Stephen Root is an American actor, voice actor, and comedian.
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Episode 1045 - Stephen Root
WTF with Marc Maron Podcast
Stephen Root grew up moving all over the country because of his dad’s job. Being uprooted all the time meant he was shy and quiet without too many friends.  Fortunately, shy, quiet people are good observers. Stephen tells Marc how he was able to channel this childhood disposition into his acting and each opportunity always led to something else. Shakespearean acting helped him play a Klingon on Star Trek. Working on King of the Hill led him to a table read of Office Space. Stephen even sees Newsradio as paving the way for his work on Barry, for which he received his first Emmy nomination. This episode is sponsored by The Righteous Gemstones on HBO, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ben & Jerry's, and Starbucks Tripleshot Energy.
Actor Stephen Root Talks to Us In Wilmington NC
Undercover Jetsetter TV
Stephen Root is one of the most prolific character actors of our time. Check out his credits here. John has been friends with Stephen for more than 20 years. They got together in Wilmington, NC where Stephen is shooting an indie film. He talks about that, his career, the changing film industry thanks to Netflix and Amazon. This was recorded at True Blue Butcher and Table in Wilmington, NC.
Stephen Root, Angry Vaginas & Old Bands - Ep. 09
Don't Say...with Paul & Dave
Everybody’s favorite character actor, Stephen Root (Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Office Space, Newsradio,) drops in on the gang. Dave & Stephen reminisce about Newsradio. Paul  demonstrates his booming low voice. Jackie has an angry vagina. Crissy & Eban offer commentary and advice, as usual.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Actor Stephen Root on Barry, Office Space and more
Bullseye with Jesse Thorn
Has Stphen Root, the actor, had a million parts? It's not a million, right? Ok. It's 236. Still: wow! Root is is the kind of character actor that can take even the most basic, dreary TV show or movie and light it up. One or two scenes with Stephen in it, say a by the book police procedural or a saccharine sitcom, and that's all you'll talk about. He'll joins us to discuss some of his most memorable roles: He'll tell us why his voiceover role in "King of the Hill" was one of his favorite gigs. Plus, he'll tell us how he got the part in his most recent project HBO's "Barry," and how he helped flesh out his character's role.
ACS (Part 2): Rob Schneider, Stephen Root and Anthony Carrigan
Adam Carolla Show
Rob Schneider talks about his Twitter feud with Alec Baldwin, and plays a round of ‘Good For The Wang, Good For The Stang’. Stephen Root and Anthony Carrigan are also in studio to chat about the HBO series ‘Barry’, Caitlyn Jenner getting engaged, and sexual harassment allegations against Charlie Rose.
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Nov 17th, 1951
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