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Spencer Williams is a podcaster well known for his strong opinions and comprehensive knowledge of the gaming industry. He also hosted the Nation of Gamers Podcast.


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NOG 30: Format Change
Nation of Gamers
You'll notice something a little different about this week's episode. Instead of rambling on and on, we're trying a more focused show. You won't hear about our weeks or what games we've played. Instead, we're jumping right to the topic. Hopefully it'll make a show a little leaner and meaner. We'd love to hear what you think; feel free to let us know what you think of the change. We're not sure it's permanent as of yet, and we'll continue to play with the format until it feels right.This week we talk about cognitive dissonance, otherwise known as stuff just not making sense. Does the show make sense? I dunno, maybe there's some cognitive dissonance at play there. Who knows? I don't. Man, it's hard to write funny copy for the new show format.Instead... MORE DUCKS!That duck was short, sweet, and to the point. Kind of like this episode![display_podcast] NoG BloG: Cognitive Dissonance
NOG 29: Quack Quack
Nation of Gamers
Really, what more needs to be said?[display_podcast] [GAME] Super Meat Boy [GAME] Dream Chronicles [GAME] Castlevania Lords of Shadow
NOG 28: Where's Wes Wilson?
Nation of Gamers
I know you're all expecting some jokey post about games addiction, but we here at Nation of Gamers take it very seriously. For example, take the plight of our very own Wes Wilson.You may notice that he's missing from this week's show. He'll probably be gone for the next couple of weeks as well; it sort of depends on when the doctors release him. You see, Wes has been diagnosed with acute games addiction. He has been understandably reluctant to talk about his problem. In fact, the rest of us in the DWP had no idea there was a problem at all. In fact, we had no idea he even played the game he has become addicted to.The game in question is Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. Not even Elite Force 2... just Elite Force. Here's a picture of Elite Force, just so you know what I'm talking about.Weird, right? I don't even think Wes likes Star Trek that much. And let's face it; even Star Trek fans hate Voyager. Well, except for Seven of Nine. But I'm getting off track.When asked about his addiction, all Wes can do is shout "I'M CUCKOO FOR STAR TREK VOYAGER: ELITE FORCE!" over and over and over again. It's really annoying, and that's the main reason we didn't want him on the show this week. I know the show is pretty bad already, but that would make it so much worse.Anyway, please keep Wes in your thoughts and prayers over the next couple of weeks. Also, the post image is totally not a bad 'shop, but is an actual picture of Wes taken in the sanitarium.This week we talk almost exclusively about games addiction. Spencer and Brent really got into it over this. Seriously, Eric threatened to spray them both down with the hose so they'd stop fighting. Enjoy![display_podcast] [ARTICLE] NoG BloG: Gaming Addiction [ARTICLE] Valve confirms DOTA 2
NOG 27: You've Got Character
Nation of Gamers
You kids these days and your video game characters. You think they're so great! Well, I was a kid in the 40's, and our video game characters were worth a hundred of yours!I say characters, but really we only had one. Yankee Joe! It was 1944; the height of World War II. I hear kids today whining about how they're sick of WWII games, but back then it was all we had. Yankee Joe fought the Nazis to save the world.Yankee Joe didn't waste time with words or humanitarian aid. He killed Nazis. Over and over again. There was no reward; killing Nazis was reward enough. There was no score; only the sweet taste of dead Nazis. Yankee Joe only did one thing, but he did it well; he killed Nazis.Now we didn't have any fancy Nintendo or Sony Playstation. After all, we were at war with the Tojos. Instead, we drew dots on the radio and pretended it was the moving pictures and that we had video games that hadn't been invented yet.I don't think this post is really working, so I'm gonna cut it off here. This week we talked about video game characters! What makes them good? What makes them bad? Who really cares? Listen in and fun will be had by all![display_podcast] [GAME] Enslaved [GAME] Qrank [ARTICLE] NoG Blog: Poor Character [ARTICLE] 15 Most annoying video game characters [ARTICLE] 50 Great Video Game Characters (empireonline.com) [ARTICLE] 50 Great Video Game Characters (screwattack.com) Fellow Huntsvillian doing a 24 hour gaming marathon for the Children's Hospital of Alabama on Oct 16th, and he's accepting pledges. He'll be ustreaming his marathon. Check out our new Minecraft podcast!
NOG 11: *Insert April Fool's Joke Here*
Nation of Gamers
I woke in the morningTo a glorious joy,Let's celebrate all!It's April Fool's, oh boy!I paced and I frettedI hummed and I hawed,Without a good prankThey'd all know me a fraud.And then with a startI knew that I had it,The finest tomfooleryThat would prove my wit!I bounded to my computerNot a second to spare!I loaded up PhotoshopAnd began to prepare.Here a transform,There a new layer,"This should be great!"I exclaimed with a prayer.At last it was finished,A gag I could not surpass.An L-block from TetrisRiding behind an ass.Why is it funny?I don't claim to know.Just wait 'til next year...That'll be a show.Brent's not here this week, and that's no joke. Seriously, stop laughing, it's not funny! I'm not kidding around! If you keep giggling, I'm going to stop writing this post! Okay, that's better. Even without Brent, the other three hosts soldier on to talk about April Fool's Day and gaming with a special guest host; Nivekeryas! Now if only they could stop talking about Eric's new iPad...[display_podcast]
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