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Creation Date September 18th, 2018
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Want to give The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe a listen? Here's some good episodes to get you started.
Ep 72: Tuck it in Special:  Bad Pub Reviews
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
We give our regular 'Agony aunt' and 'Geezedropping' segments a rest and dust off some old favs. Starting with 'Bee in our Bonnet', we talk people with no common sense on the bus, places that stack Sunday Roasts on a plate like it's Jenga, then jump into a 'Tuck it in' special.  We dive deep into bad pub reviews from our home town, Kingston upon Thames, we don't name and shame, in fact we are big fans of the pubs in Kingston and if anything we look at these one star reviews and discuss wether they need to tuck it in or not, and we have a lot of fun doing so.  We wrap up with 'Wankerty W*nk' where a speech from 'Fight Club' gets the Porn MD treatment.  It's episodes like this that remind us why we love doing The All Seeing Guys so much. 
Ep 54: Two Year birthday Special (Slapping d*cks By The Borders Of Buckland)
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
Welcome to Episode 54 of The All Seeing Guys & this is a special one as we celebrate the shows 2nd Birthday! So we have a few drinks and look back over some of our favourite past topics such as #cheekynandos #naughtyfrangos, incest, Town Ambassadors, Nic Cage & many of our segments including Geezedropping, Bee in the bonnet & The Lord of the Rings get the Wankery Wank treatment, Greg talks Las Vegas & so much more. it's jam packed episode so hit play/ download & enjoy   
Ep 49: The Flat Earth Plunge
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
Welcome to episode 49 of The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe, after a run of rum & guest heavy episodes we take step back and have a chilled conversation about a man who puts fish up his bum, ok, it's not that chilled & we still have rum. We also look into the rise of Flat Earthers & really go into the belief behind The flat Earth, then we get side tracked, at one point we are discussing the evolution of DVD menus, the cancelled reality show 'Eden', #Plunge or #Gunge becomes a thing & Bill Pullmans Independence Day speech gets the Wankerty W*nk treatment.  We end with the awesome new track from The Brasskats, so plenty of reasons to listen! 
Ep 20: How To Write A Podcast Ft Jay & Tony from How To Write a Tune
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
Episode 20 of The All Seeing Guys is here & it's a special one! Two podcasts, four hosts, One episode. We are joined by Tony & Jay from the very popular podcast 'How To Write a Tune' in their studio (still following?). If you ever wondered what we are actually doing when we bang on about 'Podcasting' then this is the one for you! Join the four of us as we talk the world of Podcasts, why we do it, how we do it, & ...Spice Girls? Theres plenty of laughs along the way. Seeing as we have Jay & Tony on the show we end with a track from their band awesome The Brass Kats. TASG & HTWAT: How To Write A Podcast Enjoy!
Ep 58: Can you have sex with a shotgun?
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
Episode 58 of The All Seeing Guys, and it's about to get weird in a kinky sexual way. this episode Greg & Joe look at rather odd sexual stories, from landlord feet licking in exchange for free rent, a shotgun in vagina & one of them goes off... guess which? we also look at a great list of things guys have been caught trying to have sex with and lots more.   On top of all that we end with a 'show joe Shit' special where we drunkenly settle down to watch some of the new trailers that dropped from Comic Con (SDCC 2017) and Joe gives his thoughts, which we know aren't won't be 'I want to see that'.  Its a fun fast paced episode.  Enjoy
Ep 52: Cum Thumbs & The Giant Dead Rabbit
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
Welcome to Episode 52 of the All Seeing Guys, this is our most sober (ish) episode yet, mainly because Joe had just woken up, but we can't blame him as he was still battling jet lag after not long returning from New York. So we kick off with his tales from the Big Apple & his Geezedrops. Joe also watched fairly new films on the plane so we talk Star Wars Rouge One, The Kingsmen & Split.  We dive into recent bizarre news stories All Seeing Guys style, talking the mysterious death of a giant rabbit, Two year old slapped by a stranger outside a supermarket, child kidnapping for some reason, we look at Russia's ridiculous view on the impact of overweight women on the homosexual community. Then we spin off into Greg & Joe chat covering Michael C Hall & how sh*t the end of Dexter was, Nic Cage, Show Joe Shit & much more. This is a fun fast paced episode. Enjoy.  Joe also has another David Walliams rant.     
Ep 45: Porn, Sex & Tales from the horse paddock with Eloise Tranter
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
Episode 45 of The All Seeing Guys & it's a special one for Valentines Day! Greg & Joe are joined by Ellie (not the grey haired old lady in the episode artwork) who featured on our Fighting Cocks episode last year, but this time we have her all to ourselves & the topic of conversation is a fun one (Sorry to our families). Join us as we talk Porn, sex & Ellie shares tales from the horse paddock. Of course conversation takes a few turns, sexy teachers, porn scenarios we've been in, one night stands, losing virginity, sex dolls, Jehovah witnesses along with our Geezedropping & unwanted agony aunt advice segments & much more! (We have a slight audio issue for last bit but it's all good)
Ep 29 : Dr Chocolate, OCD, F@CKZILLA! & The Johnny - Five Sex Tape
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
Welcome to episode 29!! It's a packed one this week! We talk The Wonder Beers album, supermarket chain Iceland trolling Nandos on Twitter, OCD & our odd routines, Greg eats toast before cereal, insta-famous c@nts, click bait, the show hits a new low as we check our junk emails, robot sex & Joe makes dinosaur erotica very.... well, erotic. With our segments 'tuck it in' & 'you didn't ask for it but here's our advice anyway' & more!!!
Ep 19: Modem Love
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
Welcome to episode 19! Modem Love. Yes we know it's says Modem, it's meant too. Join Joe & Greg for an episode we thought we were too drunk to even do (setting up the mics etc seem to take just as long as recording the episode itself). We pushed through & as always had a blast, this time talking dating, online, supermarket meet ups, old fashion courting, fetishes & much more. So if talk of trotting on a horse as an alternative to taking the morning after pill peaks your interest then join us! It's better if you get wasted like we were recording it to listen. We don't end with a band his week, but try something a little different instead. 
Ep 9: Town Ambassadors
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
The All Seeing Guys Greg & Joe return to the captains table with spiced rum fuelling their minds as they discuss & banter their way through their most un-pc episode yet. We start off with our segment 'Geezedropping', for weeks we have been making note of odd snippets we hear from peoples conversation and discussing it ourselves. This episodes topic is 'local town nuts' to be blunt, we all know them, or know of them, or have seen them out & about so we are learning about a few popular local ones & sharing stories, theories & love for them making our towns rightfully theirs, we talk The Wizard of Sutton, Moses of Kingston & many more. But thats not all, we have our agony aunt segment 'You didn't ask for it but here's our advice anyway'....INCEST SPECIAL!!!!! We also end with a track from local up & coming hardcore/metal band 'High Rise'. How have you not pressed play already?
Ep 1: Cheeky Kebab
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
Meet Greg & Joe in the first ever episode of The All Seeing Guys! We discuss Cheeky Nandos, cocks out in summer, kebabs & much more. With our two comedy segments! Ending with a track from The Wonder Beers.
BONUS EPISODE: Kinda Best Of Sorta Thing!
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
Before we drop episode 50 next week this is a BONUS episode looking back over all our previous episodes. Full of fun, foul & disgusting clips from the very beginning following the evolution of the show & many bottles of rum.  Featuring all our awesome guests Harry Bone, Jason Armstrong, Tom Snape, Ben Monopoli, Eloise Tranter, Caz Woolcocks, Ed Wooderson, Jack Webber, Elizabeth Armstrong Chris Fordrey, Calum James Wright & of course Jay & Tony from How To Write a Tune. So check out the number one podcast from Kingston upon Thames that is listened to all over the world, not heard us yet? or not sure where to start? What the show is like? or just fancy a laugh with Greg & Joe, then this episode is for you. For all you regular listeners, we have something new for you. We end the show with an exclusive first time play of the opening scene from our upcoming Ritz Cricker & Dick Disturbance detective radio play.  More than enough reasons to press play or hit download!  See you next week for episode 50! 
Ep 63: The Ritz Cricker & Dick Disturbance Radio Play & companion episode.
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
It's finally here! Our radio play, Ritz Cricker and Dick Disturbance: Rise Of The Moonwalkers. This is a special episode featuring the radio play along with an intro and outro from The All Seeing Guys  We have been working on this radio play for well over a year, from drafting ideas, story lines, characters, to writing, performing, recording and producing it. A  huge amount of time & effort went into this & we are proud with the result.  We will release the play on it's own for anyone to listen who doesn't wish to hear this whole episode. For our usual listeners, this episode has the full play in it, along with an intro and outro from Greg and Joe giving you a deeper insight into the madness that lead us here.  A huge thanks to everyone who has helped us with this, our listeners for encouraging us to make this, and to our awesome friends for lending their voices, thanks Jack Webber, Ben Monopoli and Elizabeth Armstrong. A sequel is already being written, so plenty of chances for you to appear in the next one.  So wack on your headphones, turn off your brain & switch to disbelief mode. It's going to get weird. 
Ep 79: Greg runs a Marathon
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
  Welcome to episode 79 of The All Seeing Guys and it's a special one! Greg and Joe head North to the Lake District with the whole gang Ed, Sarah, Lizzie and Indiana. We catch up with two of our friends Dan and Stuart and spend a few days loving Lake Windermere.  The reason we are at Lake Windermere? Greg and Dan are running the Lake Windermere Marathon. Joe takes control of the Zoom Mic and chats to Greg before and after the run. Joe and the gang also fill in the gaps as Greg and Dan are busy running 26.2 miles by chatting and encouraging the other runners in their own special way.     A really fun and unique episode of the show, one you won't want to miss.  This episode is brought to by Sudio. Currently, the headphones market can offer you one of two things: style or tech. Fashionable headphones tend to lack the proper sound quality, and high-tech variations are bulky and not design oriented. Sudio want to bridge that gap. While emphasising their modern, Scandinavian design. Use the discount code ALLSEEING to receive 15% off any purchase  
Ep 80: Hand Job Demon
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
It's episode 80 of The All Seeing Guys and we are celebrating the shows 3rd birthday! Unlike previous birthday episodes where we get smashed and go for two plus hours, we show our age here by starting smashed... then passing out early and picking up where we left from hungover in the morning swapping rum for orange juice. With no set agenda we just go in talking about the last three years of the show, how it has changed (or hasn't really changed at all) look back at favourite episodes, talk reality shows like Love Island and how we just don't get it, a horror film we thought was new but isn't about a cabin haunted by ghost that w*nks you to death and much more.  For an episode where we don't have much to talk about, we certainly have a lot to say. Of course we have our segments 'Geezedropping' and answer some agony in 'You didn't ask for it but here's our advice anyway'.  enjoy folks 
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
Welcome to The All Seeing Guys Podcast. We had been bulk recording episodes to free up some time for ourselves. This episode is the first one recorded after our break... and trust us, A LOT HAS HAPPENED. Join us for a very drunk episode 67 where Greg and Joe get straight back to it, talk times they volunteered for market research, catch up with the recent changes and Greg talks child birth (he has stories), the arrival of little baby Indiana, but of course, being this podcast, the Nativity is isn't.  We also talk about and end with a track from Kingston upon Thames newest heroes.... Swearwolves  A real fun, eye opening and very drunk episode.  Enjoy. 
Ep 60: I want to believe.... kinda
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
Welcome to episode 60 of The All Seeing Guys, the truth maybe out there, but it certainly isn't here as Greg & Joe grab their high powered flash lights and walk in to the world of the Paranormal (cue The X Files theme). They explore Aliens, Ghosts, Creatures & take a trip to Hell itself. From Planet Nibriu, Lizard man, Big Foot to Frozen Alien mummies, we got it covered. Do we believe? Are we convinced? Do we even really care? 
Ep 13: Crazy Internet Crazies & The Luigi Board
The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe
Episode 13 of The All Seeing Guys is here! We catch up on whats been going on of late, holidays & such, other podcasters, how many shits Greg had abroad recently, & our usual Geezedropping segment discussing overheard conversations from strangers, then get into this episodes main theme, internet crazes & the crazies doing them! Including Neckronomiate, planking, train surfing, the fire challenge & more! Joes nasty little corner of fear/weird & our unwanted agony advice! A slightly longer episode than usual but we got really into this one. We end with a track from a great Irish garage rock Band 'Petty Youth'