Loren Bartley is the founder and CEO on Impactiv8, a Digital Marketing agency, co-host and producer of Business Addicts The Podcast.
In this episode Mark Stephen talks about self-hypnosis, sharing insights into how it can be used as a tool for reducing stress, weight loss and other issues in your life. Mark Stephens Mark Stephens first started using meditation to help control his severe asthma attacks at the age of 8. He then went on to study meditation under Chinese teachers, Japanese masters and Tibetan monks. He is a Ju-Jutsu Black Belt, bestselling author and leading hypnotherapist. In 1990, he was given a possible six months to live with a rapidly growing second-stage lymphoma. 27 years later, thanks to a combination of eastern healing methods, complementary treatments and the best of western medicine, he now has a clean bill of health and inspires other people to transform their lives through hypnosis and motivation programs. How self-hypnosis can be used to reduce stress, aide in weight loss and sort out other issues in your lifeClick To Tweet Self-Hypnosis In this episode we explore What self-hypnosis is The difference between hypnosis and self-hypnosis How self-hypnosis works How self-hypnosis is different to the hypnosis you have probably seen on stage How elf-hypnosis differs from meditation Some of the challenges hypnosis can assist people to overcome How self-hypnosis can assist with weight loss Advice to assist you in prioritising your health Tips for being able to identify the triggers for your bad habits Simple strategies you can implement that will assist you in being able to change your behaviours when exposed to those things that usually trigger your bad habits Three simple sentences you can tell yourself that will help you break you bad habits, regardless of what they might be Listen Here The post Self-hypnosis – Mark Stephens appeared first on Business Addicts.
In this episode Steve Sammartino talks about “the future”, sharing his predicted changes for our world based on the interconnection of human behaviour, technology and economics, studying the patterns and trends to determine where they are going to go in the near and distant future. Steve Sammartino Steve Sammartino is renowned as one of Australia’s leading futurists. He has had multiple technology startups and launched one of the first “Sharing Economy” startups – Rentoid, that he had a successful exit from. He is a global thought leader and authority on disruption and the author of two books, “The Great Fragmentation – Why the future of business is so small” and “The Lessons That School Forgot – How to hack your way through technology”. He has also invested in some crazy projects over time, including building a full size drivable car that runs on air and was made using 500,000 pieces of Lego and also sending a Lego rocket into space orbit. Steve provides expert commentary on emerging technology on Australian TV and news. He has a sharp focus on its impact on business and society. He’s the guy who always knows what’s happening, what’s next and how it will change our world. He know’s how to express big and sometime complex ideas in language everyone can understand. You can follow Steve Sammartino on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Australia’s leading Futurists @sammartino shares his insights into what the future will be like in terms of how we work, live, travel, learn and protect our privacyClick To Tweet The Future In this episode we explore What is a futurist is. Predicted changes for our world in terms of human behaviour, technology and economics and how they all interconnect. What determines whether or not a technology will be adopted. The future of work and how the way we work will change in the not too distant future. How labour and location can now be seperate and what that means for the future of work. How being an employee is a short-term phenomenon and why jobs may become a thing of the past and what we will be doing instead when it comes to employment. Why the education system is broken and what changes need to be made so that our children are prepared for their futures, which will be significantly different from what lay ahead of us when we left school. Whether or not being a digital nomad is sustainable long term. How place and belonging has been so important to humans throughout history and whether or not that is likely to change. Why we need a Government intervention through regulations around the use of technology in a similar way to how the Government has regulated other areas of our lives such as workplace safety in order to create civil society for commerce and for capitalism. Why we need to bring back the teaching of “civics” as a subject in schools. How our private details are now a commodity and what we need to be doing now to better protect our data. How blockchain technologies can help protect our privacy. Why MyGov is not a secure system. Why GDPR is a bad idea and how it should’ve been applied instead. The key elements that need to be considered prior to being able to successfully disrupt an industry. How disruptors and now disrupting the disruptors and why the initial disruptors are not always the ones to dominate an industry longterm. Changes coming to where we work and why the concept of an office is an outdated concept that needs to be reconsidered. How technology is impacting where we live and what we surround ourselves with when at home. Whether or not it will be possible to have a home that is high tech and connected, but at the same time is “off the grid”. The shift away from a heavy reliance on scarce energy resources and towards renewable energy how that impact will impact the different areas of our lives. Whether or not we will we be flying around in drones anytime soon as our primary form of transportation. Resources discussed in the show The Great Fragmentation – Why the future of business is so small The Lessons That School Forgot – How to hack your way through technology Spirituality in Business – Dr Isaam Cultural Convergence – Steve Sammartino, Financial Review Steve Sammartino at Click Engage Convert! Listen Here The post The Future – Steve Sammartino appeared first on Business Addicts.
In this episode Daniel Glickman from Wave.Video talks about social video, sharing insights into how to get the best results from the video you are creating for sharing on social media. Daniel Glickman Daniel Glickman is an internationally recognized marketing leader, speaker, and author. As CMO of Wave.video, an innovative video solution for creators and small businesses, he leads and manages digital marketing, advertising, and PR activities. With over two decades of experience in marketing, sales, and brand promotion, Glickman is known as a leader who is committed, charismatic, and “profoundly creative.” He enhances communication across teams and drives customer-centric processes to create new sales channels, disrupt markets, and help build highly profitable companies by leading the marketing department to “own the P/L”. You can follow Daniel Glickman on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. You can follow Wave.Video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. How to get the best results from the video you create for sharing on social media, with Daniel Glickman (@cmoconfessor) from @wave_videoClick To Tweet Social Video In this episode we explore How working less can help you achieve more Why you should focus on doing one important thing a day The advantages small businesses can have by using creativity to disrupt industries and gain a competitive against bigger companies Why social media algorithms are favouring video content these days The hot trends in the video creation space right now Why you shouldn’t be concerned with tactical growth hacking ideas such as which formats (landscape, portrait or square) give you the biggest amplification The profound shift that is occurring, where brands are being driven by their audience, letting go of brand guidelines and embracing pop culture in the videos they are creating for social media Are there any specific elements that seem to be consistent across videos that performs well on social media that we should consider when creating our video content? How low cost video creation costs are allowing businesses to experiment more with video to see what resonates with audiences Audience attention and the importance of the first few seconds of the videos you create for sharing on social media How you can use on screen text highlights to increase viewing times and ensure your audience are still able to gain value from your video even if they don’t turn the volume on for your video and why captions aren’t the solution How long your social media videos should be and how that varies based on your objective, the platforms you plan to use the video on, as well as the video placement within each platform (e.g. Facebook newsfeed, Facebook stories versus Facebook Watch) Why focusing on the creativity side of your video content is so important The 24hr Wave Around The World Facebook Live event that Wave.Video recently undertook, why they did it and how effective it was for the business The importance of repurposing your video content, particularly given the Using video to develop win/win relationships with influencers How creating video in a different context to attract attention and gain interest in your videos Resources discussed in the show Wave.Video Jim’s Pool Care Wave.Video example Amber’s Tutelage “Personalised one-on-one English & Maths Tuition – Darwin” Wave.Video example 24hr Facebook Live Wave Around The World Event sessions Podcasting for business growth (Loren’s session) How to make your blog stand out with great images How to take your videos to pro level – even if you’re a non-designer How to achieve improved ROI using content marketing Game plan for social media lead generation – 8 ways to grow leads online How brick and mortar businesses can incorporate video in their social media strategy 10 stunning social media myths busted How to get more engagement in your Facebook Groups What and why of video metrics How to create a winning marketing strategy in 3 easy steps Relaxed and confident live video How to level up your impact & authority with confident Live Video Tips on marketing to parents How to grow your brand via relationships Running effective Video Ads on Facebook and Instagram Podcasts, live video and other video – Oh my! Content distribution: 3 steps that will make your results improve Change the world with a single hashtag Creating an Alexa Flash briefing for your business (Instructions + Examples) CMOConfessions.com Listen Here The post Social Video – Daniel Glickman appeared first on Business Addicts.
In this episode Matt Clark talks about how to generate high value leads using LinkedIn, sharing insights into how to connect with, communicate with and convert your ideal customers using LinkedIn. Matt Clark Matthew Clark helps Business Owners Get 2-5 High Value Leads Per Day From LinkedIn Without Paying For Ads. You can connect with Matt Clark on LinkedIn. How to connect with, communicate with and convert your ideal customers using LinkedIn.Click To Tweet LinkedIn Lead Generation In this episode we explore What a pick up line is on LinkedIn, why everyone should have one and where you should be using it. Why you shouldn’t be using you LinkedIn profiles as a CV and what you should be doing instead. Why it’s so important to fully understand who your ideal clients are. The best way to find and connect with your ideal clients on LinkedIn in a way that is more likely to result in your connection requests being accepted. The benefits of a LinkedIn premium plan. How to use LinkedIn to go from being a relative nobody to unlocking your influence, building credibility and becoming an authority. Top tips for getting more quality recommendations. Strategies for being able to message people and follow up with leads on LinkedIn without being perceived as a spammer. How to go from being connected to people to closing deals. How to incorporate automation practices within your LinkedIn strategy. Resources discussed in the show The Virtual Edge Suzi Dafnis – Her Business Connection Statement LinkedIn Social Selling Index The LinkedIn Mini-Makeover LinkedIn Rainmaker System Listen Here The post LinkedIn Lead Generation – Matt Clark appeared first on Business Addicts.
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