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Host of the BitGeek Podcast, lover of 80's and 90's nostalgia, games and movies.


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Cinemasters: 20 Scenes from Movies that Freaked Us Out
BitGeek Podcast
Welcome back film fans for another spooky installment of “Cinemaster of the Universe”! This episode is number 18 which means we are fully legal and can totally vote in a sanctioned democratic election, amongst other things. If we were a James Bond film we’d be “Tomorrow Never Dies”, the sassy follow up to Pierce Brosnan’s initial outing as 007. In this episode we’re going to kick things off in the coming attractions with our follow up on “WHAAAAT?? You’ve Never Seen ______?” with Adam’s creepy pick “The Strangers” featuring Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler as well as Ron’s scary sequel “Psycho II” featuring a reprisal of Norman Bates by Anthony Perkins as well as young Dennis Franz and the ever vibrant Robert Loggia. Will these films scare the pants off our Cinemasters? Hopefully not as charges will likely be filed after last time’s stern warning. But you’ll have to tune in to see how things play out. Next on to our Feature Presentation. This time the boys are bucking convention a bit and giving you menacing morsels of the scariest scenes in Cinematic History. Now all these scenes are strictly from horror films but all 20, that’s right 20, scenes are sure to give you all manner of nightmares. Have you been left hiding under the blankets with the lights on by any of these terrifying snip-its? Have you stayed awake all night fearing that you’ll be casually pursued through the woods by a madman as you repeatedly trip over literally nothing while probably soiling yourself? Do you know about the benefits of investing in gold? Well you’ll definitely want to ensure you stay tuned as our Cinemasters break down the most chilling moments in film. Finally, we get to the post credits scene to see what our Fearless Film Fanatics will be up to on the next thrilling endeavor. The boys will be taking each other to task again on recasting some iconic roles with another round of “Who Played it Better?” This time there may be a bit of an M. Night Shamalamadingdong twist you won’t see coming so you’ll have to be sure and tune in to this exciting episode of CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!
Cinemasters: 6 Horrifyingly Disappointing Horror Movies (with White Machete)
BitGeek Podcast
White Machete fills in for Adam to discuss 6 movies we thought would surely become can't miss slam dunks of horror. That is, of course, until we watched them. Get ready to watch our movie boners get killed in this horrifying bonus episode of the Cinemasters of the Universe!
Cinemasters: The Evolution of Horror Films
BitGeek Podcast
  Hey there scary movie fans, it’s time for another installment of Cinemasters of the Universe and this one’s going to be spooktacular! Our hosts, Ron and Adam, are duking it out a second time in the Trivia Junket to see who’s the “Best Boy” when it comes to obscure movie knowledge. And since it’s October, this trivia is all about horror movies. Then it’s on to the Feature Presentation. Our fellas are taking on the haunting task of strolling through the last 50 years of the macabre cinema to bring you some of their high points, and low ones too, of the creepiest offerings that Hollywood has brought us over the last half century. From the early days of Alfred Hitchcock to the recent resurgence in movies that go bump in the night from James Wan, our fearless fanatics will be taking on everything from Slasher flicks to found footage and all the zombies you can pack in the middle. It’s a topic that’s sure to make you scream…with delight. Finally, we get this episode’s post credits scene. The guys are doing a “WHAAAT??? You haven’t seen ______???” again and this time it’s with a frightening twist. Somewhere in the catalog of horror flicks there has to be one or two that Ron and Adam haven’t seen and that’s the challenge this time around. To find out what they pick you’ll just have to tune in to this episode of CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE…if you dare…
Spoiler Review: Joker
BitGeek Podcast
SPOILERS!!!!This is a spoiler filled review of Joker, an exquisite character study that doubles as the Joker origin story. Remember, please don't listen if you haven't seen Joker.
Cinemasters: 10 Great Sports Movies, Rad Dads (Kazaam/Labyrinth)
BitGeek Podcast
Step up to the plate movie fans and welcome to the big show. This is where that fun little Sports Center jingle would go if I had it and copyright wasn’t a thing. But in this episode our Cinemasters are taking on the wide world of sports with reckless abandon. Kicking off our Coming Attractions this time around we ask our fellas once again if they are Rad Dads or not. Ron decided it was time for the kids to see the immortal David Bowie/Jennifer Connelly classic “Labyrinth” while Adam took things in a completely unexpected direction and sat his boys down for the often overlooked cinematic gem featuring the second biggest genie, “Kazaam”. Did each of these timeless treasures make the play with the next generation or were the laces not out on this kick? After that we move into the Feature Presentation, 10 of the best Sports movies of all time. It’s the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as Ron and Adam run down their picks for the best play makers in athletic filmmaking. There might be some curveballs but with these two swinging for the fences I don’t think anyone will need a buzzer beater to win you over on their rankings. And don’t worry, we’re probably close to out of sports lingo at this point. One more, and we’d be in the penalty box for sure! Finally, the post credits scene this week is a teaser for the next round of Trivia Junket! In the exciting next episode our fellas are gonna duke it out in the ring of movie knowledge. They’re each going in blind as to what 10 questions they will get this time around so if you want to see this prize fight you’ll have to make sure you tune in next time for the CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!  
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