Community Allies supports organizations in doing their part together to build and sustain inclusive communities oriented towards making change with broader populations. Sarah Hobson, Ph.D. is the founder and president of Community Allies, LLC. She supports educators, businesses, government agencies, and community leaders in doing their part together to advance regional, national, and international equity. Drawing on years of developing, implementing, and researching youth ethnodrama programs, she developed Honoring Stories and Integrating Curriculum™, a systematic way for educators to design culturally responsive trauma-informed instruction that engages students as regional and national change-makers. Honoring Stories and Integrating Curriculum™ helps all organizations streamline internal operations, facilitate bridge-building across all differences, strengthen interdepartmental collaboration, maximize learning about processes that foster sustained cultural competence, and yield products, services and instructional designs that align with broader demographics and that contribute to thriving communities. After teaching high school for 5 years, Sarah Hobson received her Ph.D. in Reading, Writing, and Literacy from the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. She studied under Dr. Susan Lytle, a scholar of teacher research and inquiry-based pedagogies. Her course of study connected literacy with urban planning. She also received training from local Philadelphia organizations in the integration of drama and playwriting into classroom instruction. Her dissertation focused on the need for providing compelling educational experiences for adolescents in their development of cultural literacy and life-long civic skills. In particular, she supported the use of student-generated ethnodramas and video productions. Through ethnodrama, youth in her classes and programs engage in collaborative research into community issues by interviewing people from lots of backgrounds as well as non-profit, government and corporate leaders, turning their interviews into films and dramas and using their films and dramas to engage communities in cross-cultural dialogue and problem-solving towards informed collective action. Sarah Hobson founded Community Allies, LLC. to carry on this work in K-12 schools, universities, and organizations and to continue research documenting its success.
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