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Suzy Buttress

Host, Producer & Editor of The Casual Birder Podcast
A longtime podcast fan and now a podcast creator, Suzy is passionate about encouraging new listeners (especially seniors) to try the wonderful range of podcasts available. She is also an active member of several key podcast communities and loves organising meet-ups with other creators and fans. Suzy spends her spare time watching wild birds and collecting material for her own show, when she is not listening to podcasts! .
Recent episodes featuring Suzy Buttress
Do You Know Your Birds - Episode 120 - Featuring Suzy Buttress
The Marc Jeffrey Podcast Show
On this weeks episode we skype Suzy Buttress Producer of a fantastic podcast called The Casual Birder Podcast. Did you know that September 30th was International Podcast day? We talk about the importance of podcasting and Suzy's love of birds Do you know which birds are in your garden?
#67 IPM2019 San Diego Bird Walk
The Casual Birder Podcast
For this special episode for International Podcast Month, join me for a morning stroll around the streets of La Jolla in San Diego, California to discover what birds local residents can see. List of birds seen: Northern Mockingbird Song Sparrow Yellow-rumped Warbler Anna’s Hummingbird Rufous or Allen’s Hummingbird House Sparrow European Starling Collared Dove Mourning Dove American Crow Red-tailed Hawk Caspian Tern Herring gull Western Gull California Towhee Brown Pelican Links: Don't miss an episode - subscribe to the show (Subscribing is free) Follow me on - Twitter: Instagram: or join the Facebook group at Thanks to Randy Braun for designing the artwork for the show. The theme music is Short-Sleeved Shirt by The Drones, used with permission. Visit International Podcast Month to see all the podcasts, blog posts and interviews released in September 2019.
Ep #124 Always Be My Maybe with Sara-Mae Tuson from Fable Gazers and Suzy Buttress from Casual Birder Podcast
Flixwatcher: A Netflix Film Review Podcast
It’s Episode 124. Joining Flixwatcher are Sara-Mae Tuson (Fable Gazers) and Suzy Buttress (Casual Birder Podcast) to review Sara-Mae’s choice Always Be My Maybe. Always Be My Maybe is a 2019 romantic comedy starring Ali Wong (Sasha) and Randall Park (Marcus) (who also wrote the screenplay) as best friends who after an awkward sexual encounter end up falling out and don’t speak to each other for 15 years until Sasha returns home to open a restaurant.   Always Be My Maybe is a Netflix original according to Netflix in July 2019 the film was viewed by 32 million households in its first four weeks of release. It is also refreshingly diverse in its leads and actually very funny. Featuring a cameo from Keanu Reeves in a scene that brilliantly pokes fun at pretentious fine dinning and ends with a great Uber joke.   Scores [supsystic-tables id=129] Helped by its too likeable leads and a zippy runtime Always Be My Maybe scores a respectable 3.84 overall. What do you guys think? Have you seen Always Be My Maybe? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments below!   Episode #124 Crew Links   Thanks to the Episode #124 Crew of  Sara-Mae Tuson  from Fable Gazers @fable_gazers and Suzy Buttress from Casual Birder Podcast @CasualBirderPod   Find their websites online at: and Please make sure you give them some love     More about Always Be My Maybe   For more info on Always Be My Maybe, you can visit  Always Be My Maybe IMDb page here or  Always Be My Maybe Tomatoes page here.   Final Plug! Subscribe, Share and Review us on iTunes   If you enjoyed this episode of Flixwatcher Podcast you probably know other people who will like it too! Please share it with your friends and family, review us, and join us across ALL of the Social Media links below.
Flash Pan Hunter (Intro), The Black Rider, Tom Waits [210]
Song by Song
Charlie Harding of Switched On Pop joins Sam and Martin for some discussion around this little instrumental interlude on The Black Rider. We begin with a brief exploration of leitmotif as related to lightsabers, and then move through Waits's more elegant compositional techniques, before landing on a bit of light bird identification. Many thanks to Charlie, as well as Suzy of The Casual Birder Podcast (, the hosts of Hannah & Erik Go Birding ( and mash_ton of reddit for their input this week. website: twitter: @songbysongpod e-mail: Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include: Flash Pan Hunter/Intro, The Black Rider, Tom Waits (1993) Flash Pan Hunter/Intro (@55m33s) from The Black Rider: The Casting of the 12 Magic Bullets (filmed at the Weiner Festwochen, via YouTube), Wilson/Burroughs/Waits (1990) We think your Song by Song experience will be enhanced by hearing, in full, the songs featured in the show, which you can get hold of from your favourite record shop or online platform. Please support artists by buying their music, or using services which guarantee artists a revenue - listen responsibly. Text - transcribed from the 2004 Barbican version of text, spoken over the top of Flash Pan Hunter/Intro The The The The The The The Angel The Angel of Death The angel of death spreads wings on the blast. And breathed on the human worm has passed. There lies the hero broke and rank. The dew on his brow, the rust on his tank The Widows of Langley are long in their wail And the idols are broken in the temples at Yale. (breath) The might of the bored unspoke by the sword Has melted like snow with the glance of the bored. The wandering dead, like automatons, out of control are all but demands The work pyramid silently falling apart... no crops in the fields... no food in the stores... (shh) Bleak, ragged figures, wordless and starved Crawling through garbage, eyes covered with gore. Some regress to the state of apes, Roaming through cities to plunder and rape. The human mold has broken to pieces And all hell leaks out OUT! (breaths)
#66 Chiffchaff surprise
The Casual Birder Podcast
Even casual birding can turn up surprises. Suzy spends some time looking at the birds in a small London square. And is delighted when a Chiffchaff appears in her garden one day, along with a mixed flock of small birds.   Going to the London Podcast Festival? Suzy is co-hosting a session there for the Podcast Maker Weekend, along with Sam and Louise from the 90 Minutes or Less Film Fest podcast (@90minfilmfest). The session is about Passion Podcasts and Fan Shows. Buy tickets at Podcast Maker Weekend   Suzy is supporting International Podcast Month - do take a listen to the awesome shows being released each day. Find details at @podmonth on Twitter or International Podcast   The Casual Birder Podcast Don't miss an episode - subscribe to the show (Subscribing is free) Follow me on - Twitter: Instagram: or join the Facebook group at Thank you to Randy Braun for designing the artwork for the show. The theme music is Short Sleeved Shirt by The Drones. Thanks to them for letting me use it. Check out their website at
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