It all began in 1974 when Steve was born. Oh wait, too far back, let’s fast forward to 1996. Windows 95 was the big forerunner in getting on the Internet and Steve was no stranger to being “on-line,” being an old fart and being a member of a few BBS systems back in the late 80’s. Not only was this the early days of the Internet, this was the beginning days of streaming audio using Real Player. Steve had stumbled on a streaming radio station called WPEN; Penumbra Cyber Radio. After talking with the owners of the channel he was granted a DJ status for them during a time slot that allowed him to dabble in being a “living room” DJ. About three years later, he got into Role-play Gaming (Dungeons and Dragons you pervs!) and started RPGCampaign Radio which was a live show done through Shout-cast streaming, however at this point in time, the software plug-in for WinAmp that allowed you to stream your shows and music play-list also allowed you to save your show as an MP3 file. Now, the only way to play back the show was to go to the website and manually download the show. The show only lasted a year and Steve focused more on web design and graphical work after that for years. Fast forward to 2005, the iPod Nano (the tall slim model) was out and Steve bought one and noticed there was something called PodCasts on the iPod and in iTunes as well. After grabbing shows like Nobody Likes Onions, Keith and the Girl, Dawn and Drew, Distorted View Daily, and The Mediocre Show, Steve realized he could actually do the same thing and in some (or most) cases, better! And thus, VooDooRadio was born!


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Recent episodes featuring Steve Bridges
Classic Episode: 7,9, Happy Kitten Killing Month!
Killing Kittens have never been so much fun! Not that I condone killing kittens, but self pleasure is a must. Hiya, folks! Well I have been released by DarkMan, however I have a lot going on the next 2 weeks that I couldn’t put together a new show, so we are diving into the vaults to pull out another “Best of” show for you. This episode goes back to May of 2007. Ah May, International Masturbation Month… Ah, memories…See how cringey things get with this episode! Music This Episode was: Ctrl-Alt-Del – NeverlandPsylektro – Video Killed the Radio StarLove = Action – Spitting LightningBlack Lab – See The SunChannel One – SidelinedFull Out Freak – I’ll Be DamnedRyzom Nine – Another WAyNeikka RPM – SacrificeAnodize -RegretLore – HauntingCrownvict – Fade Please consider the following things: Have a question or comment? Email us at Join The Horde. All of our social links are at our website. The post Classic Episode: 7,9, Happy Kitten Killing Month! appeared first on VooDooRadio.
Ask and Ye Shall be Kidnapped
Happy New Year! It’s the first show of the year and Steve and Chubbs were kidnapped soon after the first week of the year. Stuck in a Cave To keep his sanity, Darkman has allowed Steve to record a show while he waited to be rescued. In this he tells his time when his girlfriend Kimmie and him were able to finally break the distance and take their relationship to the next level. He tells the tale of meeting his family (except his sister who was sick), travelling to Salem, searching for a ring, and finding the perfect place that almighty question to level up their relationship. Though she had to leave, they will always have Salem. Happy Fucking Birthday, SPT_Troll! Kidnapped Her flight was delayed agains and soon before she actually left, Darkman drugged Steve and tied Chubbs and him to a chair. Kimmie discovered them in this state and was knocked out. Steve awoke to find himself and Chubbs in a cave. No phone on him, only a computer and microphone with no internet access. But who is posting this you may ask? Could it be Kimmie, or could it be Darkman? You may never know… Music This Show Psychostick – Happy Fucking New YearAmerican Heartbreak – Things are Looking UpTenPenny Joke – SheDingleberry Dynasty- Happy F’n BirthdayVoltaire – Hell In A HandbasketJosh Woodward – Tick TockWalter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys – Dino Domina Please consider the following things: Have a question or comment? Send us an email! Join The Horde. All of our social links are at our website. The post Ask and Ye Shall be Kidnapped appeared first on VooDooRadio.
It’s A VooDooRadio Holiday
Happy Holidays to all my listeners. I hope your Holidays are nothing but the best and the fat dude in the red suit brought all your crotch goblins what they wanted because they will be begging for it through out the year. The Main Event This year we take on “It’s a Wonderful Life” in our usual twisted manner. No angels only demons and devils trying to gain one up on Steve’s soul. Steve finds out that if he didn’t exist it really would change a lot and his daughter would also not exist as well. He cannot picture a universe without her or the friends he has made this year as well. So grab yer glass of nog and rum, sit back, and enjoy this year’s holiday special and Fireside chat as well! Love all of your faces! Here’s to 2020! Music this episode was: What Santa Wants – Roadside AttractionWhat if Eminem Did Jingle Bells – Bob RiversChristmas Sucks (w/ Peter Murphy) – Tom WaitesChristmas in the Sun – Joel KopishkeJingles are Jingles – Dan PhilipsChristmas Bop – Smash-Up DerbyThe Grinch – VASTSanta Claus is Coming to Town – Leo MoracchioliSanta Will Find You – Mindy Smith The post It’s A VooDooRadio Holiday appeared first on VooDooRadio.
Snow Jobs and Frozen Balls
Do you like snow? I don’t, but, snow had dropped fierce this past week showing that winter has decided to hit us in full force before it actually arrived on the damn calendar. Steve lost two days of work because of the damn amount of snow we got here in Western MA. Part 1: Silver Bells lead to Blue Balls The Christmas episode of the show has started the scripting phase and we hope everyone will love it. We are adding a few extra things into it this year’s production as well. I have the first act written, but I am writing more this week and will start production on it as soon as possible. Coming towards the end of the year I also need to prepare the fireside chat for 2019 to send it off in a ball of flames to make way for 2020. My girlfriend is coming to visit me on New Years Eve and we will be going nuts with traveling around meeting family, staying in a haunted hotel and recording while there to hopefully get some EVP’s or experiences in general. First Musical Break Green Man – Type O’NegativeLions Inside – Valley of WolvesThanks for the Memories – Fall Out Boy Part 2: Farewell, Big Bird and Oscar, Hello Baby Fucking Yoda! Caroll Spinney shaped many many many of us growing up with breathing life into the characters we loved as kids, but he has sadly passed today (Dec. 8, 2019) leaving the memories we have all had with his creations. Steve then goes into how Disney is totally fucking up with the lack of a toy line for the Mandalorian. I mean Baby Fucking Yoda for crying out loud! Also Disney + has some weird things that some people have been bitching about since day one of the service. We talk HouseParty chats with the Gravers and the Lord of the Gravers himself, John Johnson who I really would like to get on the show as an interview or just shooting the shit. He has a new film coming out soon called, “The Fright Before Christmas,” which yours truly not only has an Associate Producer credit in, but also a character named after him. Cannot wait to see it. Be sure to check out Darkstone Entertainment for more information on their films and also their Patreon for Dr. Ella Mental and Second Musical Break Dear Baby Yoda – The RingerThe Wicked Ones – 10 yearsThankful – Bazaar Royale We wind up the show reminding that we will be in production of the Christmas special so, please be patient. We will be adding more bonus content soon enough for Horde Members. Please consider the following things: Have a question or comment? Give us a call on our comment line 914-933-7865 that’s 914-WE-DRUNK Join The Horde. All of our social links are at our website. The post Snow Jobs and Frozen Balls appeared first on VooDooRadio.
George Goes to Jail
Act 1: Program Interrupted: It’s a production show! Steve starts the show off normally when Achmed bursts in to tell him that George has been arrested and the police would not tell Achmed any more details because he is not the legal guardian for him. Achmed thinks Steve is possessed like Jack Spade from DarkStone Entertainment‘s series but Jack shows up (which apparently he sometimes does show up and leaves sporadically from time to time). At least this time he let us know he left. And nothing bad came about it… so far. Act 2: CPD Blues Steve and the group head to the police department to bail George out, Peter and Achmed choose to wait outside. Steve goes to get him out of the cell and when George is touched by the officer during his release, it triggers him into a rage. He is about to be tazed right as the DarkLord steps in and snaps them all back to the studio. Act 3: Home Base Back at the studio we find that Leroy is eating just fucking chicken as it is fucking delicious. Which is true! It is! George throws up over the transportation from the police department and home being so jarring. We then realize the show is still recording. Act 4: Someone really wants that dick! We return with Steve bitching about the weather and it’s fucking with him so much. And some brief talk about the holidays coming up later this week as well. Speaking of holiday season we take some time to talk about some of the worst gifts you could possibly get for someone for Christmas. After a quick word from our sponsor: NapTime! We return just to finish up the show, check out our TeeSpring Store for the new merch, I will be putting it inside our normal store soon enough! Music for This Week: Strand- You Make Me CrazyAmerican Heartbreak- The Last Of The SuperherosGidgets Ga Ga- Baby You’re A StarGaiah- Story GoesAmanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra- The Killing TypeWalter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys – ROYALS (Part Deux) Please consider the following things: Have a question or comment? Give us a call on our comment line 914-933-7865 that’s 914-WE-DRUNK Join The Horde. All of our social links are at our website. The post George Goes to Jail appeared first on VooDooRadio.
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