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Tracey Maxfield is an author, speaker, and advocate for mental health awareness.
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Bullying: Breaking The Cycle
The Brave Files
October is National Bullying Prevention Month. In an effort to support the cause, we had a special interview with Tracey Maxfield, author, speaker, and advocate for mental health awareness and anti-bullying. Her philosophy is to engage children and teenagers, educate them about mental illness and bullying, and empower them to develop the confidence and skills necessary to move ahead, successfully,  in their life journey. Her story is powerful and holds true value for everyone – especially those close to someone experiencing their own mental health struggles. Tune in to learn more about the ways in which you can support children facing their own struggle with mental illness and bullying.CALL IN TODAY AND TELL US WHAT YOU'RE MOST GRATEFUL FOR FROM THE PAST YEAR! WE WIL USE THESE MESSAGE TO BUILD OUR ANNUAL "GRATITUDE EPISODE" RELEASED ON THANKSGIVING (IN THE U.S.). HELP US SHARE GRATITUDE AND CELEBRATION TODAY BY CALLING 312-646-0205.Share your thoughts, feedback and how you're choosing bravely by calling 312-646-0205Support us on Patreon.Learn more about Vickery and Co.
Tracey Maxfield. Bullycide
Dead America
We interview Tracey Maxfield in this episode. I have not seen the passion for a cause like you will find in Tracey Maxfield and her Bullying platform in several years. I enjoyed the talk I had with Tracey and found new optimism for our youth. We need to find more people with as much vigor as you will find in Tracey as she addresses the delicate subjects that she tackles. We love seeing people ensure a bright future for all children with no side agenda attached this is exactly what you find in Tracey Maxfield. You can find all of the supporting information along with our supplemented video for this episode on our website: Dead America Tracey Maxfield Biography Tracey Maxfield is a nurse with over 36 years’ experience. She is certified in gerontology and dementia care and is a regular guest on the well-known author and radio host Peter Rosenberger’s show Hope For the Caregiver on WLAC and iHeart Radio in Nashville, Tennessee. Tracey has written articles on dementia care, medical research and mental illness/bullying in teenagers. She is the Purple Angel Dementia Ambassador for the Okanagan. B.C. Tracey experienced her first episode of clinical depression in her twenties and lived with chronic depression ever since. However, nothing prepared her for the acute depressive episode she experienced in 2015. After enduring years of intense workplace stress, harassment and bullying, she plummeted into an abyss of darkness, hopelessness and despair the likes of which she had never experienced before. Encouraged by a psychologist, Tracey started a Blog, Escaping the Rabbit Hole: my life with depression, to better help her friends understand her depression. Over time, Tracey began to heal and found that out of the darkness and despair, there is hope, there is life after depression. Since the release of her book, Escaping the Rabbit Hole: my journey through depression (, Tracey has become a staunch advocate for Mental Illness and Mental Health Awareness and Bullying and completed the course, Bringing Mental Health to Schools. She has met with teenagers ages 11 to 15 years to talk about bullying and mental illness and has appeared on numerous podcasts in the USA, Canada and UK, live radio shows and ABC KOMO News 4, KSHV 45, and NBC News 6 television shows. In June, Tracey was featured in a series of articles by HelloCare magazine in Australia. In September, Tracey embarked on a new life journey, she sold her home, donated most of her possessions to various charities and made a commitment to try and make a difference in the world and is spending six months traveling in the USA, talking about mental illness and bullying in children and teenagers. Her philosophy is to Engage children and teenagers, to Educate them about mental illness and bullying and to Empower them to develop confidence and skills to continue to move ahead in their own life journey. Tracey completed the Global 7/7 Challenge and recorded 7 days/7 videos on mental illness and bullying in children and teenagers Tracey recently appeared on radio and TV in Kansas and Tennessee and was one of the ‘Break Out’ presenters at the TEACH 2019 Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. In May/June, in recognition of Mental Health Awareness month, Tracey will be traveling to Texas, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee for media appearances and to give presentations to schools. In July and August, she will be in the UK. Born in Wales, U.K. Tracey moved to Canada in 1987. She currently lives in the Okanagan Valley in beautiful British Columbia. Escaping the Rabbit Hole: my journey through depression is her first book and has received international rave reviews. It is available at Barnes & Noble,, www.BookDepositorycom, and on Amazon in soft cover, Kindle, and audiobook. Leave us a comment Cancel reply  
Tracey Maxfield: Escaping the Rabbit Hole
Anything Goes Project
On this episode of Anything Goes Project, we had a sit down with author Tracey Maxfield. She has a passion for this subject and there will be a lot of information in this episode. I must warn you first, this topic is about depression, anxiety, bully and suicide. Please proceed with caution. Escaping the Rabbit Hole: my journey through depression is a brutally honest, raw, and vivid description of what life is like after experiencing an acute depressive episode.  This book is a must read for anyone living with depression or caring for someone with depression, and for anyone who wants to know more about this greatly misunderstood mental health illness. Tracey shows us that words can be powerful and healing, and with time, it is possible to emerge from the rabbit hole of darkness and despair and reclaim your life. This is a story of courage, of hope, and of never giving up.   National Suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255 National Hope Helpline at 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) for LGBT youth in crisis Canada Suicide Prevention Service (CSPS) 1-833-456-4566 for numbers in your state. The music for the show is by XTaKeRuX and from his Empty Grave album and licensed under an Attribution License.
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