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Madison Howard

Host, Editor & Producer of The Stars Fell On Podcast
Madison is the host of The Stars Fell On Podcast and currently lives in Houston, TX, with his lovely wife Sydney. He graduated from the University of Montevallo with a degree in Fine Arts and Business, and is passionate about nature and biology (especially fish and insects), cryptozoology, Appalachian folklore, and music. He was born and raised in Alabama.


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Recent episodes featuring Madison Howard
Episode 01 - Monsters, Myths and Folk Tales of Alabama
The Stars Fell On Podcast
For our first regular episode, we thought we would give you a taste of home! This week, we are bringing you some of our favorite mysteries from our home state, as well as some personal encounters with weirdness that we have had. We talk about the allegedly "cursed" road in Alabama, the Alabama White Thang, UFOs, and ghosts. All of your weird, spooky bases are covered. Probably with some sort of green slime. We also discuss the relationship between haunting and racism. Don’t judge, just listen to us. Support The Stars Fell On Podcast by donating to the tip jar:
Minisode - Holes In Reality
The Stars Fell On Podcast
Today's short minisode is 3 of Madison's favorite places of alleged Portals to other dimensions! Learn the basics about the Children of Woolpit, Marcahuasi, and Ong's Hat, NJ. If you do or don't like what you hear, let us know and if you want a full episode on this topic or anything discussed today, send us an email at! Join us next week for another regular episode about New Jersey's most infamous monster. We used some cool AI generated music from jukedeck. Make yours today! Support The Stars Fell On Podcast by donating to the tip jar:
Episode 05 - Ancient Reptilians
The Stars Fell On Podcast
What does Queen Victoria, Beyonce, and Cain from Genesis (the book, not the band) have in common? Find out! Join us for an exploration deep, deep in the roots of the Reptilian conspiracy theory that is surprisingly sweeping the world. We will expound on the ideas presented in Episode 04, and connect the dots between Ancient Astronaut theories and the Reptilian bloodline in history (as interpreted by the Reptilian conspiracy theorists, that is).You don't have to listen to Episode 04 for this one to make sense, but we hope you are intrigued enough to check it out, too! Check out our website for all the latest news and information Support The Stars Fell On Podcast by donating to the tip jar:
Episode 04 - Reptilians & David Icke
The Stars Fell On Podcast
Surprisingly, an actual percentage of American voters believe that Reptilian humanoid overlords are pulling all the strings on Earth's economic and political systems. But what exactly are these Reptilians, where did this idea come from, and who is supporting it? And most importantly, who are the Reptilians and how do you find out who they are? Find out all this and more on this week's episode! We used some AI generated music from Jukedeck. Make your own with [Jukedeck] (! Check out our website for news and Patreon information! Support The Stars Fell On Podcast by donating to the tip jar:
Episode 03 - Man-Eating Plants
The Stars Fell On Podcast
Join Madison and Hunter this week as we talk about everything you need to know about Man-Eating Plants - the myths, legends, and histories of deadly plants across the globe. We even discuss some real life botanical beasts! We hope you enjoy listening to this informative overview of freakish botany as much as we enjoyed researching it. Noah will be back with us for Episode 04 - check out our website for all news regarding the show: We used some really cool AI created music from Jukedeck - create your own at Think our show is worth a dollar or two? Tip us here!
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