University Professor of Economics & Philosophy at George Mason University
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Ep 15 | Not All Professors Are Socialists | Guests: Peter Boettke and John B. Taylor
Kibbe on Liberty
Think all college professors are socialists? You’re in for a shock with guests Peter Boettke and John B. Taylor, professors of economics at George Mason University and Stanford University. Matt Kibbe asks tough questions on how we can educate young people and reclaim words like “liberalism,” “democracy,” and “capitalism.” The three discuss influencers like Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Adam Smith, and the mysterious Mont Pelerin Society.
'An Invitation to Inquiry' with Peter Boettke
Hayek Program Podcast
On this episode of the Hayek Program Podcast we revisit a lecture by Hayek Program director Peter Boettke, in which he invites listeners on an intellectual exploration of the potential applications of the mainline economic tradition. Boettke discusses the continuing relevance of the Austrian school of economics as a progressive and enduring research program in contemporary economics and political economy and encourages young economists to engage the economic profession with a humble sense of curiosity and intrigue. CC Music: Twisterium
Peter Boettke on F. A. Hayek, Episode 13
Ceteris Never Paribus: The History of Economic Thought Podcast
Guest: Peter Boettke Hosted and produced by Erwin Dekker and Reinhard Schumacher In this episode Erwin and Reinhard talk with Peter Boettke about his new book on Hayek, F.A. Hayek: Economics, Political Economy and Social Philosophy, published with Palgrave Macmillan. We discuss the various stages in Hayek’s work, Hayek’s relation to neoliberalism, Pete’s contra-Whig methodology for the history of economics (with a hat tip to Kenneth Boulding), Hayek’s relation to the Scottish Enlightenment, what it means to be an epistemic institutionalist, and the extent to which there was continuity between the early neoclassicals and the Austrian School. As well as many other subjects related to Hayek, and what a Hayekian research program looks like. Peter Boettke is Director of the F. A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, as well as the BB&T Professor for the Study of Capitalism at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, and a University Professor of Economics and Philosophy at George Mason University. He blogs at
Peter Boettke and Rosolino Candela on Hayekian Ideas
Hayek Program Podcast
Widely considered as one the most influential economists of the 20th century, F. A. Hayek continues to command the attention of scholars with his life and work. On this episode, Peter Boettke and Rosolino Candela sit down to discuss Boettke's new book F. A. Hayek: Economics, Political Economy and Social Philosophy (Palgrave, 2018). Boettke presents this new book as focusing less on Hayek as an individual and more on Hayekian ideas. Throughout the discussion Boettke and Candela examine Hayek's uniting theme of epistemic institutionalism, the competitive market process, and how Hayek's contemporaries picked up on his work. They also discuss the limitations of 'Big Data' to answer the important questions of social science. These Hayekian ideas, Boettke and Candela contend, are still as pressing and worthy of research today. CC Music: Twisterium
Ep. 710: Peter Boettke Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
Trend Following with Michael Covel
Peter Boettke is economist of the Austrian School. He is currently an economics and philosophy professor at George Mason University; the BB&T Professor for the Study of Capitalism, Vice President for Research, and Director of the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center at GMU. His newest book is “F. A. Hayek: Economics, Political Economy and Social Philosophy (Great Thinkers in Economics).” Peter got hooked on economics during college after being hired for his first job – digging pools. He saw taxes being taken out of his pay and personally felt the negative effects. The philosophy behind why his checks were being garnished didn’t sit well with him. Rather than be frustrated, he got fascinated with the way economics worked and quickly saw there was something obviously wrong with the way government was ran. Along with signing up for all the economics classes he could, Peter went to the library and read. He had “a-ha” moments in those reading sessions that has molded him to be the economist he is today. Michael and Peter touch on a broad scope of topics including: What is Peter’s perspective on President Trump’s view of trade wars and tariffs? Should intellectual property be protected? What is rent seeking and how does it relate to Jeff Bezos? What separates the American entrepreneurial spirit from entrepreneurs overseas? In this episode of Trend Following Radio: Trade deficits Trump politics Politics in the marketplace Zero sum game Jeff Bezos and rent seeking The market for privileges Merchant class mentality
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