Rolf Gates is a co-founder of the Yoga and Recovery Conference and the author of the book, Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga.
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Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler
If you’ve ever wanted to find greater freedom and peace, then do we have the Daily Reflection on Addiction, Yoga, and getting Well show for you! Today I’ll be talking with Rolf Gates, the author of Meditations from the Mat and Meditations on Intention and Being, a former social worker and US Airborne Ranger, the co-founder of the Yoga and Recovery Conference, and the author of an incredibly beautiful, peaceful, life-healing work, Daily Reflections on Addiction, Yoga, and Getting Well.   Key Points Discussed: How did Rolf become anxious from his first memory forward? How’d he end up sitting at the back of the class? How’d he end up with an addiction? And how’d he become an Airborne Ranger? Who took him to his first 12-step meeting and what did he learn? What does it mean to surrender? What did his mentor Henry teach him What’s the groove between training and success? What’s the importance of commitment? What it means to get good at something? How can learning be an excitement and a win? How we can relax tension in our bodies and our lives? How we can let go of suffering in our bodies? How to bring ease and stillness to your mind? What it means to be held by your truth? What does it mean to be an open-hearted warrior? What does it mean to let go of the fight and let things be? How we can use the power of prayer? What does it mean to remember the grace? What’s the importance of silence? What does it mean to meet pain with compassion? What’s the gentleness we have to learn about our own learning process? What does resolve mean and how do we use it? What it means to rest in the present moment?   Additional Resources:   …….   For free meditations, weekly tips, stories, and similar shows visit:   To support the show and get even more great tools, tips, and behind-the-scenes access, visit:   And to follow Inspire Nation (and the lives of Michael and Jessica) on instagram, go to
Rolf Gates: Exiting the Cave of Craving
The Recovery 2.0 Power Hour Podcast With Tommy Rosen
Drawing on his 27 years in recovery and a decades long dedication to yoga, Rolf Gates expertly shares on the phenomenon of craving what can be done to move beyond it when it shows up. Rolf Gates, author of the acclaimed book on yogic philosophy, Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, and the newly released: Meditations on Intention and Being: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, Mindfulness and Compassion, conducts yoga workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, and coaching and mentorship programs throughout the U.S. and abroad–and online.
Yoga Master Rolf Gates-Meditations on Intention and Being in The LOVE Cafe
Scott Cluthe's LOVE Cafe
NEW LOVE Cafe Web Site HERE Join the LOVE Cafe Facebook Group HERE Former Army Airborne Ranger, 25 year mediation teacher and author, Rolf Gates joins Scott Cluthe LIVE in the LOVE Cafe tonight. Together they will discuss his new work, Mediations on Intention and Being. Yoga is more populr then ever, but it's path leads to much more then just physical strenght and agility. Rolf has designed 365 daily mediations for each day to support us in re-examining every aspect of our life, way of being and more. Call in: 347-308-8478 In Meditations on Intention and Being, acclaimed yoga teacher Rolf Gates draws on twenty years of teaching experience to explore and explain how to take the mindfulness of yoga off the mat and integrate it into every aspect of life.   Presented in the form of 365 inspirational daily reflections, Gates helps readers—from experienced yogis to novices seeking a little tranquility—to fundamentally reconsider their relationships with their minds, bodies, and the universe around them through self-reflection. Over the course of seven chapters, he explores Effortlessness, Nonviolence, The Spirit of Practice, Mindfulness, Compassion and Loving-kindness, Equanimity and Joy, and Intention and Being, giving readers the tools they need to effect positive changes in their lives. Rolf Gatesconducts yoga workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, and coaching and mentorship programs throughout the U.S. and abroad. Rolf is the co-founder of the Yoga, Meditation and Recovery Conference at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.
Rolf Gates: Yoga and Meditation for Recovery
Kripalu Perspectives
In this latest edition of Kripalu Perspectives, Rolf Gates, a yoga teacher and former social worker trained in the field of addiction, tells us how the practices of yoga and meditation can help those in recovery reclaim and trust themselves again.
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