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Olaniyi Sobomehin is a professional football player, founder of i'm not you LLC, host of Get Ya Mind Right Motivation Podcast and Sports Motivation Podcast.


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Mental Reps Mixtape, Vol. 2
Sports Motivation Podcast
Belief is everything....and leads to every result you accomplish (or DON'T accomplish).   The problem is that most of us approach belief passively, and with no plan. We need to build belief with same level of intensity, intention and consistency as we do with our physical body.   This is why I created Mental Reps. It is one of the most powerful, effective and fun ways to build belief, increase confidence and reach your goals with more speed and efficiency.   This is the 2nd mixtape installment of Mental Reps, and it will have you floating and feeling like you can take over the world.   Use this daily, before workouts, in the morning while you get ready, or before games.   This is explicit, so those of you with sensitive ears, you would be wise to skip this episode.   If you haven't already, subscribe to the Get Ya Mind Right Motivation Podcast, home of the Mental Reps episodes.   ENJOY.   (1:22) Introduction (8:26) The Warm Up (14:23) It's Already Real (23:40) It's About ME (26:36) We Are Not The Same (40:14) Double Down (51:30) No Compassion (59:15) I Ain't A Slave To Nothin' (1:07:28) You Make Me Strong (1:17:17) Putting in Work
Reality Check: Are you soft? (Throwback)
Sports Motivation Podcast
Every once in awhile, I need to remind myself how soft I am in order to challenge myself and burn out the weakness. In this episode, I share with you 7 ways to know if you're being soft so you can wage war against the weaker you to move more aggressively towards your goals.   Time Stamps: (1:22) Get ready for a Reality Check (3:37) What it means to be "soft" (5:17) The 7 signs of softness (5:28) Complaining about other people (7:31) Avoiding conflict (9:17) Justifying mediocrity (11:52) Allowing fear to hinder aggressive goal-setting (15:15) Relying on others to help you  (16:58) Ray Dalio's, “Principles” (17:56) You still wake up late (20:30) Vices
Up on Game: The Key to Mastery (Throwback)
Sports Motivation Podcast
We all know the power of repetition, and how to use it to increase skill and achieve mastery. In this episode I break down how to make repetition even easier. #UpOnGame
Bars: Power of Awareness (Throwback)
Sports Motivation Podcast
I fell across this classic by accident and when I first started reading it, I was blown away. Check out why in this episode. #BARS  
Are you doing enough to reach your goals? (Throwback)
Sports Motivation Podcast
Many days I go to sleep and wake up with a nagging feeling of "maybe I'm not doing enough....maybe I could do better". In this episode I break down how to handle this emotion. 
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