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Sheri Lynch is an award-winning broadcaster, who penned two best-selling books and holds a Masters Degree in Social Work. She's an intermediate-level tap dancer and co-host of the Bob & Sheri Podcast.
Recent episodes featuring Sheri Lynch
50 Signs You're an Adult
Bob & Sheri
The iPhone 11. Today in History. Toy Hall of Fame Nominees. Morons in the News: Breakfast Cooking Burglar.   50 Signs You're an Adult. Super Powers People Wish They Had. Bob & Sheri Health Alert.   Talkback Caller: Participation Trophies. Could You Play a Pro Sport at a Competing Level 1 time for $1 Million Can You Believe This S***? Life Was Tough Back Then.   Toys That Stood the Test of Time. Taking Naps. How to Be Better at Small Talk. James Corden as Pennywise.    
Meet Mr. Excuses
Bob & Sheri
Birthday Shout-Out to Leanna. "You're Single to Me" Bob's in the Basement with the Beet Juice. Morons in the News: The Cake Bandit.   Ed Helms and Demi Moore. Wendy Williams on Getting Married Again. The People's Movie Critic: "IT Chapter TWO" Lamar is Selling a Car on Facebook Marketplace.   Shannon- Growing Human Ears on Rats. Bob's a D- at Cooking. Can You Believe This S***? Husband Controls the Smart House Even While He is Away.   The Worry Journal. 73 Year Old Woman in India Gives Birth. David Hockney is Moving to France So He Can Smoke in Restaurants. AMA: Just Stop Vaping!  
The Nine Levels of Being an Introvert
Bob & Sheri
What If Humans Were Twice as Smart? Tool and Taylor Swift Mashup. What the Spice Girls Can Teach Us About Friendship. Morons in the News: Walter White Look-a-Like.   The 9 Circles of Introvert Hell. Jim Szoke Has Golfing on the Calendar, But He Doesn't Know Where or With Who. A-Rod Sells House for $4.4 Million.   John Knows All About the Giant Mall Opening in New Jersey. Alec Baldwin's Comedy Central Roast. Can You Believe This S***? Small Plates.   Fashion Trends That Should Never Return. Do These Romantic Comedies Stand the Test of Time? The Best School Accessories. Lies People Tell in the Beginning of a Relationship.    
It Wasn't Me!
Bob & Sheri
Man Charged $68,000 for a Pint of Beer. 9/11 Tribute. Asymmetrical Jeans. Morons in the News.   Jim Szoke with Sports Confuse Me. Bob's New Style of Answering Questions. Sheri Gets a FaceTime Call.   Jenna Drank Dishwater in Her Sleep. Too Many Selfies Might Look Pathetic. Can You Believe This S***? It's a Joke.   Struggling with Math & Multiple Choice Tests. Crows in San Francisco Exchange Gifts for Food. What Parents Want for Their Kids. Dennis Quaid.        
What's Under the Covers?
Bob & Sheri
Vegan Sues Neighbor for Grilling Meat. The 6 Kinds of Sleepers. The Daily Burn. Morons in the News: Lottery Winning Couple Goes on Crime Spree.   Renee Zellweger as Judy Garland. Giant Mall Opening Outside NYC. Weird Things You Saw at Your Friend's House. 10 Signs You Had a Bad Night Sleep.   Kathy's Mom Was an Auctioneer. Bob Lost His Retainer in the Sheets. Can You Believe This S***? Bob's Lasagne for Lunch.   3 Signs You Are the Toxic Co-Worker. Guy in T-Rex Costume Arrested for Chasing Kids. Rich People Don't Want the Penthouse Anymore. Marriage Protects Men from Dementia.  
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