Ryan is a specialist destination wedding photographer based near Cardiff, UK. Photographing beautiful weddings internationally. He's also the co-founder of Freedom Edits.
Ryan Welch of Freedom Edits joins us to talk about life-changing meatball marinara sub. Then we talk about how to fix Subway. We also talk about getting started as a wedding photographer at the age of 16, scaling a business from 30 weddings a year to 100 and then to 200, and the difficulties that come with running an editing company that does millions of photo edits every month. It's a great episode, so cancel your plans, put your headphones in and watch the Britney Spears Toxic music video to get ready. Q&A: How do I keep from disturbing the fairies while shooting a wedding in a fairy fort? Why am I seeing my reflection in the mirrors of my photos after they come back from my editor? Is it over dramatic to get upset if someone edits your photo and reposts without permission? What do dark and moody editors do when they get a subject with bad skin texture/color? Find more info about Ryan's company Freedom Edits online:Website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Also, Freedom Edits is extending this special offer to all of our listeners. First Order on us! Absolutely Free!Reference code “Wedding Hangover” on the Getting Started page*Terms and Conditions do apply: “The 'Free Order' is for new customers only.  Redeemable off editing services, not culling. Your ‘free order’ cannot exceed 750 basic edit images. Want more? Get bonus content like outtakes from guest episodes and more weekly photography advice at steveanddustinsavetheworld.com (that's the Patreon). Join the hungover community:Wedding Hangover Facebook Group Connect with us:Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter This podcast is edited by Bespoke Tone. Go to Bespoke Tone for all your photo, video, and audio editing needs. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/weddingphotohangover/message
Episode #000 of the podcast features an interview with Guest Name. Discussion topics include: Topic #1, topic #2 and topic #3.
Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Ryan Welch of www.ryan-welch.co.uk and www.freedomedits.com started photographing weddings at just 17 years old and was shooting 200 weddings a year when he was 24. He's since grown a successful team and if you check his website, you'll see a staff of 16 who shoot stills, video, edit, design and manage the studio. In addition to his wedding photography business, he started Freedom Edits to help other photographers get through their culling and editing. Looking around online, I don't see a ton of marketing or advertising but I do see plenty of great reviews. Based in the UK, where I continually hear how tough the market is, I was looking forward to learning how Ryan seemingly cracked the market and is doing so well! From the outside, it looks like the secret is growing a team and focussing on your enquiries to book weddings. Here’s some more of what we cover in the interview: Is the UK the toughest wedding photography market in the world? What are photographers doing wrong when they see a slump in their business? How 90% of Ryan's bookings are coming from referrals Why run Facebook Ads only at the beginning of the year? Why couples book Ryan's photography business for their wedding How Ryan managed to start building a team early on Was it difficult to earn a client's trust at the age of 17? How Ryan managed to create a buzz when starting out How and when Ryan realized he wants to get serious with his photography business Was Ryan's plan to build a business he could sell or build a profitable business for himself? Does Ryan regret his photography business name? The importance of having the right brand name for your business How clients access Ryan's wedding photography price list The need to immediately call clients following an inquiry How to build the initial relationship with prospective clients The initial client calls Running an office on a trust basis for people to thrive The goal of the initial ‘sales call' Sending an informative email based on the outcome of the initial call Why Ryan's sales process involves constant follow up How Ryan manages his associate photographers Why Ryan doesn't assign photographers, not until three months before the wedding date Photographers assigned to shoot weddings won't matter to clients who are invested in your business brand Dealing with couples who try to cut you out by directly hiring your associate shooters How Ryan pays vendors back, who refer his business Requesting vendors to tag your business when sharing on social media Using Airtable for automation Ryan's photography business turnover/revenue Dealing with the UK's VAT threshold Why Ryan started Freedom Edits despite his million-dollar business What is Freedom Edits and who is it for? What’s on Offer for Premium Members If you’re a premium member, you should have received an email with links to your version of this interview – the full length and more revealing version where you hear the absolute best tips and advice from every guest. If you’re on the fence about becoming a premium member, join with the $1 trial today and get access to the FULL interviews each week, get access to an amazing back catalogue of interviews and ALL future interviews delivered automatically to your phone or tablet. If you can just position yourself somewhere in the market and create that demand for the product or service that you're offering, there's enough weddings out there for everyone. – Ryan Welch Plus special member-only interviews. You'll also receive access to the members-only Secret Facebook Group where you can connect with other Premium Members and interview guests to help, support and motivate you to take ideas you hear in each episode and put them into action. There are also FB live video tutorials, role-play interviews and special live interviews happening in the group. You will not find more friendly, more motivated, caring and sharing photographers online. Joining a Mastermind Group (encouraged by Andrew) has been incredibly valuable and fun, I look forward to connecting with my group members every week. Jina Zheng, Premium Member and Melbourne Children photographer. Seriously, that's not all. In addition to everything above, you'll get access to and instructions on forming or joining a MasterMind Group with other premium members. These groups are super motivating, make you accountable and build friendships with other pro photographers with similar motives to you – to build a more successful photography business. What is your big takeaway? Following this interview, I’d love to know if you're taking anything away from what Ryan shared. Is there something you heard that excited or motivated you to the point where you thought, yeah, I'm going to do that! If so, let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below, let me know what your takeaways were, what you plan to implement in your business as a result of what you heard in today's episode. Wedding photography is 90% about making people just relax in front of your camera. As soon as you can do that, you can get great images. – Ryan Welch If you have any questions that I missed, a specific question you’d like to ask Ryan or if you just want to say thanks for coming on the show, feel free to add them in the comments area below. iTunes Reviews and Shout-outs Each week I check for any new iTunes reviews and it's always a buzz to receive these… for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's confirmation that I'm on the right track with the interviews and that they really are helping you improve your photography business. That's awesome! 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Hey hey hey Andrew and Nick, …. I must admit this course has been the best I have purchased BY A MILE…. I can't thank you enough for putting it the way you have. Even though I am just starting I was in procrastination mode most of the time… but after this it will change. The content of course, Nick's website and how easy to understand. Its a game changer. This course is like RED BULL for my photog business startup. You truely have give me the push and WINGS TO FLY  – Praveen Shankam The course has been put together by family and portrait photographer Nick Peel who is averaging $1000 sales – all online. Yes, the big industry push is towards IPS but there are a bunch of reasons you might need to utilise online selling. That's why I saw such value in putting this together with Nick. 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Nick and I have worked hard on this and we're both proud of the result and think it fills a need for any photographer who for whatever reason can't or doesn't want to do IPS. If that's you and you want the best chance of making great online sales following every session, this strategy will do that for you. It's proven and it works. Click the link to get access now: https://photobizx.com/online-sales-course-special Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode: Ryan Welch Website Ryan Welch on Instagram Ryan Welch on Facebook Freedom Edits Freedom Edits on Instagram Freedom Edits on Facebook PhotoBizX 12 Month membership Special – save 40%! Save 50% on the Online Sales Masterclass Get 50% off the Facebook Ads Course for Photographers Thank you! Thanks again for listening and thanks to Ryan for coming on and sharing his thoughts and ideas on how to create a super successful photography business by creating a brand, hiring the best staff and photographers and focussing on client customer service. Speed and that level of customer service is very important to us. And that is probably one of the only things that I will not compromise on. – Ryan Welch If you have any suggestions, comments or questions about this episode, please be sure to leave them below in the comment section of this post, and if you liked the episode, please share it using the social media buttons you see at the bottom of the post! That’s it for me this week, hope everything is going well for you in life and business! Thanks and speak soon Andrew .fusion-button.button-4 {border-radius:2px;}CLICK HERE to Download – “How To Book More PORTRAITS Than You Ever Thought Possible” The post 336: Ryan Welch – Growing a team and focussing on your enquiries to book weddings appeared first on Photography Business Xposed - Photography Podcast - how to build and market your portrait and wedding photography business.
Imagine if you were so afraid to try filmmaking that you never did it. Sure, most of us have been scared at some point in our professional journeys. That’s okay. There are times when a little fear is healthy. Not allowing that fear to hold you back and share what you can create is the important part. Ryan Welch is the owner and Creative Director of AO Films in Oregon, a small team of filmmakers and creative collective. Ryan has a lifelong passion for telling great stories using the power of images. He has directed and shot a number of award-winning films with a blend of narrative and documentary storytelling. In this interview, we talk about fear and how it will dictate what we do and don’t do if we let it. It begins with being part of your client’s team so that you can work together as smoothly and openly as possible. We talk about how it also comes from having intentionality and purpose in your work so that it aligns with your values. Ryan goes on to shed some light on how he finds validation in his work that is not related to external criticism. How do you create great work without letting fear and worry hold you back? Leave a comment on the episode page!   In this episode: Working with clients who are passionate and great to collaborate with The “magic” formula for finding your perfect clients How being intentional can start with something as simple as your name Not letting the haters keep you from doing the work that you truly care about Using your passion projects to find more work Getting the funding you need to pursue your passion projects   Quotes: “Ultimately, you have to follow your desires and the things that you want as a company, the things that you’re passionate about.” [10:29] “As much as you can, eliminate fear from what you’re doing.” [23:56] “Create and do things that make you come alive and put them out for the world to see. And if people don’t connect with it, then who cares? That’s their issue, not yours.” [25:47] “Finding a way to overcome that fear of other people’s judgment of what you’re doing is something that I think if you can figure out early on, you’re going to be better off.” [27:06] “There is a desire for content. And if you have a great story, there’s somebody out there who will listen to you.” [38:31]   Links: Find Ryan Welch at AO Films Follow AO Films on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Vimeo | YouTube Follow Ryan on Instagram | Twitter Go Ahead! Adventure The High Performance Planner by Brendon Burchard   Additional Links: Check out the full show notes page Be sure to take the Studio Sherpas survey for a chance to win some incredible prizes (if we do say so ourselves!) Stay up to date with everything we're doing at Studio Sherpas Tune into our weekly Facebook Lives Follow Studio Sherpas on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram   If you haven't already, we'd love it if you would take 1 minute to leave us a review on iTunes!
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