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Sarah Rice is best known for her appearances on MTVs Real World Brooklyn and The Challenge. Raised by artist parents, Sarah learned at an early age how to see the world as a playground for creativity and invention. Sarah is a self proclaimed “lifelong learner” and “answer seeker.” Sarah is pursuing her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.
Recent episodes featuring Sarah Rice
EP356: Work Wives, Millionaire Matchmaker, & Predator's Glossary
The Brain Candy Podcast
Today we hear a list of phrases men use to describe women, & what they really mean. We debate the use of the phrase "work wife," & Sarah has very strong feelings about it. Hear about the "trolley problem," & learn why ethics are complicated. Susie discusses a Florida man arrested for his "eunuch fetish," & we are seriously disturbed. Find out why Sarah takes the Millionaire Matchmaker's advice, Susie learns why attraction is relative, & movies reveal the truth about sex. Plus, we find out about a man who found a baby in his mom's freezer.
EP355: Nude Pics, Tinder Dating, & Designing Women
The Brain Candy Podcast
Today we debate whether a teacher should be fired for nude pics that were leaked. We find out what Sarah thinks of Tinder, & whether people recognize her from the show. Hear about a female ultramarathoner who won, & why the organizers weren't prepared for a woman winner. We discuss Harvey Weinstein, & why we remain hopeful about the future. Find out why Thoreau wasn't exactly independent, our minds are blown by a piece of animal trivia, & we find out how to argue w/ a narcissist.
EP354: Mystery Farting, Taxidermy, & Awkwardness
The Brain Candy Podcast
Today we discuss how a mystery fart can reveal your darkest prejudices (& it's hilarious). Hear about a crazy true crime tale from India's Most Wanted. Find out why advertisements can be brilliant, but also remind us why we should be discerning about persuasion. Hear why journaling can change your life. Find out why Susie & Sarah are kind of obsessed w/ taxidermy all of a sudden. Find out how social norms are weaponized against women. And we discuss how Dr. Ruth is a badass bitch.
EP353: Space Crime, Broken Hearts, & Wisdom Teeth
The Brain Candy Podcast
Learn about the first crime committed in space, & how love makes fools of us all. Sarah discusses I Love You, Now Die, about a girl who encouraged her friend to commit suicide. Susie claims there is a wisdom tooth conspiracy. We hear how "broken heart syndrome" is real & could be fatal. Sarah had a "stop being polite" moment when a man commented on her eating. We talk to Jill Twiss from Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver & author of children's book, The New Someone.
EP352: Rotten Bananas, Stop Being Polite, & Charisma Tips
The Brain Candy Podcast
Today Sarah reacts to Johnny Bananas' tweet about her divorce. We celebrate a Heinz ketchup thief, who made good. Hear about a man who was living in the woods by sourcing a trash heap, & why it taught us to trust our guts. We had a major Stop Being Polite moment, & Sarah gave someone the business. We find out how to tell you're an adult. Plus, we hear how you can become more charismatic.
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