Sharon Hughes is the Founder and President of the The Center for Changing Worldviews and Host of Changing Worldviews TALK Radio.
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VETERAN'S DAY SPECIAL 2 - Caring for Homeless Vets
The Sharon Hughes Show
To support this ministry financially, visit: Chaplain Dan Helix - Homelessness is at epidemic levels in many parts of the United States today - this should not be so. But even more so - the number of homeless who are Veterans of foreign wars - should just not be! Meet be inspired and encouraged by a Chaplain who continues to serve his country by holding 'stand-downs' to serve and help our homeless Vets.
Ep.032 Religion, Idolatry and Power Grabs with Scott Shay
Living a Limitless Life with Sharon Hughes
This is truly one of the most fascinating interviews I've ever done. Scott Shay who carved out a name for himself on Wall Street unpacks his second passion in this candid conversation; the question of faith, to believe or not to believe. Scott has a very diverse background; he has spoken at TedX Wall Street, Google, he's the co-founder of Signature Bank New York, and the author of In Good Faith: Questioning Religion and Atheism just name a few things he's done! The son of a Holocaust survivor, Shay was fascinated by his father's faith in God and the very human side of asking why horrible, unthinkable things happen in our world. In Shay's book, he asks the deeper question of how someone steps into the power that allows that behavior and why humanity has historically stood by and watched.  You'll find Scott's ideas on "self deification" to be both thought provoking and offering an answer to why people behave so poorly.  Key points: How atheism morphs into idolatry Self justification and self delusion Why is it rational to believe in God Finding common cause with Atheists How prayer can lead to change Safeguarding yourself and your leadership mindset Connect with Scott: Purchase his book:
Ep.031 How Culture Relates To Faith And Leadership With Garrett Lowe
Living a Limitless Life with Sharon Hughes
Joining me again to drop leadership strategy and truth is my good friend Garrett Lowe, a NextGen Pastor at Living Word Community Church. Friends, Garrett is not your run of the mill Pastor, nope. I call him a reality Pastor, one who's not afraid to say this is real and it's really hard!  I interviewed Garrett on Ep.008 and we dove deep into creating a balanced, purposeful life. We hit topics like addiction and creating space for relationships. Today we're talking about the leader's role in creating a culture for trust and growth. These ideas are a must in the secular world as well as the church, because it all boils down to building healthy relationships. You can't lead well without that. In this episode Garrett goes deep into: Creating a culture where its ok to fail What message is being received? - What does your culture say to your customer? What is the emotional language being used? What is transparency and vulnerability? Why we need to get rid of the country club mentality in churches Why people are walking away from faith The danger of being entertained all the time Connect wit Garrett: IG: @Garrettlowe
Halloween: Generation Hex
The Sharon Hughes Show
To support this ministry financially, visit: Ron Rhodes, Author of "Ghosts, Mediums Psychic Phenomena" - more and more young people are choosing involvement in witchcraft than ever before. But, if they knew the truth about occultism, they wouldn't. Here's the truth.
Dancing With the Devil & Rogue Regimes
The Sharon Hughes Show
To support this ministry financially, visit: Michael Rubin, former Pentagon official and author of "Dancing with the Devil - Embracing Rogue Regimes" - Every President has to deal with the nation's enemies, but how do you do it effectively without going into another war? Rogue regimes usually want to dominate the world; lie, manipulate, spy, etc. When is it diplomacy and when is it threats?
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