Tom Bilyeu is a Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Theory and Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition. He also host the show of Impact Theory.
Diet, nutrition, and mental health. What is the connection between them, how does our nutrition influence our mental health and emotions, and what are the steps we can take today to walk on a path towards proper brain health? Has your diet significantly affected your emotions, behaviors, or mental wellbeing? Are you seeking a powerful alternative to the never-ending cycle of prescriptions? On this episode of Health Theory, nutritional psychiatrist and author Dr. Uma Naidoo joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss such matters and more as they explore the connection between your diet and your mental behaviors. They discuss ways to lower anxiety through diet, the affect sweeteners have on your brain, what key foods to avoid, the ketogenic diet, what steps you can take for proper brain health, the dangerous and hidden ingredients in fast food, how to build a healthy proper salad, and what supplements everyone can benefit from taking. This episode is brought to you by: Butcher Box: New members can get 2 lobster tails and 2 filet mignons for FREE when you sign up at Skillshare: The first 1,000 people to use our link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership. .  Azlo: Sign up at and get a free copy of Azlo’s Small Business Starter Guide. SHOW NOTES:   Mind & Body | Dr. Naidoo shares her journey to focusing on nutritional psychiatry. [0:46] Anxiety | Dr. Naidoo discusses the connection between your diet and your mental health. [2:41] Sweeteners | Dr. Naidoo shares the affect of sweeteners on your mental health. [5:55] Foods to Avoid | Dr. Naidoo reveals the foods to avoid for better mood and mental health. [9:09]  Panic | Dr. Naidoo discusses the connection between anxiety and being hypoglycemic.[12:16] Keto | Dr. Naidoo discusses the ketogenic diet and its relation to improved anxiety. [13:35] Brain Health | Dr. Naidoo discusses the ‘brain diet’ and the best foods for our brain. [15:06] Alcohol | Dr. Naidoo discusses a healthy approach to consuming alcohol. [17:48] Sodium | Dr. Naidoo shares her take on sodium and its affect on our health. [20:34] Fast Food | Dr. Naidoo reveals the hidden, yet dangerous, ingredients in fast food. [26:12] Meat | Dr. Naidoo shares the best practices for having animal protein in your diet. [30:23] Mediterranean | Dr. Naidoo breaks down the mediterranean diet and its benefits. [32:09] Easy Steps | Dr. Naidoo shares the ‘easy wins’ you can implement into your diet. [34:02] Magnesium | Dr. Naidoo discusses the importance of magnesium in our diet. [36:15] Salads | Dr. Naidoo reveals the dos and don’ts of building a healthy salad. [37:15] Supplements | Dr. Naidoo discusses the supplements most people can benefit from. [41:33] Connect | Dr. Naidoo shares how you can follow her to learn more. [42:54]   QUOTES:   “When a doctor says to you, “Here take this prescription,” as I have done as well, it’s disempowering to someone, you know. You’re being told you have to do this and you have this symptom and this is what will make you better. I think that nutrition and food flips that ratio and puts the person in the driver seat.” [25:14]   “Having those little things at the tips of the fingers is empowering; knowing that there are 200 names for sugar." [28:30]   “What I find is that of the different diets, the mediterranean eating pattern has consistently shown the best results for depression and anxiety.” [32:00]   FOLLOW DR. NAIDOO: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
Breathing; A mindless activity we do each and every day without giving any effort, thought, or practice. Perhaps this is the reason why so many of us suffer from poor sleep, lack of energy, weakened immune systems, and slow metabolisms. On this episode of Impact Theory, journalist and author of “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art” James Nestor joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss why you need to immediately reevaluate your entire approach to breathing. They discuss how the way that you are breathing may be detrimental to your entire life, the power of breathing less, the incredible feats of free divers, the power of breathing through your nose, the health benefits of proper breathing, and how chewing positively transforms your face and airways.    Purchase James’ book, “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art”: This episode is brought to you by: Butcher Box: New members can get 2 lobster tails and 2 filet mignons for FREE when you sign up at Check out Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth on your favorite Podcast listening platform below: iTunes: Spotify: YouTube: Audible: Get 1 credit to pick any title and 2 Audible Originals from a monthly selection. Visit or text IMPACT to 500-500 PATLive: Get 10% off your first year of service after a 14-day free trial. Visit SHOW NOTES:   Discovery | James reveals the most surprising thing he’s discovered about breathing. [0:19] Causes | James discusses the root cause of modern breathing problems. [1:49] Implications | James discusses the negative effects of improper breathing. [2:47] Science | James discusses the no-bullshit approach he’s taken to his research. [5:11] Free Diving | James shares the extraordinary breathing feats of free divers. [7:13] Western Mind | James discusses the bifurcation with the western and eastern mindset. [14:49] Breathe Less | James reveals the importance of holding your breath and being flexible. [18:53] Nose Breathing | James discusses the benefits of breathing through the nose. [21:00] Plugged Nose | James shares a story of plugging his nose and the damage caused. [27:09] Resurgence | James reveals why the science of breathing is becoming widely accepted. [31:30] Tummo Breathing | James shares the power of heating yourself up through breathing. [35:23] Mysteries | James discusses the discoveries still left to be made with breathing science. [41:13] Health | James shares why breathing should be more of a topic of discussion. [43:56] Slow Breathing | James shares powerful breathings tips for increasing circulation. [45:26] Everyday Breathing | James discusses best breathing practices for everyday health. [48:28] Chewing | James discusses the importance of chewing and it’s incredible benefits. [51:11] Connect | James shares ways to follow him to learn more and stay connected. [54:09]   QUOTES:   “Just breathing equivalent breaths through the nose than through the mouth will increase oxygenation by about 20%.” [22:34]   “Allowing the body to enter a state where it can heal itself, which is what it’s doing every minute of every day, but we need to allow our bodies to do more of that. And that, to me, is really the core of what breathing allows us to do.” [35:13]   “The important thing is to know that to bolster your body’s defenses, to focus on your breathing, can absolutely have a profound affect on your immune function.” [44:53]   FOLLOW JAMES:   Website: Twitter: Instagram:
A single idea can be a parasite to the mind. It can enter our thoughts without us even knowing, bury itself deep within our psyche, and transform our entire reality and outlook on the world. Do you have the mental strength, prowess, and awareness needed to identify when this may be happening? On this episode of Conversations with Tom, professor and author of ‘The Parasitic Mind,’ Dr. Gad Saad, joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss such important matters and more as they explore how ideas can act as parasites to the mind and what you should be mindful of in this age of identity politics. They discuss the dangers of post-modernism, the changing culture in the western world, the void of common sense, nature versus nurture, why people latch onto ideas that separate them from true reality, how America is closer to a civil war than one might think, and how identity politics is a slippery slope that leads to dangerous consequences.   Purchase Gad’s book, “The Parasitic Mind”: This episode is brought to you by: Indeed: Go to for a FREE $75 credit to boost your job post. Grammarly: Get 20% off Grammarly Premium when you sign up using your desktop or laptop computer by visiting  PATLive: Get 10% off your first year of service after a 14-day free trial. Visit SHOW NOTES:   Nature vs Nurture | Gad discusses the moving forces that define who we are. [0:15] Hierarchy of Needs | Gad discusses the universal drivers all humans share. [3:58] Idea Pathogens | Gad reveals the dangers of idea pathogens to humans. [13:04] Reality | Gad discusses why people latch onto ideas that separate them from reality. [17:30] Prestige | Gad discusses the difference prestige has for a man and a woman. [24:28] Biological | Gad discusses why humans are ego-defensive and escape reality. [27:06] Self-Delusion | Gad discusses how self-delusion has healthy-practical benefits. [33:23] Self-Deception | Gad discusses why we’re so good at bullshitting ourselves. [40:09] Value System | Gad reveals how the daily pursuit of our ideals brings purpose. [42:56] Costly Signaling | Gad discusses why sexual signals must ultimately be costly. [48:57]  Threats | Gad shares a story of receiving death threats and dealing with anxiety. [01:01:03] Rituals | Gad shares his story of living through Lebanon’s violence and civil war. [01:04:52] Civil War | Gad discusses the inevitable civil war in the western world. [01:08:12] Gender Pronouns | Gad shares his story as a challenger of gender-pronoun policing. [01:17:57] The Left | Gad reveals the reality of why it appears he only criticizes the political left. [01:24:06] Ethics | Gad shares differences between deontological and consequentialist ethics. [01:35:57] Humility | Gad and Tom discuss humility and the mindset needed to see one’s self. [01:40:08] Guided | Gad discusses humans need for a packaged guide to living. [01:44:58] Self-Help | Tom shares his journey to identifying ‘self-help’ as his purpose. [01:46:25]   QUOTES:   “And so, by studying certain behaviors, phenomena, or morphological features in other species, it can say something about us.” [15:18]   “In the pursuit of noble causes, you can’t murder truth.” [32:34]   “Identity politics is a cancer to human-dignity. It is grotesque.” [01:13:03]   “I’m always playing. I’m playing in the landscape of cerebral pursuit. What can be more beautiful?” [01:49:56]   FOLLOW GAD: Website: YouTube: Twitter: Facebook:
Each of us are walking a unique path towards our individual goals and dreams. It may not seem clear now, but ultimately with enough drive, confidence, and intention, you will reach the finish line. Still, there will be many dark valleys and periods of adversity along the way. Who should you be leaning on to find strength and support during these times, how do you push through them, and where do you find the confidence to keep going as they repeatedly happen? Former Fifth Harmony member and now solo-artist and author, Ally Brooke, joins Tom Bilyeu on this episode of Impact Theory to discuss such matters and more as they explore Ally’s journey into the music industry, how she pushed through times of adversity, and why you should hold onto a mustard seed of faith and never give up. They discuss Ally’s early roots, the drive she had when breaking into the industry, how she held onto her self-identity through it all, the importance of owning your own confidence, being intentional, and why giving up is never an option.   Purchase Ally’s book, “Finding Your Harmony”: This episode is brought to you by: Check out Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth on your favorite Podcast listening platform below: iTunes: Spotify: YouTube: Blinkist: Go to Try it FREE for 7 days and save 25% off your new subscription. Tresta: Start your free 30-day trial at SHOW NOTES:   Journey | Ally discusses her journey of rising to fame as a teen. [0:37] Dreams | Ally reveals the dream she had early on and how it differed to her reality. [4:07] Drive | Ally discusses the image she had in her head as a child that drove her to succeed. [9:45] Identity | Ally reveals how she’s held onto her self-identity through the hard times. [12:52] Rebuilding | Ally discusses how she built herself in a new-positive direction. [16:43] Faith | Ally shares what “having a mustard seed of faith” means. [19:48] Shifted | Ally discusses how and when things can be turned around during dark times. [20:52] Confidence | Ally shares how your confidence shouldn’t rely on validation from others. [22:43] Intention | Ally shares the careful intentions she had throughout her creative process. [23:54] Never Giving Up | Ally shares the mentality and choices it takes to never giving up. [29:16] Connect | Ally shares how you can continue to connect and follow her. [31:45]   QUOTES:   “I’m going to choose to listen to my fans who are supporting me and telling me to love myself. I’m going to choose to listen to my parents and them saying the same thing. I’m going to choose to listen to that deeper voice inside of me that says, “Turn it off, don’t believe the lies.”” [14:00]   “Sometimes you just have to ride it out. Like, it doesn’t mean the next day will be better, it doesn’t even mean the next month or maybe even the next year. But, just ride it out and have that mustard seed of faith.” [18:44]   “Knowing that you cannot just survive, but thrive. In the end, it’s incredible and things can change.” [28:33]   FOLLOW ALLY:   Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
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