Mike Pandel

Founding Nerdy Show member, uncanny nerd, and legendary personality, Triforce Mike left behind a legacy of lolz. You can find his whit, witticisms, and wang in Nerdy Show episodes from the series genesis until his untimely passing in 2012 as well as on the RPG audio dramas Dungeons & Doritos and Pokéballs of Steelix. You can also find him in the smile of every child and the mewing of a newborn Teddiursa. Mike earned his “Triforce” moniker when he wowed Nerdapalooza 2008 by getting to World 8-4 in Super Mario Bros. during an Uncle Monsterface set. Shocked by the demon they’d set loose, the band wrote the now legendary “Triforce Mike Theme” on the spot to celebrate his greatness and subdue his savage hunger for pink-skirted princesses.
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Oct 17th, 1983
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