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Creation Date January 9th, 2019
Updated Date Updated May 7th, 2020
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About This List

Each week I publish the most Delicious Ingredients of my Audible Feast ... the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, spicy, and best podcasts that have fed my ears over the last week. They're listed in no particular order. You can see what I've been listening to here to see the competition these shows beat out to earn their spot as the best of the best. This week I listened to 65 episodes for this podcast review recap - 5 new shows for me this time, two of which made it on the list below, including Honorable Mentions.
  1. Best of the Week

  2. We explore Israel's adolescence, family, religious background, military career, and early criminal activity. We also examine Nature vs. Nurture and how both contributed to Israel's criminal pathology.To learn more:   To support the show:, researched, edited, and produced by Josh Hallmark  Special thanks to guests:Dr. Katherine RamslandMusic by William Hellfire, Whithe, Radical Face, The Trumpeteers, Roger McGuinn, Sergey Cheremisinov, and Sans NomSponsors: Podbean
  3. Today we discuss a device that lets you kiss someone through your phone (& why it's disgusting). We find out theories on why we have boobs. Susie talks about a scandal involving Hershey's kisses, & Sarah is outraged. We learn about the "testicle festival," & find out why Sarah is a fan of balls. Sarah shares a disturbing method of sheep castration in great detail. Susie reveals how someone died from doing a dare & Sarah recounts how she almost died because of a prank. Find out what audiences say is the worst movie ever, & why a hunter was forced to watch a Disney movie.
  4. Comedian Wanda Sykes feels trapped into being Conan O’Brien’s friend.Wanda and Conan sit down this week to talk about their mutual love of murder television, bowling with the railings down, and planning a vacation together. Plus, Conan gives a staff performance review. Got a question for Conan? Call our voicemail: (323) 451-2821.For Conan videos, tour dates and more visit episode is sponsored by Palm (, ZipRecruiter (, Roman (, MeUndies (, Fracture (, and Campaign Monitor (
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  5. Greg and Ivan are back to play another hilarious installment of Cards Against Humanity. Plus, an old friend returns to the show! This is our New Year's Eve special and was supposed to release last week, and stuff. Hope you enjoy. Thank you for listening. #UnderDogPods #PodFix GravityBeard Hotline 321-465-2180 The GravityBeard Interns (listener group on Facebook) Contact Info Support the show financially or  VENMO by searching gravitybeard PodFix Network UnderDog Podcast Community MUSIC: “Sophomore Makeout” and “The Only Girl” by Silent Partner (YouTube Audio Library)
  6. The co-founders of Stable Genius Productions have a candid conversation about their current financial situation (hint: their grant is running out soon), the highs/lows of making this season of the podcast (another hint: they had a fallout over email), and Civil's plans to resurrect itself in 2019 (final hint: the token lives on). GO DEEPER:  Blockchain has not yet added value to international development projects, USAID finds. After mindfulness, tech takes on information overload, Manoush's forecast for Neiman Lab. Indiewire calls Season 2 Episode 2, one of the best podcast episodes of 2018! Radiotopia reaches 25,000 new contributors! WHO YOU’LL HEAR: @manoushz (Manoush Zomorodi, host of ZigZag and cofounder of Stable Genius Productions), @jpoyant (Jen Poyant, producer of ZigZag and cofounder of Stable Genius Productions) **MANOUSH'S TOP 10 READS OF 2018: **10. Empress of Facebook: My Befuddling Dinner with Sheryl Sandberg (WIRED) 9. Lena Dunham Comes to Terms with Herself (The Cut) 8. A Guide to Worrying in the 21st Century (Bill Gates) 7. Barcelona's Experiment in Radical Democracy (New Yorker) 6. Cryptopia in Crisis: Joe Lubin's Ethereum is a Mess (Forbes)  5. The Gift of Menopause (NYTimes) -**TIE- **Jennalee (Popula) 4. The Devastating Illusion of Control (The Cut) 3. The Plastic Backlash: What's Behind Our Sudden Rage- and Will It Make a Difference? (The Guardian) 2. Estranged in America: Both Sides Feel Left Out (NYTimes) 1. The Prophets of Cryptocurrency Survey the Boom and Bust (New Yorker) ZigZag is the business show about being human. Join a community of listeners riding the twists and turns of late-capitalism, searching for a kinder, more sustainable way. Manoush Zomorodi and Jen Poyant investigate how work and business impact our wellbeing and the planet we live on. On Seasons 4 and 5, hear from rebels and visionaries with radical ideas on how we can build stable lives, careers, and companies. **If you’re also interested in Jen and Manoush’s personal story and their adventures in starting their own business with a little help from blockchain technology, listen to the first three seasons, starting with Season 1, Chapter 1.
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  7. Episode 12: Tipsy Tart I (Theme: Feminism & sex work) Guest host (and general badass) Katherine Hofmeyr bravely takes the role of feminist policewoman to referee our discussion of feminism and how it relates to the sugar babies. Are the sugar babies reclaiming the word ‘whore’? We talk #metoo, #notallmen, Harvey Weinsten, the Nordic Model, the SESTA/FOSTA bill, the pros and cons of decriminalizing sexwork…plus 1980s cartoons. You can’t afford not to listen to this fiery conversation. Links and notes You can find all of Katherine's references on a downloadable document on our website  Plus: Episode 598 of Savage Lovecast: German Lopez: 'The case for decriminalizing prostitution': Get in touch: Email us: Twitter: @fable_gazers Subscribe to our mailing list: Facebook: Web: Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!
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  8. Pirate trails are everywhere: the pioneers of mountain biking built them on private land, public land and everything in between. They were built by riders just looking for a place to take their new bikes, and in the process they simply appropriated land that they wanted for their trails. But what happens when the evolution of a sport threatens the very thing that made it so attractive in the first place? Sign up for our newsletter Find more Outside/In at
  9. The year is 2062 and everyone is Gay. Mikey, a young boy with a dark secret, attends his first day at the prestigious Gay Academy and makes a shocking discovery. Twitter: @gayfuturepod Instagram: @gayfuturepod Website: #gayfuturepod
  10. "We are what we pretend to be, so you gotta be careful what you pretend to be." Jeff Guerriero works a desk job during the day. At night, his Death Match wrestler alter ego “Cannonball” gets cheese graters raked across his head and wraps barbed wire around his neck. It’s in the transformation from Jeff to "Cannonball" where he finds purpose and contentment.  Jeff may be an extreme example but it’s not that far removed from any other weekend warrior who plays or follows sports – or even other forms of expression like painting, acting, or comedy. Is part of the appeal of sports that they act as a vessel to get many closer to their true, authentic selves?  We search for answers in our final episode of the season by talking to some of the greatest athletes in the history of sports.  Guests Jeff Guerriero Tom Brady Michael Strahan Barry Blaustein Deepak Chopra Donna Guerriero Thank you for listening this season and stay tuned later this year for season 2!
  1. Honorable Mentions

  2. Mike Birbiglia is a writer, comedian, actor, and director. A contributor to “This American Life” and “The Moth,” he is the author of the New York Times best-selling book “Sleepwalk with Me and Other Painfully True Stories,” which was a finalist for the Thurber Prize For American Humor. He has appeared on the television shows “Orange Is the New Black,” “Broad City” and “Inside Amy Schumer.” He wrote, directed, and starred in the films “Sleepwalk with Me” and “Don’t Think Twice.” His recent solo plays include “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend,” “Thank God for Jokes,” and “The New One,” which is currently in a 12 week run on Broadway at the Cort Theatre.
  3. You’re a successful woman in a man’s business, and yet you’re not sure you can do it alone. You’ve so worked hard to get here, and your marriage is on the rocks and you’re afraid of losing everything. Hosted by Virginia Madsen.Support this show by supporting our sponsors!Ancestry - Go to to get your kit for just $59.Hair Club - Get a free hair analysis and a free take home kit when you go to - Enter now at
  4. Wang Ping wanted to go to Tibet to bless the world. But to do that, she had to risk her own safety. (more…)
  5. Grace Dent presents the story of Amanda and her fight to get 24 hour care for her 96 year old dad who has dementia - before it's too late. Alan calls his daughter Amanda up to twenty times a day, confused and paranoid. But he's adamant he doesn't want to go into a care home. We follow Amanda's struggle to get him the care she feels he needs. Producer: Laurence Grissell
  6. Cameron James and Alexei Toliopoulos finally have a breakthrough in their investigation when Alexei speaks with David, the expert on all things Todd Noy. He’s immediately in over his head so he calls in help from award-winning documentarian Anna Broinowski to understand the how/what/why behind the depth of knowledge that David has to offer on the curious literature of Noy. If you know anything about Todd Noy or Drago, or want to reach out on Instagram or Twitter go to @ThisisAlexei or @iamCameronJames.
  7. I consider listeners and supporters of Homemade Stories friends. Here's a letter to you for my 100th episodes and first episode of 2019. It gets more and more real as it reads.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
  8. Tired of waiting around for other people to find Bigfoot, Laura goes into the woods (with some experts). This particular outing is led by Cindy Caddell and three other seasoned ‘Squatchers, out in Oregon’s Mt. Hood National Forest, who explain what it takes to go looking for Bigfoot. And once the sun sets, we’ll hear a few hair-raising stories around the campfire before heading out on a nighttime hike. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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