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Host, Producer & Editor of SaaS Sessions
Sunil is passionate about SaaS and helps businesses with growth marketing.


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Aligning Marketing and Sales with Jeff Davis
Episode of
SaaS Sessions
Jeff Davis, international speaker and founder of JD2 Consulting Group, specializes in B2B sales and marketing alignment, pulling from more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development. In this episode, we talked about aligning your Sales and Marketing for maximum ROI. We also discussed about the reasons B2B companies are finding it difficult and costly to achieve sustainable revenue growth. What could be the missing piece of the puzzle? All this and much more along with Jeff. Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn - Connect with Jeff on Twitter - The Alignment Podcast -
Product Led Onboarding with Despina Exadaktylou
Episode of
SaaS Sessions
We discussed about Product Led Growth in a couple of episodes in the past. Now in this episode, we're discussing about Product Led Onboarding with Despina Exadaktylou. Despina is a Product-Led Champion and a SaaS consultant at ReinventGrowth.  In this episode, we talked about: - what is product led on-boarding? - what’s the difference between normal on-boarding vs PLO?  - does it help in optimising other metrics such as activation, churn, etc?  - why should SaaS companies care about it?  - how does it affect the end user/customer?  - has any SaaS implemented it? If yes, what are the results?  - does it have a direct impact on growth?  Connect with Despina on LinkedIn - Get in-depth research about Product Led Onboarding by Despina - Visit ReinventGrowth's website -
Inside Sales vs Outside Sales ft. Morgan J Ingram, JBarrows Training and Prakhar Jain, Whatfix
Episode of
SaaS Sessions
Are you a SaaS who is wondering what type of sales is better for growing your business? Is it inside sales, or is it outside sales?   I invited Morgan J Ingram, who is empowering sales teams to become prospecting rockstars at JBarrows Sales Training and Prakhar Jain, who is the associate director of Sales at Whatfix, to address this topic.   In this episode, get to know more about Morgan and Prakhar. How they started their career in sales and reached where they are now.   Firstly, they both point out the difference between inside and outside sales. (For anyone who doesn't know)   Are you a SaaS who's just starting out, or you're Product Market Fit? Or you have crossed the Go To Market Fit? And are you wondering which type of sales to use in your stage?    In this episode, Morgan and Prakhar also addressed which type you should focus on based on what stage your SaaS is in.  Get to know the problems faced in each of these types and also how to solve them. Connect with Morgan on LinkedIn - Connect with Prakhar on LinkedIn -
Leveraging AI to close more deals for your SaaS
Episode of
SaaS Sessions
In this episode, I invited Shruti Kapoor, Founder and CEO of, to talk on how SaaS companies can leverage AI to close more deals.  Shruti talks about how AI can help increase conversion in each step of the buyer's journey. Also, how does providing contextual help during sales conversation help in increasing conversions? is an AI powered On-screen, real-time and contextual battle cards tool for your Account Executives. It allows you to manage call reviews and analytics for every prospect conversation.  Visit website - Shruti's LinkedIn -
How does engineering affect the growth of SaaS
Episode of
SaaS Sessions
In this episode Anupam Bhatt (Architect and Technical Program Management at IBM) takes us behind the scenes and explains how the engineering team plans for growth and scale. Anupam talked about how systems are designed and how planning for scale starts from day 1. How engineering teams adapt to sudden spikes and how they deal with situations that get out of control. Anupam also went through challenges engineering teams face and shares his learnings based on his experiences. If you've wondered what happens behind the scenes when a flash sale goes on or when there is sudden traffic for a product, this is a much listen for you as Anupam explains exactly what happens in the background. You can find Anupam on LinkedIn here : and on Twitter here
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