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Wesley Wilson is a web designer, currently working in Joomla, with a wide array of skills adopted for web presentation, he creates audio and visual media for the internet, he has specialties in Internet media, web design, audio/visual production, event planning, catering, public speaking, board and computer gaming, he also hosts the Core Elements Podcast.


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CE 74: Nina Freeman
Core Elements
This week, our experiment focuses on Nina Freeman, lead designer of Cibele. In addition to exploring the nature of intimacy in video games, we learn how to hate ourselves for playing MMOs, that we're too old for Undertale, and that if I ever want to make Spencer quit caring, I should just bring up sales reports.[MP3 AUDIO]Nina on TwitterCibelePlease help support my Patreon!Try out Loot Crate and support the show!My latest Unboxing video[LINK] Steam estimated to have brought in $4 billion in revenue.[LINK] Why 2016 will be the year of esports[VIDEO] Smite releases a new cinematic trailer[LINK] Undertale is tearing Gamefaqs apartFor a video of this episode go to: https://youtu.be/WpPvhb6un4c
CE 73: Warren Spector
Core Elements
This week we return to the laboratory with Warren Spector, creator of some of the most iconic experiences in gaming history. In addition to discussing his illustrious career making games like Ultima Underworld, Wing Commander, Deus Ex, and Epic Mickey, we learn about his work with the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy, the myriad of games he's playing but would never design, and why he'll never get a job in this industry again. Guest Co-Host: Joel Levin of MinecraftEDU.[MP3 AUDIO]Warren on TwitterDenius-Sams Gaming AcademyJoel on TwitterMinecraftEDUPlease help support my Patreon!Try out Loot Crate and support the show!My latest Unboxing video[LINK] The Psychonauts 2 funding campaign.[LINK] Winners of the 2015 Game Awards[LINK] System Shock 3 revealedFor a video of this episode go to: https://youtu.be/fWbXyy0A5Ng
CE 72: Soren Johnson
Core Elements
This week we experiment on Soren Johnson, founder of Mohawk Games, makers of Offworld Trading Company. In addition to talking about his early access release, we discuss his history with Firaxis and EA, the eventual return of rhythm games, the frustration of unlimited turn strategy games, and the methods by which we will hobble Skynet's AI. [MP3 AUDIO]Soren on TwitterOffworld Trading Company Early AccessTry out Loot Crate and support the show!My latest Unboxing video[LINK] Five things I didn't get about making video games (until I did).[LINK] Activision to announce new Guitar Hero game[LINK] Homeworld Remastered is released[VID] Smosh Bros Claps with Realistic Audio[LINK] The Art Of Elite: Dangerous' Space Photographers[LINK] A Total War Game that isn't brokenFor a video of this episode go to: http://youtu.be/BeA_zi560IE
CE 71: Kristen Bornemann
Core Elements
From deep within the Maguma Jungle, we are joined by Kristen Bornemann of ArenaNet! Kristen talks to us about the upcoming expansion for Guild Wars 2, as well as her deep and confusing love for DOTA 2. We also discuss the release of the new 3DS, the slavery inherent in Ingress, and the cost to make Core Elements sell out.[MP3 AUDIO]Kristen on TwitterGuild Wars 2Try out Loot Crate and support the show!My latest Unboxing video[LINK] Smaller new 3DS will not be sold in the U.S.[LINK] Activision cracking down on exploit videos[LINK] Rock Band 3 releases two new tracks![LINK] The Unbalanced Design of Super Smash Brothers[LINK] Notch talks about the sale of Minecraft to MicrosoftFor a video of this episode go to: http://youtu.be/ImAArNuxwEc
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