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How We Really Change Our Minds - Eleanor Gordon-Smith
How Do We Fix It?
With today's furious political and cultural divisions, it's easy to shake our heads in exasperation at those who disagree with us. In this episode with Australian writer and philosopher, Eleanor Gordon-Smith, we take a journey to the limits of human reason. Her compelling new book, "Stop Being Reasonable. How We Really Change Our Minds," features six high-stakes personal stories of successful persuasion that illustrate what most of us get wrong about rationality. "Hearing the story of how somebody changes their mind is hearing the story of how they change their life," Eleanor tells us. "Why, when we know that changing our minds is as tangled and difficult and messy as we are, do we stay so wedded to the thought that rational debate is the way to go about it?"The book and our podcast begin with Eleanor interviewing men who catcalled her in the street and made obscene gestures. Did she convince these guys to change their behavior? Find out what happened... For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Understanding Brexit: Jill Rutter
How Do We Fix It?
Confused by Brexit? This episode looks back over the last 40 months since the shocking result of the Brexit referendum, when UK voters decided to leave the EU. We sort through the mess and misconceptions.The political drama contains several acts: A December election has been called, and a new Brexit deal was reached in late October by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Union member states. But well over three years after the referendum, the UK Parliament has yet to agree to the terms of withdrawal. The December 12 vote could bring more confusion, with no party winning an overall majority. One the biggest hurdles is deciding what kind of Brexit voters actually want. For this episode, Richard traveled to London and spoke with Jill Rutter, senior research at the non-partisan think tank, UK in a Changing Europe. She writes frequently about Brexit and the UK's evolving relationship with the EU."The Prime Minister is very keen to be able to say he's got Brexit done," says Jill. But even though he has surprised people by being able to conclude a withdrawal agreement, he really hasn't got Brexit done." For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Fixing Government and Democracy: David Meyers
How Do We Fix It?
American democracy is in a moment of crisis. A new Gallup poll, released in late October, says a near-record-high 34% of Americans cite the government, poor leadership or politicians as the most important problem currently facing the U.S.In this episode, we look at the work of a new online news site, The Fulcrum, which is focused exclusively on efforts to reverse the dysfunctions plaguing American democracy. "Our goal is to raise the level of awareness so people can understand what's wrong with the political system, and how they may go about getting involved to help make it better," says David Meyers, publisher and executive editor of The Fulcrum. We look at the controversy over voting rights, access to polling, the role of money in the American political system, gerrymandering, and how a group of volunteer hackers broke into all 100 voting machines they went after. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Celebrating Nuance: Meghan Daum
How Do We Fix It?
Modern thought has been damaged by dogma and tribalistic click-bait. Social media and the fractured state of politics reward slick slogans and partisan anger while penalizing those who speak with intellectual honesty. Our guest, feminist writer and author, Meghan Daum, says instead of following the crowd we need to think for ourselves. While very supportive of the goals of the women's movement, she is also critical of the excesses of modern feminism. In this episode she makes the case for nuance and feeling conflicted about our own opinions. "I always say to my students, if you're not conflicted you're either lying to yourself or you're not very smart," she says.Meghan is the author of "The Problem With Everything: A Journey Through The New Culture Wars". Her witty and rigorous new book is a personal account of "the conflicted and tortured state of liberalism generally and feminism in particular. But it is also a personal story of feeling existentially unmoored against the backdrop of a country falling apart." Meghan Daum is also a contributor to Medium. Her article, "Nuance: A Love Story" is here. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
"Listen First & Democracy" Pearce Godwin
How Do We Fix It?
American democracy is in crisis, with a coarsening of our national conversation and an erosion of public trust that threatens the guardrails of self-government. Many citizens feel dislocated, disempowered and believe that remote institutions and government don't listen to their needs and interests.One way to bridge divides is to listen to a broader range of opinions, from people not like you.Our guest is Pearce Godwin, founder and CEO of Listen First Project, which has 250 partner organizations who have joined the #ListenFirst movement as well as the thousands who have signed the Listen First Pledge.Listen First sounds like a moderate idea, but "I think it really is radical," Pearce tells "How Do We Fix It?" Coming to conversations "with a spirit of curiosity is what will bring us to a place in which we are learning from one another and building greater connections, as opposed to throwing grenades and tearing each other apart."The four key ingredients of a listen first conversation include listening to understand, being curious, suspending judgement, and maximizing a diversity of perspectives. More tips here. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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