Sean T. Collins is a writer, hot take maker, controversial figure online, very smart guy, the official recapper of Game of Thrones for the Dirtbag Left, and host of The Boiled Leather Audio Hour.
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Welcome back on our regular circuit, where we talk about all the published sample chapters! This time, we tackle Sansa’s first TWOW chapter, Alayne I. Tackling gives you the right idea, since it’s all about a tourney. Or is it? We discuss the themes, the implications and the heavy plot developments in a chapter that’s as juicy as anything Martin has ever written and that sees the little bird coming into her own as a bird of prey. Download the episode!Our Patreon page at iTunes page.Previous episodes.Podcast RSS feed.Stefan’s blog.Sean on Twitter.
It’s the time of second parters! After I came back to the long promised second episode about the Elections of Ice and Fire with Marcus A. Roberts, it was time to revisit the legal system of Planetos this month. No one could be better suited than Clint Woods, aka Laws of Ice and Fire, to undertake this task. After tackling Westeros in part 1, we’re looking into Essos this time around. From the state of the lawyerly profession in Braavos to the legal stratification of Pentos and Volantis, we move over to Slaver’s Bay and close our rountrip by discussing the rule of law on Vaes Dothrak - or whatever they do there. But we’re not stopping yet! From here, we return to Westeros and take a look at the past, making this the mirror episode to the more election-heavy look of the Great Councils. Here, we tackle the thorny legal issues. Come for the lore, stay for the cases!Download the episode!Our Patreon page at iTunes page.Previous episodes.Podcast RSS feed.Stefan’s blog.Clint Woods on Twitter
It’s our big day. Since 2011, we published 100 episodes proper of the Boiled Leather Audio Hour, aside from 38 Boiled Leather Audio Moments, 11 Boiled Leather Audio Conversations and 25 Boiled Leather Audio Popculture essays. Reason enough to take a step bake and a deep breath and to look at things from a bigger points of view. Things, in this case, is the whole of “A Song of Ice Fire”. Why should people read it? What does it mean? We don’t ask these questions anymore when we’re doing in-depth analysis of sample chapters and the like, but today, we’re deliberately slowing down. Look at the big picture. Take some time, lean back. And you are coming with us. It’s a journey of positivity. And there’s also some rape and violence. But mostly, good feelings. Thanks everyone, for doing this with us and making it possible! Download the episode!Our Patreon page at iTunes page.Previous episodes.Podcast RSS feed.Stefan’s blog.Sean on Twitter.
With the final movie of the sequel trilogy now out in theaters, Sean and I take a deep dive into “Rise of Skywalker”. It’s not really a spoiler to say we weren’t impressed, but unlike our vivid disagreements about the merits of “The Last Jedi” - which we revisit in the light of this movie and general internet discourse -, we’re in exhaustive (in more ways than one) agreement on this one. Follow us while we dissect production issues, baffling storyrelling choices, the quest for Finn’s characters, the myriad of things the movie does right, a discussion of the virtues of Lando Calrissian and more! Download the episode!Our Patreon page at iTunes page.Previous episodes.Podcast RSS feed.Stefan’s blog.Sean on Twitter.
After we talked about the Night’s Watch, the Faith and the Citadel and their voting mechanisms in the last episode, we’re finally back to tackle other, even tornier election issues. How do the Great Councils of Westeros play out, if they play out? What is the big might have been of 181 AC? How does the Triarchy of Volantis fare on the democracy scale, and is it a better place than King’s Landing due to its political system? All of this, and more, with my co-host and friend Marcus A. Roberts, whose worklife as a political consultant gives him unique insight. If you find my rambling about the Great Council of 101 AC a bit strange, then entertain the hypothetical that I might have mixed up my facts and couldn’t resolve the ensuing confusion completely in post-production. Not saying this is what happened, but it’s a hypothetical to consider. Download the episode!TorrentBLAH Patreon page at iTunes page.Previous episodes.Podcast RSS feed.Stefan’s blog.Marcus on Twitter.
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