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Episode 40 - Heading into the Roaring 20s | Leanne Hughes
In this episode, I chat with Leanne Hughes, where she shares her insights from the last decade and predictions for the next. Leanne is a facilitator, runner and lifelong learner who values self-development and reflection. We explore the notion of purpose and the lifelong search for it, the unexpected positive career move that came from relocating to a regional area, plus we unpack insights Leanne has developed through hosting 100 podcast episodes and the conversations that have flowed there. Key episode highlights include: Work harder on yourself than you do on your job (thanks Jim Rohn!) Everything that we do in life serves a purpose but we just don’t know it until it happens Reflect on your individual behaviour when it comes to issues like climate change - it doesn’t start with the government, it starts with us. Key lessons from the last decade: Continually search for your purpose but be aware of the commonalities that link together The longest period you can plan for is only about a year ahead Energy > Time Embrace the uncertainty Pickup on signals from your body when things don't feel right and ask yourself questions to reflect on what may be going on for you. What Leanne predicts the next decade will hold:   The irony that - as technology improves, face to face connections are needed more than ever. Leanne’s personal next-decade goals: Diversifying what she does and honing in on zone of genius Channel her passion to stamp out the ‘presenteeism' culture in organisations - we can deliver outside of our cubicle Speaking in Bulgaria, and hanging out with Simon Sinek afterwards! Leanne’s final message: Be kind to yourself, find your own lane and stick to it. Reflect and re-listen to this episode, and answer Murray’s questions yourself - what comes up? You can find out more about Leanne on her website, or explore the insightful conversations on her podcast - First Time Facilitator. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #facilitator
Episode 39 - Heading into the Roaring 20s | Andrew Sloan
In this episode I chat with Andrew Sloan, who helps people upgrade for a faster future - so who better to chat with for this Heading into the Roaring 20s podcast series! Andrew reviews the last 15 years in technology advances, and how he is concluding the next decade will play out. Biotechnology, the internet of things and artificial intelligence are all on his radar as major advances over the next 10 years. He also explores the concept of 'slow down to fast up’. We can sign up to the quickness and the pace around us and move closer towards activity and potentially not taking ownership, but the message here is that you are in control, you are an autonomous agent. Most of us are in a space of being able to choose and take personal responsibility and accountability for our lives. Key episode highlights include: The key theme of how to be relevant to an uncertain and very complex future is to have a strong relationship with yourself. In a digital life, how can we become more human? Sitting within us is ancient architecture on how to feel grounded and safe, with ourselves and each other. A key thing that people should explore is the connection between their head, their heart and their gut, as the core rhythm of that ancient architecture. No matter how quick and fast-paced and how much noise is around us, we can choose to be present, we can choose to slow down, and maybe that will help us move quicker and faster towards where we wish to head. What Andrew predicts the next decade will hold: Complexity and Uncertainty as two forces on our human experience from Day One but have ramped. We need to be experts on our own uniqueness and open up in collaboration with others uniqueness. More humanness as we approach our digital future. To find out more about Andrew head to his website, or connect on LinkedIn. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #futurist
Episode 38 - Heading into the Roaring 20s | Luke Bayly
In this episode, Luke Bayly walks us through some highlights of his last decade, including how he jumped from teaching to carpentry to now being a Strengths coach, where he facilitates others through the process that changed how he saw himself and connected with the world. Luke generously takes us through his journey of learning to value people more, and how he opened up his home to another three children that weren’t his own - equalling 7 children in total - and how his time as a carpenter added more ease in this transition.   Key episode highlights include: A key to creating more understanding with others and yourself is to introduce your themes before they introduce you, so we can view each other with more respect, appreciation and gratitude. Go out and try things - have loads of new experiences to find out what works for you. Elimination of misaligned experiences is the key to figure out what your purpose is. You want to make the best of your work, the most of your work (Marcus Buckingham). Key lessons from the last decade: We would not be who we are without each of our experiences. But we're more a product of our choices and commitments than our environment. You are your character, not your thoughts and emotions. Create the future - don't wait for it. Quit early, learn fast, don't take it personally. Learn from success! Not just failure. (When we succeed, we often switch off or get lazy). Engage, deep and real. Take responsibility for your own actions, motivation, character and future, but don't expect others to. What Luke predicts the next decade will hold: Human development leading to a major shift in careers and work culture. The ones who step outside of society's expectations and norms and embrace their unique talents and calling will thrive, establish their contribution - then reinvest their extra energy and resources in the community. Bigger picture. Luke’s personal goals for the next decade: To start writing books, speaking and working internationally. Travel with family. More running and bike riding, probably take on an Ironman triathlon. No more renovating! Luke's final message: Be you, multiplied. Not what someone else projects or expects of you. When we contribute from our passion and live in our Strengths, we empower each other to do the same; and we multiply each others' energy, power, effectiveness. You can find out more about Luke over on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals
Episode 37 - Heading into the Roaring 20s | Murray Guest
Welcome to this new Inspired Energy podcast series - Heading into the Roaring 20s - where we showcase 15 conversations with coaches, leaders and consultants, who reflect on the last decade and anticipate what predictions may be happening in 2020. In this first installment, Murray looks back on his last decade covering work, business, relationships, family and wellness, and discusses his intentions in those areas for the coming decade. Standout lessons: We need to listen to our body - it provides signals all the time, tune in and listen. Focus on your strengths - whether personal or professional, the impact with their application brings confidence. Consistency - whatever it is, show up consistently. Money mindset - being aware how it shows up both for yourself and others. Be present to connect - as humans we have an inherent need to connect, and with current technology, it is getting harder to stay present. Hone and practice this skill. Abundance - the abundance mentality is so important, especially in business. The power of conversation - to influence the culture, the way in which you and others show up, whether in business or in life. Have the conversation BEFORE you need to have it. Sleep - getting enough of good quality sleep. Build your pack - are the people you associate with helping or hindering your success? Find joy - vital for our overall wellbeing. What are your top ten lessons learned in the last decade? Key links in this episode: Gallup Strengths Denise Duffield Thomas David Conley podcast episode plus his sleep tips #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals
Episode 36 - Kate Smyth (Olympian, Naturopath and founder of the Athlete Sanctuary)
In this episode I chat with Kate Smyth, an Olympian and naturopath who is supporting athletes by providing a holistic service tailored to their unique requirements, focused around balance, performance and longevity. If you’re not a sporty person, please don’t discount this episode! There were so many parallels between life as an athlete, and the challenges we face in business and everyday life. Kate provided some amazing insights and practical examples of how she dealt with challenges in her running career and has then applied them to other aspects of her life, especially requiring performance. We chat about Kate’s incredible journey from gaining 20kg on a European holiday to running 30km stints in six months, how Japanese runner Naoko Takahashi changed the course of Kate’s sporting career, and how to manage identity attachment when it comes to anything in life. Key highlights on this episode include: Take objective reviews of your performance and note down 3 things you did well and 3 things you could improve. This helps to keep momentum in moving forward. Before any performance-driven task, utilise a ‘what if’ list - note down the possible negative scenarios and then the best case solutions. If you’re operating at 100% all the time, you’re not giving yourself space for rest, recovery and adaptation. To find out more about Kate, head on over to Athlete Sanctuary, or connect with her further on Facebook and Instagram. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #health #ruok #mindset #athelete #runner #marathonrunner #olympian #highperformance #naturopath
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