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Creation Date April 27th, 2020
Updated Date Updated June 23rd, 2020
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As an Asian American man, there aren't many opportunities or communities for me to prioritize my mental and emotional health, let alone podcasters willing to publicly talk about it. So here's my favorite podcasts, big and small, on mental health from the Asian American perspective. *Message me to add yours or one of your favorites!
  1. An emotionally-stunted dude's exploration of what it means to be emotionally intelligent. Raised between Asian and American culture, and in the tech world, where mental and emotional health was not prioritized enough, this nerd aims to demystify what it means to not only be a man, but a human. As society progresses faster than humans were meant to keep up with, how do we adapt to an ever-changing world while strengthening our brittle emotions for resiliency? Follow Human Up on Instagram:
  2. One makes erotic films, the other sells weed. Brandon and Seibo dive into relationships, passion, physicality, psychedelics, and having purpose in this podcast about the art of being Happy Asian Males.
  3. Talking to Badass Asian Dudes. Life-stories, interviews, actionable advice, and lessons from Asian entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, entertainers, experts, and researchers, etc. We will explore a wide variety of topics such as: fitness, relationships, health and wellness, business and entrepreneurship, psychology, self-education, lifestyle, philosophy, and improving yourself in general. Everything you need in order to live a Badass Life.
  4. Escape From Plan A is the podcast that talks about all the forbidden topics in Asian America. They're the topics that rarely make it unfiltered to NYT or Huffington Post, but constantly dominate any discussions among Asians when we're freed from supervision. We're Asian women and men who've come together to carve out a uniquely Asian American progressive perspective that's different from the usual supporting-cast roles we play for everyone else. No more face-saving. Time to get real. We also run an online magazine, Plan A. Visit us at the link below!
  5. On Man Up, host Aymann Ismail invites men and women to tell embarrassing, funny, and sometimes disturbing stories about their lives as they try to figure out what they still have to learn—and unlearn—about being a man. They’ll talk relationships, family, sex, and identity, trying to understand their experiences to help listeners make more sense of their own.
  6. A podcast for the modern day Asian American woman hosted by Melody Cheng, Helen Wu, & Janet Wang. It's no secret that Asian women are lacking in almost all media outlets, and those who are present mostly represent the fashion, beauty, or blogging industries. We started ABG as girlfriends while balancing jobs in finance, technology, & media with corporate careers spanning over a decade. Here, we share our experiences and explore topics as 20/30 something Asian American women working, dating, and living in LA, CA. Grab a glass of wine and let's get this show started ;)
  7. Welcome to Feeling Asian! A podcast where two Asians talk about their feelings. After a lifetime of holding in their emotions (shoutout to Korean moms!), comedians Youngmi Mayer and Brian Park are ready to let them all out. Each week, Youngmi and Brian dive into topics that range from sex/dating to umm...not sex/dating stuff, and invite their interesting friends along the way. Who knew catharsis could look so Asian? New episodes out every Wednesday! Follow us on IG @itsbrianpark and @ymmayer and @feelingasianpodcast. Also, submit your questions to our advice column at!
  8. Documenting stories and advice from established Asian professionals to empower young Asians across the globe to pursue unconventional career paths. New episodes every Tuesday and Friday. Learn more about the show at and follow us on social media @wyndpodcast!
  9. Stories for, by and about Asian millennials
  10. ***NEW EPISODE EVERY FRIDAY!*** Katharine Chan | Thought Leader, Wife, Mom | Recovering Perfectionist Katharine has over a decade of experience working in healthcare. She’s worked in emergency health services, mental health, women’s health, facilitating, coaching, and promoting honest conversations among healthcare leaders to enable organizational change. She’s passionate about putting words to her feelings despite growing up in a culture that hides them. She empowers others by teaching them how to love themselves, embracing their culture and improving relationships
  11. A podcast for Asian career changers who want to pursue a creative field and redefine what success means to them. If you are a dreamer and doer who wants to stop settling at work, take ownership of your career, and live your fullest life, then this is for you. Hosted by Yunzhe Zhou, an artist, coach and entrepreneur, this podcast shares weekly behind-the-scenes advice from successful career changers to empower you in yours. Here’s to experimenting, playing, and building your most important design project: your life! New episodes released every Thursday. Show notes available at
  12. I wanted to create a space where ordinary men can speak their minds and hearts without judgment. Men aren't allowed to express how they feel or think and thus create a generation of men who are unavailable. We need to break this cycle to be better men to ourselves and those around us; we, they deserve it. I'm not here to thrust my beliefs onto you, I'm here to have an open conversation about the direction men are taking now, and what can we do about it. If you want to be a part of this movement, come join me and start some conversations. 
  13. Welcome to Yellow Glitter! Mindfulness through the eyes & soul of a gay Asian. Every episode, I share with you what’s on my mind, things I'm be struggling with and how I'm working through it to help you live a more mindful, fabulous life!
  14. We interview game-changing entrepreneurs on mastering yourself and being on a journey of choosing legacy and currency. (Grant Cardone, Tom Bilyeu, Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Naveen Jain, Vanessa Van Edwards, Tucker Max & many more) Each week, this show will deliver to you an insight and/or idea that has the potential to change the way you operate your life as well as your business. This content will serve as a reminder for all of us to step into the BEST versions of ourselves in the moments in life that matter the most. Being a #changemaker means that we have not chosen the easiest path. There is additional pressure on us to deliver. Every.Single.Time. To showcase true results over just talk. To make a commitment to leading others around us. To have the courage and willingness to master ourselves first. It’s time to become a #changemaker, forget about the status quo and make those dreams your new reality. Your host; Jay Wong recently got named as one of the Top 40 Millennial Influencers to follow in 2018, is an award-nominated podcast host and Founder of Podcast Your Brand™ an accelerator program responsible helping dozens of movement leaders and entrepreneurs break through the noise of their marketplace through launching top-100 podcasts so that they can put a voice behind their products and services. Join the family at
  15. From the Los Angeles Times, “Asian Enough” is a podcast about being Asian American -- the joys, the complications and everything else in between. In each episode, hosts Jen Yamato and Frank Shyong invite celebrity guests to share their personal stories and unpack identity on their own terms. They explore the vast diaspora across cultures, backgrounds and generations, share “Bad Asian Confessions,” and try to expand the ways in which being Asian American is defined. New episodes drop every Tuesday.
  16. Award-winning Journalist, commentator, and humorist, Emil Guillermo gives his take on race, society, and politics from an Asian American perspective. A former NPR host, Emil's commentaries can be read at http://www.aaldef/org/blog His work has appeared on radio, TV, and print nationwide. His book "Amok:Essays from an Asian American perspective," won an American Book Award. Twitter: @emilamok
  17. A podcast that centralizes the Asian American experience as it relates to nerd and pop culture and everything in between. We'll discuss why representation matters and ultimately why we matter. Support this podcast:
  18. The official podcast of the Asian American Podcasters Association
  19. Welcome to Asian Not Asian, a podcast where two Asian guys not from Asia talk about American issues no American cares about. New episode every Monday!
  20. A show about ordinary people building extraordinary communities that bridge the gaps between us. Hosted by the co-founders of People & Company and co-authors behind "Get Together: How to build a community with your people," Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh and Kai Elmer Sotto, and our friends Mia Quagliarello and Maggie Zhang. Learn more about our community coaching services at or get a copy of our book at 🔥
  21. How can we live our modern lives with balance? How do we find happiness in all the noise? Where can we find meaning and live an awesome life filled with purpose and adventure? Enter the Urban Monk. Pedram Shojai is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, a Taoist Priest, a Qi Gong Master, a film maker, an author, and a Kung Fu world traveler. He invites you to join in on this free-flowing conversation exploring what it means to live with balance in the 21st century.
  22. Dear Asian Americans, Let's Celebrate. Let's Support. Let's Inspire each other. Your Fellow Asian Americans

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