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Cofounder of Hard Drive @HardDriveMag. Cohost of @ShowShowPod. Staff Writer at @realpunknews. Voting for @gamerpres2020 Proud husband of one.
Recent episodes featuring Mark Roebuck
Legend of Zelda: Underworld Connections
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Show
Some very vile vires vie for the triforce in this vexatious episode of the Legend of Zelda cartoon! Also they dang broked it up into three pieces with a hammer or some shit. Mark and Jeremy experiment with waiting a few days after watching the ep to record the pod and end up going on long tangents about the 1960s Batman show. Meanwhile, INSPECTOR FRIGGIN GADGET shows up, played by Maurice LaMarche himself! This episode is actually pretty cool, you should listen to it.
Bad Rap w/ Andy Holt
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Show
Hey homeboys and homegirls, it’s a hip hop themed episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! They uh, they rap. The whole thing. Everyone raps it. It’s uh ... well, they rap. Mark and Jeremy enlist the help of fellow Hard Drive editor and hip hop superfan Andy Holt to make heads or tails out of this trip to Rap Land. Is it hot fire? Is it that wack shit? Sergeant Slaughter makes his long awaited return to the basement in the live action segment if THAT tells you anything!
The Unzappables w/ Vinny Vinesauce
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Show
The prophecy is complete: Vinesauce's Vinny joins the podcast to discuss Mario and the gang's descent into Crime Land (in the midst of the city's worst crime wave ever, thanks to Al Koopone!!). In the live action segment, Mario is turning the basement into a bed and breakfast and he's convincing people to sleep over by saying that George Washington did so himself, once. Too bad Washington's ghost shows up and immediately enlists Mario and Luigi into the army during a dream sequence (??) explaining that they will very likely die as a result. This is one of the most fun episodes we have watched in months!
Mario and the Red Baron Koopa
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Show
This is the episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! that Peanuts ripped off for years when they had Snoopy get into fights with the Red Baron. Sorry everybody, Mario got there first. Mark and Jeremy discuss this week’s episode, which features such oddities as the gang being horrified of a snowstorm just one week after we did a Christmas episode. What gives? Oh and in the live action, an escaped gorilla makes its way into Mario and Luigi’s apartment just as Luigi is getting ready to show Mario his new costume of, you guessed it, a gorilla. You know what that means? That’s right, two gorillas!
Koopa Klaus
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Show
It's October and you know what that means, Hallowe—Christmas episode? Really? Alrighty, then. King Koopa has kidnapped Santa Claus, frozen all the elves, and is generally wreaking havoc on the North Pole. Good thing Mario and the gang took a wrong turn on their way to Hawaii Land and are here to save the day! In the live action, a young boy stops by because he ran away from home to teach his parents a lesson about not loving him enough and we get a whole darn flashback showing us the time Young Mario did that and everyone was happy about it. We discuss Christmas, the fact that the Mario show seemingly wrote every episode as fast as possible so as to premiere them all before it stopped being the '80s, and the time Mark played guitar with The Ataris! 
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