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Sean T. Collins is a writer, hot take maker, controversial figure online, very smart guy, the official recapper of Game of Thrones for the Dirtbag Left, and host of The Boiled Leather Audio Hour.
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BLAH 94 | The Lord of the Rings, with Javi Marcos
The Boiled Leather Audio Hour
I hope you’re all in for a bit into the very nichest of niches, as I draft my co-host Javi Marcos to talk about an obscure 1940s fantasy novel called “The Lord of the Rings”. It was a modest success after its publication in the 1950s and spawned a small but dedicated following. Many people do not know this, but there was also a movie adaption in the early 2000s that had some minor cultural impact. All kidding aside, We take on the big granddaddy of Fantasy. Not only do Javi and I talk about the cultural impact that the books and the movie trilogy (we don’t even mention the animated one), we’re also trying to place it in its time and compare it to “A Song of Ice and Fire” and its own cultural impact. On this journey, you will learn why the bible is essentially required companion reading material, why Harry Potter was also influential for the gestation of the Nerdstream that got shot into the stratosphere with Lord of the Rings and why the story is so compelling, even though its characters, writing and pacing are not exactly what any writer would advice you to settle on. Plus, my German accent is not the most exotic thing of the podcast for once as Javi brings his own Spanish flair with him :) Download the episode! Our Patreon page at iTunes page.Previous episodes.Podcast RSS feed.Stefan’s blog.Javi Marcos on Twitter
BLAH 93 | A Song of Ice, Fire and Water, with Sean T. Collins
The Boiled Leather Audio Hour
Ice and fire, snow and sand, Stark and Targaryen, Others/wights and dragons–that’s the dominant binary for the series, obviously. However, water is also a key “element” for the setting in general and the books in particular.The Iron Islands, the Riverlands, Dorne, and the Stormlands are all characterized by their relationship to water. House Greyjoy and House Velaryon and (though less prominently) House Redwyne derive their power from the water. The Rhoynar remain a water-based culture, centuries removed from the Rhoyne. The Rhoyne itself was the locus of an entirely unique form of magic, with water wizards and their giant turtles, and the Bridge sequence shows some of that magic is there still. The smoking seas around Valyria are, apparently, truly full of horrible creatures. Back in the day there were the Deep Ones and remnants of their culture remain to this day, both in that oily black stone architecture and in the legends of the squishers and the merlings. The Drowned God and krakens look set to play a major role courtesy of Euron Greyjoy’s fleet. Download the episode!Our Patreon page at iTunes page.Previous episodes.Podcast RSS feed.Sean’s blog.Stefan’s blog.
BLAH 92 | The Geography of Ice and Fire, with Jim McGeehin
The Boiled Leather Audio Hour
Westeros is a continent of jagged coasts, forbidding mountains, looming forests and lush rivers. Geography is destiny, though, as they say. Therefore, it makes sense to take a deeper look at how the continent shaped the people living on it, and how it informs the themes of the story. Can we make inferences as to why people are the way they are because of the geography of their kingdom? Do rivers determine the plot of the story? With me to talk about this today is Jim McGeehin, of Wars of Ice and Fire fame, and who better to discuss these issues than someone as adept in worldbuiding as him? Together, we take a journey from the Land Beyond the Wall to Dorne, from the Iron Islands to the Vale, from the Reach to the Stormlands, and we wonder why the Westerlands are Terra Incognita in Westeros. Download the episode!Our Patreon page at iTunes page.Previous episodes.Podcast RSS feed.Jim McGeehin Twitter Wars of Ice and Fire tumblrStefan’s blog.
BLAH 91 | The big themes and the big picture, with Bookshelfstud
The Boiled Leather Audio Hour
We’re always about the big themes and the big picture here on the Boiled Leather Audio Hour, and since the Patreons voted for it, Michael the “Bookshelfstud” and I are going to tackle the issue! Once and for all, we’re going to settle the question of what the story is actually about in the space of a comfy our of podcast. Just kidding, of course. Obviously, the question of what “the story is really about” and what the big themes are is preposterously big, so we can only take a stab at the rough contures of it, identifying stuff we need to talk about next in the process. However! In our tour de force, Michael and I try to tackle questions of war and peace, the nature and role of power, gender roles and whether or not believing in romantic ideals makes you good or dumb. As you can see, there’s a lot to cover, and a lot to discuss! On a sidenote, I tried a different recording software this time around, so please report back whether or not the performance has been improved. Download the episode!Our Patreon page at iTunes page.Previous episodes.Podcast RSS feed.Bookshelfstud Twitter Bookshelfstud blogStefan’s blog.
BLAC 7 | Sansa Stark, with Elio Garcia Jr. (Patreon bonus episode)
The Boiled Leather Audio Hour
Usually, you’d expect to see a paywall blocking access to this podcast if you’re not pledging 10$ or more to the Patreon, because the Boiled Leather Audio Conversation, in which I talk to a wide berth of co-hosts about different interesting topics, is only availablet this elite subset. However, in a shameless act of promotion suggested by the Boiled Leather Audio Hour Marketing Department and sanctioned by our board of directors, this episode will be available to public audiences. If you like what you hear, there’s one of these episodes available each month, and if you pledge, you get of course access to the back catalogue currently encompassing six other episodes: - The inaugural episode, also with Elio Garcia, in which we talked about Stannis- The second episode, with Steven Attewell, in which I talk with him about meritocracy and monarchy- The third episode, which I did on my own and in which I talk at length about the successor shows HBO plans- The fourth episode, in which I talk to Jim McGeehin (SomethingLikeALawyer) about morality in games- The fifth episode, in which I talk about Game of Thrones the TV show with Jay Sherer- The sixth episode, in which I talk to Tim Westmyer about dragons as a metaphor on weapons of mass destructionBut enough with the plugs, what awaits you in this episode? Elio and I decided to tackle Sansa Stark, who is a totally uncontroversial character in the fandom, and to take the deep dive with her. Why is she producing such strong reactions in the community? What is her story arc? Did she really doom Eddard Stark? Where is she headed? Will she get together with Sandor? What do our reactions say about our own conceptions of teenage girls? This, and much more, gets adressed in the podcast. I hope you enjoy the show and consider pledging - or consider to keep pledging, if you’re one of the exalted people already doing so whom I do not thank enough. As you will hear at the end of the podcast, this is not the end of Elio and me looking at certain characters controversial in the fandom. Next up will be Renly. You’re in for a treat in the near future, people! Download the episodeOur Patreon page at iTunes page.Previous episodes.Podcast RSS feed.westeros.orgStefan’s blog.
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