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Olaniyi Sobomehin is a professional football player, founder of i'm not you LLC, host of Get Ya Mind Right Motivation Podcast and Sports Motivation Podcast.


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Throwback: How I Became Fearless
Episode of
Sports Motivation Podcast
Your only hope to separate yourself from the masses and become successful in the way you know you can is to become FEARLESS. Problem is, most people are not and most don't know what that even means. In this episode, I share with you my journey to become fearless and the step by step formula for how you can too.   Time-Stamps:   (1:24) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast!   (2:02) Fearlessness   (2:25) Goals   (4:11) What fearless means to me   (7:11) P. Diddy talking about fearlessness   (9:34) I feel fear every day   (13:20) What is your definition of fear?   (14:02) My realities   (14:12) I knew what I wanted   (16:04) I felt the pain of real failure   (17:50) I gave myself permission to die trying   (19:00) Your formula for being fearless   (19:34) Decide specifically what you DEMAND from life   (21:27) Get 100% sold on WHY you want it   (21:47) Simon Sinek, “Start with Why”   (25:07) Write down the things you are afraid of   (26:04) Answer to every objection   (30:16) Commit in any way necessary   (32:16) After this, you will feel amazing   (33:44) For those of you struggling   (37:55) Learn and Re-up   (39:30) Ways to know if you are not all in   (40:19) Rory Vaden, “Procrastinating on Purpose”   (44:52) Visit imnotyou.com/KI to become better and take over the game
Up on Game: How to drink a gallon of water a day
Episode of
Sports Motivation Podcast
How healthy are you? How much money do you invest in being "healthy"? Sometimes it can be tough to afford all of the things that we need to be healthy, and that can intimidate you from buying something you feel you should have.   In this episode, I share with you a powerful resource (and mindset) that will make you healthier and lead to growth in all areas. #UpOnGame
Books and Bars: Hit the ground running (ft. J. Cole)
Episode of
Sports Motivation Podcast
Most leaders are scared and timid, especially when they get doubt from their peers... "What are we going to do? What if it doesn't work out?"   True leaders have a way of building certainty and confidence, regardless of the circumstances, and then get others to buy in. In this episode, I break down a bar from a J. Cole freestyle, that illustrates this mentality perfectly. #BARS
Throwback: A Crash Course in Performing Under Pressure
Episode of
Sports Motivation Podcast
How do you prepare yourself to actually perform when it's time to? How do you put yourself in a position to actually dominate when it matters most? I break the formula down in this episode.     (1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast   (2:18) Shoutout to Sarah!   (4:17) #1: Laser-like clarity on your vision   (5:14) #2: Set 3-6 month outcomes   (6:08) #3: Identify high-performance targets     (7:11) #4: Create a daily game plan to get better   (7:46) #5: Measure Improvements   (8:03) #6: Track your emotions   (9:22) #7: Create new emotional recipes   (10:08) www.imnotyou.com/KI   (11:13) #8: Put yourself in high-pressure situations frequently   (13:13) #9: Be Compassionate to yourself
G-Code Mixtape Vol. 1
Episode of
Sports Motivation Podcast
Affirmations are a powerful mental conditioning tool that can help you overcome negative emotions and establish a new identify. The problem is, most people don't know how to use affirmations; either they are unsure of what to say, or they don't use it with enough repetition because it's boring. In the first G-Code mixtape, you can listen to all of the G-Code affirmation tracks back-to-back, and immerse yourself in powerful, confidence-building ideas and beliefs. (0:00) Introduction to the G-Code Mixtape   (2:42) Hypnosis Track   (7:35) "Tenacity (Disappointment and Failure)"   (15:05) "Taste Blood (The Goal Is Too Far Away)"   (20:15) "Worthy (Do I Deserve This?)"   (27:05) "Game 7"   (30:40) "Let go of regret and guilt"   (37:05) "Control"   (43:38) Imnotyou.com/KI
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