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Nile Wright

Host, Producer & Editor of It Gets Weird
Nile Wright loves conspiracies, cryptids, the paranormal, and anything in that vein along with comics, movies, and lots of music. He has been podcasting for a couple years now and did some editing/producing work before that for other shows.


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Recent episodes featuring Nile Wright
Episode 164 - Sia Later (Lyrical Conspiracy)
It Gets Weird
Welcome to episode 164 of It Gets Weird! We're back at it again as Kyle brings some song lyric-based conspiracies to the table. We talk all about a K. West prophecy, if there is a chance of a Longbottoming, and what the actual lyrics to American Pie (which are not at all what we had expected)! We also try to get a reference point for Kyle as to who Sia is, find out that Don McLean was not in the Eagles, and much much more!
Episode 163 - Looking for a Better Cult (Happy Science)
It Gets Weird
Welcome back friends and weirdos! In this one, Nile goes straight for Kyle's jugular with a story filled with UFOs, furries, cults, and anime. We're talking about a new religious movement called Happy Science! Founded by a man named Ryuho Okawa, Happy Science is all about love, happiness, and right-mindedness! There's...also some weird anti-Chinese and anti-Korean sentiment tossed in there...but also anime! That's right - this cult has multiple anime movies based on its teachings.
Episode 162 - Nessie's Treats (Loch Ness Monster)
It Gets Weird
Welcome back friends and weirdos! In this one, we cover one of the most famous cryptozoological cases of all time: the Loch Ness Monster! Just what is Nessie? An ancient dinosaur? A misidentified fish - or perhaps a pipe? Nessie's pious origins are revealed and a big game hunter turned mythical monster researcher is put on blast. We discuss the original legend, the stories, and the many hoaxes surrounding the beloved cryptid, as well as epic wife wins, hippo feet, and more!
Episode 161 - A Real Boo-Ha-Ha (Ammons Haunting)
It Gets Weird
Welcome back friends and weirdos! On this episode, Nile tells us all about a terrifying case of haunting and possession that took place in our home state of Indiana. This is the Ammons Haunting, aka House of 200 Demons, aka Demon House. Now, we didn't watch the documentary, but don't you worry - we fit some time in for Zak Bagans. We discuss how our respective 2011s went, the taste of ectoplasm, and Sonic's lesson of the week.
Episode 160 - A Seedless Sandwich (Ong's Hat)
It Gets Weird
Welcome back to It Gets Weird! In this episode, Nile and Kyle discuss a mystery that's been kicking around since the late 1980s: the secret of Ong's Hat, New Jersey. What even IS Ong's Hat? A charcuterie? Ye Olde Hat Shoppe? Ah, wait, says here in our notes it's a town. Turns out some shamans and mystics and chaos scientists got together to conduct some pretty zany experiments, things like transporting a bunch of people to an alternate dimension. Join us on this bizarre inter-dimensional tale!
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