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Top 5 Christmas songs
Guest Daz Wright Every ounce of his being is focussed on discussing video games, cats and the popular music of the day. He live in Moseley in Birmingham. Daz Wright (@dazwright) | Twitter Daz Wright The Christmas season begins with Mark talking to Daz Wright of Moselele, about the best songs to ring in the festivities. Daz is a musician, and a founder-member of the Birmingham-based ukulele group Moselele. He’s also a big fan of Christmas, and delivered a sack full of joy to the List Envy studio, along with an honest-to-goodness Christmas cracker and actual sleigh bells. Whamageddon The pair discuss this real-world survival game. Like many pure things, Whamageddon has been co-opted by the corporate world, so we’ll stick with the original rules rather than those imposed by the Bauer Media corporation, who have attempted to make it their thing recently. The object is to go as long as possible without hearing the original version of Wham!’s song Last Christmas (you won’t hear that version in this episode, so you’re safe). It runs from Dec 1st until Christmas eve. As soon as you recognise the song, that’s it, you’re out, and play resumes for you next year. If you’re deliberately sabotaged, bad luck, but that’s not the spirit of the game. You’re still out, but the saboteur is a dick. Honourable mentions Mel Smith and Kim Wilde — Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree Mike Oldfield — In Dulce Jubilo Pretenders — 2000 Miles Sia — Puppies are Forever The Wombles — Wombling Merry Christmas Bob Dylan — Must be Santa Eels — Everything’s Gonna be Cool This Christmas Garry Glitter — Another Rock ’n Roll Christmas Wizzard — I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday Daz’s picks In order of discussion: Slade — Merry Xmas Everybody This is, for Daz, a perfect Christmas song, as it falls into one of the main categories: nostalgia, a description of the Christmas day or event, and a shameless emotional trigger… and perhaps it embodies all three. The Oasis cover Mark refers to was not done for the BBC’s Live Lounge series, but for the NME in a joint venture with the War Child charity. Elton John — Step into Christmas A late addition to Daz’s list, Step into Christmas is nothing if not meta, opening with the line “welcome to my Christmas song”. Daz calls it shameless, but you can be the judge. Wham! — Last Christmas You were promised that your ears would remain a Wham!-free zone, so the demonstrative track for this segment is brought to you by courtesy of the Crazy Frog (who still has 6.5 million YouTube subscribers). Daz enjoys that Last Christmas embodies the spirit of the day (as per his third category of Christmas song success). Mariah Carey — All I Want for Christmas is You Despite Daz describing Mariah’s vocal opening as “warbling nonsense”, he enjoys the chunka-chunka piano that follows… and frankly, who doesn’t? This easily satisfies the “emotional trigger” item of Daz’s Christmas song checklist, and who among us doesn’t want to be wholly owned by a quasi-religious semi-fictional wizard? The Weather Girls – Dear Santa, Bring Me a Man this Christmas (Part 1) Following on from, and largely borrowing from the success of It’s Raining Men, Dear Santa, Bring Me a Man this Christmas (Part 1) is pretty much the same song, but festive. If you haven’t watched the video, now’s your chance. Mark’s picks In order of discussion: Greg Lake — I Believe in Father Christmas Mark enjoys this quiet and conemplative ballad, that Daz describes as one of the more musically interesting festive offerings. But sadly, the line “the Christmas we get, we deserve” was not enough to make it Christmas #1, which ended up that year being Queen. The Waitresses — Christmas Wrapping Mark feels there is a “Dickens quality” to this story song (to be fair, it does start with the line “Bah humbug”), about loneliness and romance, leading to a joyful and merry Christmas day. The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl — Fairytale of New York Anyone who’s offended by the lyrics towards the end of this song has our axe, and there’s an argument to be had around the specific meaning of the word in that time and context, but for now, let’s focus on the fact that it’s a winter banger, and a wonderful piece of Christmas melancholia. Johnny Mathis — When a Child is Born It took eight songs before the pair got to one that actually described the li’l baby Jesus, but here we are. It’s.a crooner’s song, and pretty sappy, but it does fall squarely in that mid-70s bracket that seems to categorise Christmas songs. Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews - Baby It’s Cold Outside If you’re offended by any of the lyrics in this song, you’re a child and you don’t know what grown-up words mean (sometimes two consenting adults can do something naughty and that’s OK). Mark gravely prefers the cover over the original as he believes it packs more personality and fun. More of Daz Wright Join Moselele twice a month at the Prince of Wales pub in Moseley, Birmingham, to play popular songs of the day. And be sure to join them on Sunday December 22nd where they’ll be singing Christmas songs in the beer garden of said pub. Mark will be there, and we hope you will too. You can also follow Daz on Twitter. Links Support the podcast
Stop making Friendiversary happen. Thread: 👇
The pair discuss music videos, the John Lewis ad (again) and the history of the PlayStation, and celebrate their six year Facebook “friend(i)versary”.
Top 5 things we’re leaving behind
Guest Jon Hickman Host of You Don’t Look Like a Runner, Thread, and Beware of the Leopard. Writer at Paradise Circus, and 101 Things Birmingham Game the World. jonhickman (@jonhickman) | Twitter Hi I'm Jon! Fellow podcaster Jon Hickman joins Mark to cast aside things from our adolescence that we can get by just as well without. Jon co-hosts the hilarious and often genuinely moving – no pun intended — fitness, running and tech podcast You Don’t Look Like a Runner with Nick Moreton, and Thread with Mark. Get Extra Envy in your inbox Sign up to the weekly newsletter so you never miss a list, and for a link to the unedited (rude) version of this episode. Jon’s picks In order of discussion: Kevin Smith movies The director-turned-podcaster Kevin Smith sidled onto VHS screens in the early 90s with films like /Clerks/ and /Mallrats/. He made them for a specific generation, but now they’re all grown up, is it time to leave those films behind, or is it enough to just not get excited about new ones? The pop charts Jon picked the pop music countdown as his second item, possibly in an effort to dump pop before pop could dump him. Nevertheless, it has become something of a cultural oddity in the era of streaming everything, so can we safely leave the pop charts behind? And what’s to be done about the Christmas single? Graham Linehan Linehan co-created two iconic sitcoms for Channel Four in the UK, but his recent history has been marred by unpleasant online behaviour. But the work stands, and on this Mark and Jon hold firm. The Cheeky Nando’s Who doesn’t love a nice bit of chicken and chips? And why must the idea of fast casual dining be a joke among snooty older people? These are the questions that need answering, but thankfully, Jon is on the case…. to ask them, if not to come up with a concrete answer. Mark’s picks In order of discussion: Smash Mouth In the late 90s, you couldn’t turn on a radio or seemingly watch a film without hearing a large man shout “SOME!” at you. Yes, /Allstar/ was a big hit, but by remaining consistent in its output, is the band serving its audience or allowing them to move on without them? Bill Hicks Bill Hicks was a hero to most (in their late 30s to mid 40s)., but he never meant shit to millennials. For so many, his work was a cultural touchstone whose effects ripped throughout comedy. He was also a misogynist and a cultural snob, so perhaps it’s time to let him rock out on the lake of fire in his by himself. American Beauty This Mendes -directed, Spacey vehicle was a firm favourite of the late-teenage Mark, but even without the lead actor’s stain, it’s a pretty marred picture by today’s standards. The chip on his shoulder This is something that may appeal to many, and is worth taking a listen to, as it probably doesn’t translate all that well in text. More of Jon Hickman You can follow Jon Hickman on Twitter, and add 101 Things Birmingham Gave the World to your Christmas wish list. Links Support the podcast
Top 5 fruits
Guest Emma Stroud Lover of all things fun. Like making people laugh and think. Enjoy being a clown. Plus a speaker. Emma Stroud – MC * Performer * Speaker Mentor Emma Stroud (@emmastroudldn) | Twitter Everyone can stand to be a little bit more banana, so this week’s guest is professional clown, public speaker and banana enthusiast, Emma Stroud. Emma’s personal day of relevation – perhaps not dissimilar to Albert Hofmann’s bicycle day, as covered in our first episode — came about when Emma realised how transformative she found the act of dressing up at a grown-up function, not like a fancy duchess, but like a banana. Emma believes part of her purpose is, not only to help people laugh, but to encourage them to think more as a result. But that’s not where the healing ends: the pair uncover a way to save yourself from embarrassment at the hands of a mushy apple, and Mark asks Emma if she’s ever eaten a noni. Get Extra Envy in your inbox Sign up to the weekly newsletter so you never miss an episode, and get goodies you won’t get elsewhere. Yes, there are goodies. Honourable mentions Kiwi Pomegranate Emma’s picks In order of discussion: Banana Apart from the fact that it did lead Emma to deliver a TED talk dressed as one, it’s a fruit that rarely disappoints, and has a handy traffic light system to let you know when it’s OK to eat one, depending no your personal preference. Orange This fruit that positively begs to be shared is also the name of Emma’s clown persona. It’s the orange. We’ve all had one. Orange. Go on, have one now, you won’t be disappointed. The orange. Orange. Grape The grape is an all-day fruit, and is never not available. You can take them to people who are ill in hospital — for some reason — or you can cut them in two to really change up how your day is going. You can also freeze them and pretend you’ve got sweets. Strawberry Nothing goes with cream, or even ice cream, quite like a strawberry. Plus, it’s the only fruit that you are legally allowed to steal from anyone’s farm because it’s not a criminal offence: it’s scrumping. (Just make sure you have a basket with you and also don’t hold us responsible if you get caught with red all down your face.) Blueberry This superfood is a solid-performing team player of a fruit. They’re versatile, very good for you, and often overlooked. Mark’s picks In order of discussion: Avocado Mark only began to truly understand the power of the avocado in early 2019, and like all converts, has now become a zealot. Pear Mark has been known to grind up the bottom seedy bits of a pear in an effort to avoid walking to the bin, and if someone handed you a pear right now, you’d probably kiss them (unless it’s outside their brief window of acceptable ripeness). Apple Mark favours the braeburn for its consistency and delivering a satisfying, sweet crunch. It’s perhaps not the star of the show, but is the Virgil van Dijk of the fruit bowl. Olive It’s possible Mark might just have put this in to wind Emma up, but it is an actual fruit. Cherry tomato The writer Miles Kingston is perported to have said “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad”. More of Emma Stroud You can follow Emma on Instagram, and on Twitter. Also check out her website. Links Support the podcast
Nurse, envasen these flowers, stat! Thread: 👇
Jon and Mark are back and not mentioning the downtime at all. (They did record something in the interim which may come out at some point). They talk Peter Kay, that guy from Barenaked Ladies who says “it’s been”, their new charity single, John Lewis ads and Jon’s anxiety over being a legitimate musician. Links Follow Jon on Twitter Follow Mark on Twitter Top 5 movie monsters, Ben Blacker on List Envy Steven Page Must be Corbyn (Socialism's Coming) That Option No Longer Exists Squier Affinity Telecaster MN JustinGuitar on YouTube Find more shows from the Outpost
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