Whitney Miller is a diverse athlete who has done pro wake boarding as well as jui jitsu, boxing, and MMA. She is also a former Miss United States.
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#58 Whitney Miller about love and open relationships
Transformatie Podcast met Sjanett de Geus, MSc
Whitney Miller went from former miss United States, to BJJ bad-ass, to love and relationship coach. She is in an open relationship with her fiancé Aubrey and they have shared their journey on the Aubrey Marcus podcast and social media for the last couple of years. It was such a pleasure talking to Witney on this podcast! Since I’m in a polygamous relationship mysel, I was looking forward to finally ask all my questions to someone who can also speak from experience. How do they do it? What did they learn along the way? How do people react? In this podcast you will learn: - Why would anyone want to try an open relationship? - How to deal with lovers in an open relationship. - What do you do when you get in a fight with one of the lovers? - How to deal with negative emotions. - What is compersion? In short: an honest and open heart-to-heart between two seekers on this path! I hope you enjoyed this podcast just as much as I did and don’t forget to leave us some love on social media or in the comments! You can find the shownotes at: https://www.twelve-waves.nl/tp-58-whitney-miller
Episode 99 - Whitney Miller - 2012 Miss USA & Host On Glory Kick Boxing
The Vision Board Podcast
We are joined by Whitney Miller. Whitney was Miss U.S in 2012, she is a health & fitness coach, model and host on Glory kick boxing. You will learn plenty from Whitney Miller in episode 99 of The Vision Board Podcast. In this episode: 5:28 - what her 2017 goals are 6:28 - details of her kickboxing match in May 6:55 - "an undeniable force" 8:50 - strengths and weaknesses of her fight game 9:42 - Bang Ludwig 10:18 - her day to day training routines 11:26 - advice to young women 12:45 - the story behind her doing pageants 13:35 - being 15 and winning Miss Teen Corpus Christie 14:38 - wake boarding and Miss Texas 16:10 - the different types of questions during beauty comps 17:15 -what supplements she takes 17:55 - olive leaf extracts benefits 18:50 -her circle of influence 19:25 - Joseph Valtellini and Glory Kickboxing 20:27 - learning from Tod Grisham 21:59 - what the process was like getting a pro broadcasting gig 24:15 - insights on young girls fighting mma 26:26 - what it's like to physically and mentally prepare for a fight 28:55 - visualising and meditation techniques 30:30 - the law of attraction and Miss United States 32:06 - Joe Rogan and NewsRadio 32:27 - her point of difference 33:40 - where she gets her boxing style from 35:42 - what the energy is like ten minutes before a fight 38:32 - what her bad days look like 39:36 - what helps her to get through bad mental days 41:10 - what her friends say about her 43:37 - Jaws and Twister, The Lost Boys 44:38 - lessons she's learned from dating Aubrey 47:08 - what posters were on her childhood wall? 47:35 - Kambo Medicine and Byron Bay 48:46 - what 5 people would she invite to dinner Episode brought to you by ONNIT - Use coupon code VISIONBOARD at checkout to receive 10% off at https://www.onnit.com/?a_aid=Visionboard Get your FREE copy of CONVERSATIONS WITH CHAMPIONS, an inspirational quote book of all the guests from the podcast Simply visit http://www.thevisionboardpodcast.com/ebook Get in touch with Jonny and Tristan at info@thevisionboardpodcast.com
Aubrey Marcus and Whitney Miller
The Fighter & The Kid
Onnit CEO Aubrey Marcus and Jiu-Jitsu player/model Whitney Miller joins Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen on a wild episode of The Fighter and The Kid.
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Jun 1st, 1988
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