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The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe

A Comedy podcast

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The All Seeing Guys podcast about Everything & Nothing with Greg & Joe. Just a couple of guys having a chat over beers about random day-to-day subjects that everyone can relate to. Discussing the importance of unimportant daily annoyances. We share our opinions, stories & hear yours while having a laugh doing so. Along with a range of hilarious segments from talking snippets of overheard conversations from strangers to giving unwanted agony aunt advice that always goes to some strange places.

So join Greg & Joe as we take an already upside down world & turn it sideways.

Drop us an email at: theallseeingguys@gmail.com or hit us up on twitter @theallseeingg

Recent Episodes


Welcome to episode 60 of The All Seeing Guys, the truth maybe out there, but it certainly isn't here as Greg & Joe grab their high powered flash lights and walk in to the world of the Paranormal (cue The X Files theme). They explore Aliens, Ghosts, Creatures & take a trip to Hell itself. From Plane...


Welcome to episode 59 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast, this week the guys go unplanned & see where the conversation takes them & as expected it takes us to some weird places, mainly sharing stories of bizarre interactions we have had with strangers. Greg shares the story of when a stranger threw up ...


Episode 58 of The All Seeing Guys, and it's about to get weird in a kinky sexual way. this episode Greg & Joe look at rather odd sexual stories, from landlord feet licking in exchange for free rent, a shotgun in vagina & one of them goes off... guess which? we also look at a great list of things gu...


Welcome to episode 57 of The All Seeing Guys, this week Greg & Joe talk Gay TV for some reason, then jump into some recent bizarre news stories they have come across! News stories such as a guy searching for a personal assistant in a way that backfires, the new trend of astral projection sex & more...


Welcome to episode 56 (although in this episode we are wrongly convinced it's episode 57) of The All Seeing Guys Podcast, Greg & Joe return after last episodes podswap with Open All Powers with many topics that need to be urgently discussed. Topics such as Batman attending court to give evidence in...

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