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Rohith Amruthur

Host, Producer & Editor of The Lost Geographer Podcast
Ever since he was a child, Rohith was always fascinated by geography and learning about other cultures. He would sit for hours and read maps and atlases, and even draw his own. While he looked at and read these maps, he became naturally curious as to what life was like around the world. His passion for geography as a child left him quite gifted with the subject and he consistently participated in the National Geographic Bee contest in elementary and middle schools. He was able to travel to many different places around the world including plenty of states within the USA, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands, the Bahamas, Canada, Austria, Spain, and Poland.
Recent episodes featuring Rohith Amruthur
Episode 138 - Hungary
The Lost Geographer Podcast
Join us as we venture to Central Europe in this episode to Hungary. Learn more about the land of spas, paprika, and rules.   Mentioned in this episode: Chicago, Illinois, USA Florida United Kingdom Hungarian language Budapest Slovakia Ukraine Romania Serbia Croatia Slovenia Austria Debrecen Szeged Győr Lake Balaton Alföld (Great Hungarian Plain) Danube Tisza River Carpathian (Pannonian) Basin Ottoman Empire Austrian Empire Nazi Germany Finnish language Indo-European Language Group Estonian language Mongols Ural Mountains German language Turkish language Catholicism Protestantism Hungarian National Day (Nemzeti ünnep) Hungarian Revolution of 1848 St. Stephen's Day King Saint Stephen Kingdom of Hungary Hungarian Revolution of 1956 Paprika Goulash Langos Fisherman's Soup (Halászlé) Tokaji Aszú Egri Bikavér Palinka Unicum Esterhazy cake Széchenyi Thermal Bath Ernő Rubik Rubik's cube Albert Szent-György Pécs Roman Empire Islam Ethnographic village Holloko The Will to Survive: A History of Hungary Bryan Cartledge Imre Kertész Fatelessness
Episode 137 - Slovenia
The Lost Geographer Podcast
Want to know a fun fact? Slovenia has the highest number of tractors per capita in the world. Want to learn why? Tune in to this episode to learn the reason and much more about Slovenia.   Mentioned in this episode: Ljubljana Turkey Canary Islands, Spain France Italy Russia Maribor Koper Kranj Croatia Hungary Austria Adriatic Sea European Union Pannonian Basin Dinaric Alps Triglav Germany Japan Monsanto Gorenje China Kirka Lek Novartis Petrol Group Lidl Slovene language Czech language Slovak language Serbian language Trieste Moravian Gate Carantania Carniola Bavaria Franks Sava River World War I Karađorđević dynasty Kingdom of Yugoslavia World War II Netherlands Yugoslav Resistance Yugoslavia Catholicism Reformation Day Protestantism Pust Kurent costume Karst Plateau Teran Wine Refosco Wine Chardonnay Schnapps Pražen Krompir Prekmurska Gibanica Finland The Slovenia Book Langus1YU (YouTube Channel)
Episode 136 - Finland (Pt. 2)
The Lost Geographer Podcast
We are headed back to Finland for a second time! Tune in to learn about the country of saunas, lakes, and pastimes that include jumping into a frozen lake in the winter.   Mentioned in this episode: Helsinki St. Petersburg, Russia United Kingdom Ukraine South Korea Rovaniemi Austria Gulf Stream Norway Canada Lapland United States of America New York, New York Washington, DC Chicago, Illinois Minnesota Sauna Indonesia Thailand Vietnam Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) World War II Germany Nazi Germany Finnish Jew Soviet Union Iron Cross Lotta Svärd Risto Ryti Finnish Language Estonian Language Estonia Ural Mountains Ugric Languages Hungarian Language Hungary French Language English Language Leicestershire Swedish language Swedish Finn Sami People Sami Language Finnish Independence Day Lactose Intolerance India Finnish Rye Bread Vodka Finlandia Stolichnaya Terva Leijona New Zealand Denmark Jokamiehenoikeus (Every man's right) Sweden Scotland Finnish Nightmares
Episode 135 - Armenia
The Lost Geographer Podcast
We're off to the first of the countries in the Caucus region. We're starting off with Armenia! Tune in to learn more about this gem hidden in Central Asia.   Mentioned in this episode: Karina's Instagram Karina's Facebook United States of America Iran Turkey Yerevan Georgia Azerbaijan Russia Maryland India Armenian/Turkish Coffee Etchmiadzin Cathedral (Oldest Church in the World) Armenian Apostolic Church Caviar Armenian language Mesrop Mashtots Georgian language Arabic Sanskrit Farsi Russian language Glendale, California Lavash Tonir (Tandoor) Panir (Paneer) UNESCO Khash Baklava Horns Bird's Milk Cake Tan Ayran Dolma Spas (Yogurt Soup) Kufta Hegineh Cooking Show У Жоржа (At George's YouTube Channel) Ponchiks Lahmahjoon (Armenian Pizza) Fish Restaurant Duduk Tatev Tatev Monestary Wings of Tatev (cable car) Khor Virap Mount Ararat Armenian Genocide The Kardashians Dan Bilzerian Tsitsernakaberd (Armenian Genocide Memorial) Berlin, Germany Topography of Terrors Anthony Bourdain Documentary on Armenia
Episode 134 - Luxembourg
The Lost Geographer Podcast
Luxembourg? Never heard of it? Well, this episode is for you then! As the crossroads of several European cultures, this small country produces an interesting mix of different cultures and languages. Tune in!   Mentioned in this episode: Russia Kazakhstan France Germany Montpellier Amsterdam, Netherlands Rotterdam Den Haag (The Hague) United States of America Canada Ireland Belgium Paris Spain Austria Brussels Frankfurt (Main) Strasbourg French language German language House of Training Luxembourgish flag Dutch flag European Union Robert Schumann European Coal and Steel Community European Economic Community European Union Day Luxembourg City UNESCO Hogwarts Express Schueberfouer Piccadilly Wine Festival Piccadilly Wine Catholicism Luxembourgish language Russian language English language Moselle River Quetschentaart (plum cake) Gromperekichelcher (potato pancake) Mettwurst Italy Portugal Meme Guy Rewenig La cathédrale en flammes (children's book)
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