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Susan Boles is a Growth Architect for agencies & consultants at ScaleSpark. She helps them break out of growth stalls by fixing back end processes and creating systems designed to scale. She has over a decade of experience as a CFO and software consultant and she's on a mission to help founders build sustainable, profitable businesses - because growth is only hard when your business isn't built for it. She's also the host of the Break the Ceiling podcast, the show that helps agencies & consultants bust through self-imposed growth ceilings by shirring up their operations and increasing their capacity.
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Crossing the chasm from experimentation to deliberate model with business designer Michelle Warner
Break the Ceiling
We’ve been focusing our attention on default decisions in the last couple of episodes- those choices that you make about how to run your business. And a lot of these decisions happen without us even realizing we're making a choice, especially at the beginning of our businesses. But sometimes those choices we didn't know we made come back and bite us in the butt when we need to make the transition from experimentation mode or validation mode into growth mode.I chat with business designer Michelle Warner about business models, because lots of our default decisions are actually built into the model we choose. Michelle helps coaches, consultants and service-based entrepreneurs grow their businesses by showing them how to prioritize what matters and skipping what doesn’t. More importantly, Susan and Michelle discuss how to make that all-important decision of crossing the chasm from experimentation entrepreneur mode to a business model that's designed to grow, and how not to drive yourself crazy along the way.On today’s podcast: Why business design is a hybrid approach to creating your business model The inspiration behind moving from a multi million dollar tech startup to business design The symptoms of knowing when you’ve hit the ceiling in your business The decisions entrepreneurs make over and over again How to choose your business priorities Focusing your team to do the 80%, leaving you free to do the 20% fun stuff Links: Michelle.warner
Is it The Dip or time to pivot with That Seems Important founder Margo Aaron
Break the Ceiling
Are you an entrepreneur who thinks marketing is prosaic, a series of boxes that need to be checked off in a certain order? Are you too scared to break the ceiling with your own brand of personal marketing because it’s not something that you’ve been told to do? Then you should listen to Margo Aaron on today’s podcast, because she is someone you need in your life. Margo Aaron is the cohost of #HAMYAW and the author behind That Seems Important. She accidentally ended up in marketing and today she talks and writes about how to connect authentically with customers, and how to use ethical marketing to sell better, and more, online. “People really don't understand marketing, in part because marketers do a really bad job of explaining it. And they very very unethically sell it.”On today’s podcast: People don’t pay for strategy, they pay for outcomes and results Why Margo was so nervous about launching ‘That Seems Important’ You don't have a marketing problem, what you have is a self-doubt problem You need to find the intersection between your business model and your personal disposition Why you shouldn’t measure your worth based on other people's benchmark success The importance of playing and seeing where a business goes rather than sticking rigidly to a plan Part of entrepreneurship is making things up - you are bringing something into the world that didn't exist before Links: Hillary and Margo Yell at Websites That Seems Important
EP 235: What’s Working To Scale With Software With Scale Spark Founder Susan Boles
What Works | Small Business Podcast
Susan Boles is the founder of ScaleSpark, a consulting firm that helps companies break through growth ceilings by fixing back-end processes and creating systems designed to scale. One way she does that is by addressing operational capacity problems through software. She helps business owners and their teams get more done by better utilizing the software they have—or the software they should be using. In this conversation, I ask Susan what's working for her clients—how she helps them identify their operational challenges, choose the best software, and adapt their processes to create additional capacity. We also talk about the challenging work of implementing new software—and how to make a change easier and more effective. The post EP 235: What’s Working To Scale With Software With Scale Spark Founder Susan Boles appeared first on What Works.
Default Decisions and What Works with Tara McMullin
Break the Ceiling
Welcome to this first episode of Break the Ceiling, the podcast where we'll talk about how you might structure your business, or even why you're in the business you're in in the first place. We're going to talk about financial decisions, hiring decisions as well as technology decisions, and give you some ideas to consider. But mostly, I just want you to start asking yourself, ‘why did I make this choice and does it still serve my business?’My first guest in the series is Tara McMullin. Tara is a podcaster, writer, and a small business community leader. With over a decade of experience helping thousands of small business owners grow their business. She's on a mission to change the dialogue about what's really working and she believes that no one person has the answer to “what works” in small business.Tara is the host of the What Works podcast, a top small business podcast that's been recommended by Forbes and Entrepreneur. And she's also the founder of the What Works network, a community hub for small business owners. She is also incidentally the person who came up with the name for this podcast.On today’s podcast: Why the default decisions you make at the beginning of your business may actually be causing the problems that are limiting your ability to grow Not every framework or management tool works the same for each business Why ‘What Works’ is pretty much an entire business based around the concept of fighting default decisions Challenges associated with switching between different types of business models How to know when you’ve hit the ceiling Know where your skills lie and focus on doing that well - outsource the other stuff Why Tara’s personal growth will help her business break through the ceiling Links:What Works - the podcast
Starting a Side Consulting Business | Susan Boles
Second Breaks
Prioritization and discernment are two important skills you must master when you have a day job and a side-hustle. When you only have an hour or two and that’s all you have for that day, you have to focus on something that’s really going to move the needle forward. CEO/CTO Susan Boles shares how she manages to juggle all the balls in the air.
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