Scott “Sourdough” Power makes art fun and accessible by helping people become their own art experts! Sourdough is the host and producer of the NOT REAL ART podcast which celebrates creative culture and the artists who make it. He is also the co-founder of Crewest Studio in Los Angeles, a content company dedicated to empowering the creative community. He is an author, Ironman triathlete and member of The Explorer's Club too!
Some people are extraordinarily unique and change the game completely. Greg Escalante was a bona fide maverick and trailblazer, carving out a space where so many of us could feel at home. Juxtapoz Magazine, the publication Greg co-founded, is still a leading work in the alternative and underground art space. Greg's legacy is about far more than the magazine; it is about the community he built and the lives he touched. Not only did he provide unconditional support to so many artists early in their careers, but he quite literally changed so many people's lives. In this incredibly special episode, filmmaker, Hans Fjellestad, Greg's gallery director, Wendy Sherman, and PR powerhouse, Heidi Johnson join Sourdough to reflect on Greg's life. During the show, you will hear tributes from many of the artists who were impacted by Greg, including Robert Williams, Shag, Shepard Fairy, Elizabeth McGrath, and Chaz Bojórquez, to name just a few. Heidi and Wendy also share some of their fondest memories of Greg, like his love of ice cream, their travels, and what a day spent with him would look like. Tuning in, you will understand the profound impact that Greg Escalante had not only on the art world but on the many weird and wonderful people in it!  Key Points From This Episode: The first time Sourdough heard about Greg and was introduced to Juxtapoz in 1995.  Hans's experience of being in Southern California in the center of the community Greg was building.  Heidi's experience of working with Greg and how they helped one another's careers.  Hear artists like Robert Williams and Scott Hess share stories about their dear friend, Greg.  Merry Karnowsky, Ben Goretsky, Shag, Shepard Fairy, and Shana Nys Dambrot honor Greg.  How Greg changed Elizabeth McGrath's life and career forever.  What a day spend with Greg in Chinatown would look like.  Heidi shares a story of a dinner she and Greg went to when he had a rare drink.  Reflecting on some of Greg's wild birthday celebrations.  How Greg approached studio visits with his characteristic generosity and openness.  More artists, including Marnie Weber, Natalia Faber, Timothy Robert Smith share what Greg meant to them.  Greg had a unique way of making people feel truly seen.  The timeline of starting Juxtapoz; it all happened very quickly after he met Robert.  What Juxtapoz means to the art world and artists who ordinarily would have been ignored.  The story of how Robert and Greg connected and met.  Chaz Bojórquez shares the story of his and Greg's friendship.   Some other artists tell stories of their memories with Greg.  Greg's experience of seeing Robert's work on the cover of Thrasher.  Greg's relationships with gallerists were as special and unique as his ones with artists.  Insights into Greg's generosity with his art collection and his penchant for giving art away.  Reflecting on the fun that Greg brought to the often serious art world.  Greg's varied music taste and his love for all genres.  Hear about Greg's spiritual life and what he might have thought about The Vatican.   The story of how Wendy met Greg after being interested in lowbrow art for many years.  Doug Harvey, LC, and more pay tribute to Greg.  Heidi's trip with Greg to Mexico and his other travels over the years.  Greg did not just change the art scene; he changed people's lives.  More friends and artists share their tributes to Greg to end the show. For more information and photos, visit here:
Three letters are dominating the art world right now, N-F-T. They stand for ‘non-fungible token’, which is represented as a unit of data, typically on the Ethereum blockchain. So how does this affect artists around the world? It returns the power to them. In today’s episode, we speak with intellectual property attorney Joshua Wattles, and former DeviantArt staff member, Tom Rowlandson. Together, they explain the ins and outs of NFTs, and why it’s such a hot topic right now. To kick things off, Tom shares his own experiences with NFTs, as he details his background in crypto as well as instances where he has bought and sold NFTs on the blockchain. Following this, Josh explains the NFT paradigm shift with artists and tells us what sets these digital tokens apart from standard IP. We then take a deep dive into what makes NFTs appealing to so many people, as we learn that factors like insurance and maintaining the item’s condition all play a role in the buyer’s decision making. With such a steep rise in interest and popularity, somebody has to be making a fortune, right? Tom and Josh then explain to listeners what gives NFTs their value, and touch on some of the fees you pay in marketplaces like Nifty Gateway. Toward the end of the episode, we discuss a few of the controversies that have come with NFTs. We talk energy consumption, authenticity, and why “buyers beware,” remains ever true. For more detail on how you can get involved in NFTs and why they’re set to shake things up for creatives, be sure to tune in today!  Key Points From This Episode: Before we begin, we say thanks to International Women’s Month NRA host, Eric Yoshi. We introduce today’s topic: non-fungible tokens. Hear what NFTs could offer and what makes them so awesome. We welcome today’s guests, Josh Wattles and Tom Rowlandson, to talk about NFTs. Tom shares some of his experience creating and selling NFTs. Hear how Tom and Josh have shares experiences in the world of art. Tom tells listeners about his collaboration with Lora Zombie. Josh explains the NFT paradigm shift for artists. Why owning a token of an item, instead of the physical item itself, can be appealing. We talk about what types of artists are benefiting most from NFTs. NFTs and their inevitable versatility. Hear about how NBA Topshots are changing the way NFTs are perceived by the public. Find out who is getting rich off of this modern age gold rush. We touch on the various market places available to buy and sell NFTs. The environmental impact NFTs and running the blockchain. How NFTs are going to help with the authenticity of products. Why you shouldn’t be fooled by an NFT either. Hear how NFTs are being used as a method of issuing tickets for events. For more information and photos, visit here:
Making a break in the entertainment industry takes hard work, careful attention, and a strong vision. Today we speak with a woman who achieved great heights in film and television. Channing Dungey is a TV executive and the first black American president of a major broadcast television network. In this rich and inspiring episode, we talk with Channing about her journey to the top and beyond. We open the show by hearing about her earliest years, as she tells listeners about how she has always been enchanted by stories. After graduating from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television, Channing pursued a career in the industry. In the years that followed, she became a path maker and mold-breaker as she steadily climbed the ranks. We ask Channing how she made her way into television, as she touches on the ebbs and flows of the film industry of the early 2000s, and why she connected with the TV medium. Diving into deeper detail, Channing shares some of the attributes that make a good television show, noting emotional connection and the longevity of a captivating story told over several seasons. On her various professional roles, Channing walks listeners through her career path so far, as she shares anecdotes about working for Steven Seagal, her stints running a production company, and what ultimately led her to take on the role of President of Entertainment at ABC. Channing continues by explaining the details of her role, and why, after 15 years of fulfilling work with ABC, it was time to move onto a new challenge: Netflix. Toward the end of the show, Channing opens up about the importance of hiring people of color and embracing women in entertainment. She lays out how new stories can be told, and why more diverse production teams, casts, and stories can and must be championed. To hear more on empowering women and people of color, as well as Channing’s triumphant journey in television and film, be sure to join us.   Key Points From This Episode: We introduce today’s special guest, television executive, Channing Dungey. Channing tells us about her journey into film. Hear about Channing’s first gig in the industry as a script reader and story editor. Channing touches on the route she took to become the president of ABC. How the film landscape was pushing writers into TV roles. Channing shares details on her journey to become President of Entertainment at ABC. We hear how Channing’s role has led her to get involved with a variety of content. Some of the things Channing looks for in a good show. What led Channing to continue her career with Netflix. How to broadcast production differs from streaming. Channing touches on how to get more diversity in TV shows.  Why, according to Channing, there is nothing more important than working with women. The work-life balance for working moms in the entertainment industry.  Maintaining teamwork among partners who are working professionals. What Channing hopes to achieve with her latest chapter in life. What COVID means for the entertainment industry. Channing’s advice for those wanting to get into the film industry. For more information and photos, visit here:
Muralism is empowering, uplifting, and can be a megaphone to celebrate ethnicity. Judy Baca has been creating public art for decades and has produced over 400 murals while employing thousands of local participants to be part of Los Angeles’ social and artistic evolution. Her efforts are embodied by the Social Public Art Resource Center or SPARC. In this episode, we talk to Judy about her life in public arts and how SPARC has been such a large part of her journey. We begin our conversation by talking about what it was like to be in Los Angeles, as the former public art capital of the world. Judy chats about city bureaucracy and that there was little control over who could paint what and where. Following this, Judy introduces listeners to the permitting process which has plagued public mural art progress since its introduction. Yet, by this stage, murals had already left a huge impact on society, as various minorities and ethnic groups residing in L.A were now being represented. Later in the show, we discuss SPARC’s origin story and discover how it helped to band different neighborhoods together. Judy goes on to detail some of the impressive large-scale projects she has been part of, like the Great Wall of Los Angeles. Toward the end of our conversation, we talk to Judy about what it was like to learn in the legacy of David Alfaro Siqueiros, as well as what it takes to run community-based projects. For more on Judy’s life in art, be sure to join us in this historically rich and inspiring episode.   Key Points From This Episode: Introducing today’s guest, Judy Baca, Founder and Artistic Director at SPARC. Judy describes what it was like to be in Los Angeles, the former mural public art capital. How the park’s walls in L.A went from gang writings to artistic murals. How the contemporary permitting process has affected L.A’s relationship with public murals. Judy shares her experiences changing the face of L.A.  Hear the genesis of SPARC and what its original intentions were. We ask Judy to share details about the Great Wall of L.A Judy tells listeners what it was like learning in David Alfaro Siqueiros’ workshop. Hear the steps involved in creating and running community-based projects. Why Judy became a professor. Judy shares some of the reasons why she never pursued a career in high art. How SPARC has become a modern marvel with an inspiring heritage. Judy gives listeners a taste of her latest project and what it’s all about. For more information and photos, visit here:
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