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Tom Krol is the founder of Wholesaling Inc. and a co-host of Wholesaling Inc- A Business, Investing and Education podcast.
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WIP 301: Why Cold Calling is Still One of the Best Marketing Channels
Wholesaling Inc
While there are several marketing channels you can choose from when it comes to wholesaling, cold calling is still hands down one of the best marketing channels there is. And that’s something today’s phenomenal guest can definitely attest to! Darryl Evanetich is a rockstar wholesaler from Salt Lake, Utah. While he has ventured into other aspects of real estate, it’s in wholesaling that’s he’s truly made his mark. In fact, he’s now a part of TTP’s illustrious $50,000 Club! Curious as to how he made it all happen? Then you should tune in to today’s episode as Darryl candidly shared the techniques, tricks, and tactics he employed to make a killing in the highly competitive wholesaling market. If you’re ready to enjoy the same level of success Darryl is currently enjoying, this is one episode you just can’t miss! RESOURCES: Brent Daniels - Real Estate Coach Youtube Channel MJA REAL Consulting MLS Wholesaling Inc - TTP Driving for Dollars App DealMachine (Coupon Code: TTP) Darryl Evanetich on Facebook Darryl on Instagram Darryl on Website
WIP 300: 2 Deals in the First 30 Days of Wholesaling
Wholesaling Inc
Most people who are new to wholesaling expect that finding their first deal can be challenging. However, given that you do the right things (and with a bit of luck thrown in), finding deals can be a breeze. And yes, even if you are still new. In fact, our guest today found his first 2 deals during his first 30 days as a wholesaler! Jesse Alcala is a young new rhino from San Antonio, Texas. The 23-year-old father of two is working full-time as a project manager and only doing wholesaling on the side. However, he was able to accomplish something truly impressive: he was able to close 2 deals within his first 30 days as a wholesaler. So how did Jesse do it? Fortunately, for us, Jesse is not only a rockstar rhino but also a total go-giver. That being said, he candidly shared how he made things happen in today’s episode. If you can’t wait to make your mark in the wholesaling world and close one deal after another, don’t miss today’s show! RESOURCES: Max Maxwell Youtube Channel Craigslist DealMachine (Code: RHINO) The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines
WIP 299: Can Being a Realtor Hurt Your Success in Wholesaling?
Wholesaling Inc
Are you considering a career in wholesaling but wondering if being a real estate realtor can get in the way? Wonder no more. Today’s guest has the answer for you! Jennifer Tolbert is a real estate realtor who decided to give wholesaling a try. Jennifer’s story is solid proof that being a realtor is not a hindrance to your wholesaling success. Just a few months in, she has already closed her first deal and walked away $12, 000 richer! If you’re a real estate realtor who would like to give wholesaling a try, you’ll surely find today’s episode very helpful. So have a pen and paper handy as you have plenty of gold nuggets to take note of! RESOURCES: Wholesaling Inc - TTP Mojo Dialer Email Address:
WIP 298: What You Really Need to Know to Get Your First Deal
Wholesaling Inc
Have you gotten to the point where finding your first deal has become really challenging that you’re considering throwing in the towel? If you answered yes, then you already have one thing in common with today’s guest. Kenya Evans is mechanical engineer who’s doing wholesaling on the side. While she sent mail pieces religiously each week, finding her first deal didn’t come easy. Fortunately, the rockstar rhino powered through setback after setback until she finally closed her first deal and walked away $15,000 richer! If you’re considering throwing in the towel, do yourself a huge favour and listen to today’s episode first. If anything, Kenya’s wholesaling journey will surely inspire you to power through and make things happen! RESOURCES: Mark Whitten Max Maxwell DocuSign MailChimp Zillow Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki The Go-Giver by Bob Burg
WIP 296: The Upcoming Crash and How to Protect Yourself from Losing it All with Robert Kiyosaki
Wholesaling Inc
For years, one person has been studying the global economy and has boldly (and oftentimes successfully) predicted booms, opportunities, and crashes. His name is Robert Toru Kiyosaki. If you have read any of the 26 books he has written (the most popular of course is Rich Dad Poor Dad which stayed in the New York Times bestseller list for 8 incredible years), Robert Kiyosaki needs no introduction. However, aside from being a bestselling author, the former Marine is also a very successful entrepreneur, investor, and sought-after educator and speaker. He is also considered a financial knowledge activist. If you’re a Robert Kiyosaki fan, today’s your lucky day as we have him on the podcast. Aside from sharing his thoughts on the upcoming crash and how you can protect yourself from losing everything, he also candidly shared many powerful insights that will surely change the way you look at things. You better have a pen and paper handy as you have plenty of awesome gold nuggets to take note of! RESOURCES: Rich dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki Cashflow Classic FAKE by Robert T. Kiyosaki Dave Ramsey 
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