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Episode 159: Brought to you by Monster Energy
The Inconsolables
Ahh Kojima, what are we going to do with you? Walk around for hours on end in a literal balancing act, it seems. We spend quite a while discussing Death Stranding, and thoroughly confuse MrsLlante. Aside from this, we also realise how kid-unfriendly Luigi's Mansion really is, and of course, cover the important news for the week! Other News: | Chorus was Successful on Fig! | Sing Star Shuts Down | Humble Choice has a Release Date | Desert Bus for Hope | Jeff Kaplan wants Blitzchung's Suspension Reduced or Removed | Jeff Kaplan had to Fight for Overwatch 2's Backwards Compatibility | Dark Souls Modderss Figure Out Custom Maps | Naughty Corner -------------- | Critical Role and Amazon | China's Gaming Curfew | Where Have All My Pokemon Gone? | Jarvis Banned From Fortnite, Boomers Gonna Boom | RDR2 PC Launch | -------------------------------------------- INCONSOLABLES LINKS | | | | | ANDREW’S LINKS | | | | MRSLLANTE’S LINKS | | | |  PAUL’S LINKS | | | SAM’S LINKS | | |
Episode 158: Blizzcon 2019: Sorry About Nothing
The Inconsolables
Welcome to BlizzCon where the sequels are plenty but apologies are few. Yes, the con has opened with a platitude-filled non-apology, which we are super ready to tear into. Also a beautiful few trailers, shame about the human rights violations tho. Other News: | Team Trees planting 20m trees | Death Stranding: PC release, spoilers, and mixed reviews | EA Games coming to steam | Ninja Theory's Mental Health Initiative: The Insight Project | Fallout 76 forced to give refunds for Australian consumers | MTG News | Naughty Corner -------------- Griefing Fallout First Subscribers | Kotaku (and others) in ad debacle | Call of Duty's Highway of Death War Crime controversy   Why is this a thing? -------------- Sony trademark PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 & PS10 | Paranormal Experts say that 85% of gay people are possessed by ghosts (2016) | Mod lets Waluigi compete in Mario Kart on foot | WWE2K20 got rated 0 on OpenCritic; exposed errors in OpenCritic  -------------------------------------------- INCONSOLABLES LINKS | | | | | ANDREW’S LINKS | | | | MRSLLANTE’S LINKS | | | |  PAUL’S LINKS | | | SAM’S LINKS | | |
Episode 157: Bethesda's Horror Story ft. Majickman
The Inconsolables
  Bethesda, at this point, why are you bothering? Fallout First somehow managed to turn a shambles of a game into an even more broken mess. We got Majickman - who has actually spent a decent chunk of time playing that broken mess - to have a chat with us about the overall debacle that is Fallout 76. We also talk about all the delays that hit this week, and about The Outer Worlds - and why it makes MrsL so damn angry! News: | Fallout First | Humble Choice | The Last of Us 2 Delayed | Ubisoft Delays Half Their Library | Suda51, Swery and Silent Hill Dev to Create Indy Horror Game | MLP MTG Mashup Region Locked | Hearthstone Championship Trophy Breaks On-Air |   Why is this a thing? -------------- | Conan O'Brien in Death Stranding | The Goose in Resident Evil 2 | Shroud Goes to Mixer | WWE2K Glitches |  Borderlands 3 Cutscenes | MAJICKMAN: | | | -------------------------------------------- INCONSOLABLES LINKS | | | | | ANDREW’S LINKS | | | | MRSLLANTE’S LINKS | | | |  PAUL’S LINKS | | | SAM’S LINKS | | |
Episode 156: #BoycottBlizzard, if you want to
The Inconsolables
Oh dear, the politics are happening in the vidya gaems again! Blizzard is bowing down to China by banning people and taking their prize money for speaking out about Hong Kong. So you must boycott Blizzard to show them what for! Y’know provided it isn’t too inconvenient to you. But like maybe think about it doing it please? News: | PS5 is a thing that’s coming holiday 2020 | Riot announce a crap tonne of stuff | Analogue Pocket announced | Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 delayed | FFXIV Patch | JBPP6 released | HOLY F**K LOOK AT THIS -------------- Murder By Numbers Chorus (link to fig campaign:   Why is this a thing? -------------- Shannon Noll is captaining an esports team | Donald Trump has a Twitch Channel | Really chunky pokemans | Kickstarter board game project cancelled because it was a google image fraud -------------------------------------------- INCONSOLABLES LINKS | | | | | ANDREW’S LINKS | | | | MRSLLANTE’S LINKS | | | |  PAUL’S LINKS | | | SAM’S LINKS | | |
Episode 155: PAXAus 2019
The Inconsolables
  First off, please welcome our new host! MrsLlante is joining us on a regular basis - yes, the Chaos Crew is now permanent! Secondly - this episode is a little odd due to it being PAX and all. Much like last year, we've recorded a series of audio diaries as to what we've been doing during the show! Check it out! -------------------------------------------- Come join our Discord channel! iTunes Link: Our Facebook page is Our Official Twitter is Andrew's Twitter is: Andrew’s Instagram is: Andrew's Twitch is: Paul's Twitter is Paul's Twitch is Sam's Twitter is Sam's Music Twitter is MrsLlante's Twitter is MrsLlante's Twitch is
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