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Phoebe Flanigan

Producer of Every Little Thing
Phoebe is a producer for Every Little Thing. Before Gimlet, she lived and worked in Oregon. She has experience with everything from breaking national news to live talk-show production to long-form audio storytelling.


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Recent episodes featuring Phoebe Flanigan
Public Toilets: To Sit or To Hover?
Episode of
Every Little Thing
ELT answers an age-old question: When you have to use a public toilet, should you sit on the seat? A team of microbiologists weigh in. Plus, the rise, fall, and re-rise of cargo shorts. Guests: Microbiologist Jack Gilbert; comedian Prashanth Venkataramanujam; cargo pantsologist Joe Hancock; Wall Street Journal reporter Nicole Hong. Special thanks to caller Jenny and the biology experts we surveyed: Jason Tetro, William Schaffner, Chuck Gerba, Rob Dunn, Jenny Hayden, Steffanie Strathdee, Liz Scott, Kimberly Page, and Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello.
Baseball and Organ Music: How’d That Happen?
Episode of
Every Little Thing
When did organ music and baseball become an item? ELT talks to some pro organ players to find out how organs and ballparks got together. Plus, meet Nancy Faust — the legendary organist who brought trolling to modern baseball music.Guests: Steven Ball, organist and Director of Sacred Music at The Oratory of St. Francis de Sales in St. Louis, Missouri; Josh Kantor, organist for the Boston Red Sox; Nancy Faust, retired organist for the Chicago White SoxThanks to caller Robert. Thanks also to Judy Scott.You can see a photo of Nancy's donkeys on twitter and instagram.
What Lurks Under Our Cities?
Episode of
Every Little Thing
ELT goes underground to meet the creatures living in our subways and sewer systems. Plus, the 411 on another underground underdog: prairie dogs.Guests: Urban evolutionary biologist and rat expert Jason Munshi-South; animal behavioral scientist Jennifer Verdolin.Thanks to caller Jessica, and to all the listeners who demanded prairie dog facts. 
Tooth Worms and Tooth Pullers: Dentistry’s Rotten History
Episode of
Every Little Thing
For most of human history, tooth care has been pretty bare bones. How did we go from charlatans pulling teeth in a public square, to the modern dentist’s office? ELT exposes the roots of tooth care. Plus, meet the technician who makes movie stars’ teeth look terrible. Guests: Dental historian and retired dentist J. Henry Clarke; historian Richard Barnett. Thanks to callers Amanda and Tess for the questions. 
F-ck Yeah: Can Cursing Make You Stronger?
Episode of
Every Little Thing
Does swearing make you more powerful? Caller Mark’s dad thinks a well-timed “word of power” is the key to efficient yardwork. ELT asks a swearing expert about that theory. Plus, we talk to someone who turns the “mother f*ckers” into “manhole covers” for the TV versions of movies. Guests: Cognitive scientist Ben Bergen, author of What the F***; Gwen Whittle, supervising sound editor at Skywalker Sound. Thanks to caller Mark for the monkey flippin’ question, and to Mark’s dad Steve. 
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