Rhianna Dhillon is a freelance film critic, radio presenter, and podcast creator. She was a film critic for both BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. She has also appeared on BBC Radio 4's Front Row, Sky News, Sky News Sunrise, and Channel 5 News. She currently hosts the BAFT Guru Podcast and hosts the BBC Radio program Seriously.
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    The value society places on physical appearance has never quite made sense to blind presenter Lyndall Bywater and yet she's intrigued to discover why it matters so much to those of us in the sighted world. How much of an advantage is it to be beautiful? And what is physical beauty anyway? We've heard about the gender bias, the age bias, and the racial bias but few people talk about the beauty bias and yet it's one of the very first judgements we make when we meet someone. In this programme Lyndall explores this invisible force that controls how we behave - and reveals that when it comes to physical beauty, we all unconsciously discriminate. Producer: Sarah Shebbeare Researcher: Robbie Wojciechowski
    1 day ago
    There is growing interest in the idea of giving every member of society a Basic Income, as a way of tackling extreme poverty and the loss of jobs caused by automation. Pilot projects have been seen across the world - from India to Finland and Namibia to Canada - and there is talk of a one possibly happening here in the UK, in the city of Hull. So, attention is being paid to the Alaskan model. The Arctic American state has been paying out an annual dividend to every one of its permanent residents - man, woman and child - for almost 40 years. They don’t have to do anything to get the money, and they can use it in any way they like. The money comes from the state’s Permanent Fund, which invests a substantial share of the profits of oil production for the benefit of all its citizens. As a result of this dividend, arguably a form of Basic Income, its supporters say Alaska is the least unequal state in the whole USA. But in the last three years, Alaskan politics has been dominated by an unresolved crisis. The State government has been trying to use money earmarked for the dividend for other purposes, and many claim that this is illegal. Mark Whitaker reports from Alaska on a unique scheme, explaining its history and discovering why it has become so controversial. A Square Dog Radio production for BBC Radio 4.
    5 days ago
    Across the world people were presented with what appeared to be a heart-breaking but straightforward story of a father and his motherless daughter struggling to get to Britain. But behind those headlines lay a far more sinister truth. BBC Journalist Sue Mitchell and former soldier Rob Lawrie discover that the little girl appears to have simply vanished. Can they find her in time? Girl Taken is a 10-part hunt - across closed borders and broken promises - for the truth and to find a little girl, taken. Listen to the rest of the series on BBC Sounds. Producer: Sue Mitchell Studio Production and Sound Design: Richard Hannaford
    7 days ago
    Since its first publication 20 years ago, The Ethical Slut has informed and changed opinions about non-monogamous lifestyles. Comedian Sophie Duker traces its journey in challenging perceptions of polyamory and follows one specific copy that has travelled the world while being shared among enthusiastic readers. Hearing modern stories of love and polyamory, Sophie questions opinions of openness and sees first hand the struggles and complications that non-monogamous groups face. She asks if society is yet ready for complete acceptance of their lifestyle. Producer: Simon Jarvis and Lauren Armstrong Carter Executive Producer: Anishka Sharma A Whistledown production for BBC Radio 4
    8 days ago
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