Mike Carruthers is producer of the radio show & website Something You Should Know. Mike also founder of Master Media Coaching.
Does a full moon really bring out craziness in people? Does it cause more car accidents and hospital admissions? This episode begins with a look at whether or not the moon really affects human behavior – or at least why so many people believe it does. http://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/stop-blaming-the-moon-says-ucla-scientistBeing happy is a big goal for almost everyone. And finding it is often a struggle. Joining me with some insight and science regarding how we can all be happier is Tim Bono, a lecturer at Washington University in St. Louis where he teaches courses on the Science of Happiness and author of the book Happiness 101: Simple Secrets to Smart Living & Well-Being (https://amzn.to/3cPVgY3).Every child is told a million times to “stop fidgeting!” However, in some cases fidgeting may be the perfect thing to do. Listen as I discuss how fidgeting can help learn better and improve cognitive performance, despite what your grandmother told you. http://www.inc.com/thompson-wall/how-fidgeting-at-work-can-promote-creative-thinking.htmlI never thought I would be discussing mushrooms on this podcast. However it turns out that mushrooms and all fungi are absolutely fascinating. If we didn’t have fungus – life would be very different. Biologist Merlin Sheldrake has studied the world of fungus in great detail and you are about to discover things about the mushrooms you eat and all other fungi that will amaze you. Merlin is the author of the book Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures (https://amzn.to/2Xfdb3F)This Week's Sponsors-Better Help. Get 10% off your first month by going to www.BetterHelp.com/sysk and use the promo code: sysk
While it is hard NOT to get angry sometimes, anger can take a toll on your health and lifespan. I’ll discuss some research that explains what is and isn’t worth getting angry about.What does it take to have a happy relationship? You are going to hear some of the simplest, smartest and easiest advice to follow that can instantly start to transform your relationship. And it comes from Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret (https://amzn.to/36dpn97). Her website is www.soulmatesecret.com.Why are unhappy people so unhappy? It turns out that unhappy people often get stuck being unhappy because of certain behaviors that keep them stuck. Listen to discover what those behaviors are and what to do to break out of them.Also, are you using your mind correctly? The demands of the world require your mind to adapt but it doesn’t always adapt very well. For example, we think we multi-tasking is a good way to get more done – when in fact, it is not. It’s just not what the brain is wired for. Thomas Sterner, author of the book, The Practicing Mind (https://amzn.to/3g7STSD) explores better way to use your mind that will allow you to be more productive and happier.
Smells can have a really interesting effect on you. They can make you happy, improve concentration and boost your energy. This episode begins with an explanation of which scents do what. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/26/scents-and-wellbeing_n_5193609.htmlIf the thought of having to negotiate with someone turns you off – you will love this. Alexandra Carter is an expert at negotiating and her approach is fascinating and simple to understand and execute. It’s all about asking the right questions. Alexandra is a Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Mediation Clinic at Columbia Law School and author of the book Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything (https://amzn.to/2T6WaY8)If your computer has a camera, it is important to remember that hackers could be watching you. Listen as I explain how to protect yourself from hackers hijacking your camera and watching you when you are unaware. http://us.norton.com/yoursecurityresource/detail.jsp?aid=webcam_hackingWalking may seem simple and unexciting but there is a whole science to it. Walking has a profound effect on your personal well-being and the well-being of the society we live in. How? That’s what Shane O’Mara is here to explain. Shane is a professor of experimental brain research at Trinity College in Dublin and author of the book In Praise of Walking: A New Scientific Exploration (https://amzn.to/2TuNs6z)This Week’s Sponsors-Better Help. Get 10% off your first month by going to www.BetterHelp.com/sysk and use the promo code: sysk
Some foods get a bad rap – and undeservedly so. This episode begins with a list of foods you probably think are unhealthy but really aren’t all that bad according to science. http://www.businessinsider.com/foods-people-think-are-bad-unhealthy-that-arent-2017-3/When you have too little confidence, that can be a real obstacle to success at anything. Then again, having too much confidence can mess things up as well. So how do you have the right amount of confidence and use it to your advantage? Here to discuss that is Don Moore, professor of management at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and author of the book Perfectly Confident (https://amzn.to/3cuzZTr).Do cats really care about humans or do they just tolerate us because we feed them and give them a place to live? Listen and hear some fascinating research. http://people.com/pets/study-your-cat-probably-loves-you-more-than-it-loves-food-take-that-dogsWe have all heard the advice that when you are online you need to be careful and use common sense to protect your privacy and personal information. So what does that really mean? Aren’t most of us doing that? What more should we be doing – if anything? Listen to my guest Martin Keith. He is a professor of Information Security at Royal Holloway, University of London where he has worked in cryptographic research for thirty years. He is also author of the book, Cryptography: The Key to Digital Security, How It Works, and Why It Matters. (https://amzn.to/3bBzXbr)This Week's Sponsors-Better Help. Get 10% off your first month by going to www.BetterHelp.com/sysk and use the promo code: sysk
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