragmatic decisions we can, while still trying to keep the quality of the product and stay inspired.” Share your thoughts about this podcast in the comments below, or head over to the forums for a more in-depth discussion. iTunes Feed Direct Download Episode 11 Irrational Podcasts RSS Feed Produced by James Bonney, Elena Siegman, and Julian Murdoch Editing by Ant Bear Audio Music courtesy of The Happy Hollows
At Irrational, it’s likely no surprise that we play a lot of games. In this podcast, Level Designer Shawn Elliott talks to folks in the studio about which games in 2011 inspired them, gave them new professional insight, or maybe just introduced them to new ways to grief their friends. Listen as we wax philosophical about how Dead Island’s reward loop hypnotized us, how Naughty Dog inspires us with their voice over recording process, and how Modern Warfare 3’s weapon mechanics satisfied and delighted us. You’ll also hear how the complex decisions we had to make in Deus Ex fascinated us as gamers and game designers, and the lessons we learned about ourselves as people while playing Skyrim. Part 1: Dead Island – Shawn Robertson, Nate Wells Part 2: The Use of Voice Over in Games in 2011 – Jim Bonney, Jeff Seamster Part 3: Deus Ex – Forrest Dowling, Alexx Kay, Ken Strickland Part 4: Modern Warfare 3 – Ray Holbrook, Dan Scholten Part 5: Skyrim – Ken Levine, Sarah Rosa Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below! iTunes Link Direct Download Episode 10 Irrational Podcasts RSS Feed Podcast produced by James Bonney and Elena Siegman. Editing by Ant Bear Audio. Podcast music provided by: George Glass The Monolaters Taxpayer Elena Siegman
During the Irrational Games Voice Actor panel at PAX Prime 2011, there were a lot of great questions from those in attendance, questions we sadly couldn’t answer due to a lack of time. Fortunately, we heard many of them from the Irrational Games community, so we decided to pay tribute to our fans in this latest installment of Irrational Interviews by going straight to the source for the answers. In this episode, Creative Director Ken Levine is joined by BioShock Infinite voice actors Troy Baker (Booker DeWitt) and Courtnee Draper (Elizabeth), as they tackle questions taken directly from our audience. Things kick off with Ken, Troy and Courtnee discussing the process of voice acting, how they approach their characters in BioShock Infinite, the emotions involved in a memorable performance, and even the collaborative process between the actors and director. The podcast closes out as our trio explores how their characters evolve over the project, and how they identify with them as they become more familiar with the roles. Each person has a different perspective on how they learn about the characters, but the actors are able to shape the Booker and Elizabeth relationship as they build the connection between each other. Share your thoughts about this podcast in the comments below, or head over to the forums for a more in-depth discussion. iTunes Feed Direct Download Episode 10 Irrational Podcasts RSS Feed Produced by James Bonney, Eduardo Vasconcellos, and Julian Murdoch Editing by Ant Bear Audio Music courtesy of The Happy Hollows
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