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Creation Date June 16th, 2020
Updated Date Updated July 3rd, 2020
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We've been creating audio drama in lockdown, working with stage and screen actors unable to operate in their normal spaces. This list includes the drama we've created since the Covid 19 crisis began
  1. Allison and Jenny have been together for 6 months but Jenny is falling out of love with New York City.  Can their relationship survive if she moves away from the city? Out of Towners is a comedy drama written by Jackie Jorgenson and Mary McDonald and based on the characters, Allison and Jenny which originally appeared in our audio drama The Out of Towners Club which appeared at Christmas 2019 (series 1 Episode 22) Allison  : Mary McDonaldJenny : Jackie JorgensonKylie : Caroline MincksDan: Miguel Antonio The presenter is Kelli WinklerAdditional material was written by Chris GregoryMusic, sound design and production were by Chris GregorySound effects are from Freesound.orgMusic is published by Scared Crow Music Out of Towners is an Alternative Stories 2020 production for the Alternative Stories and Fake Realities PodcastYou can follow Jackie Jorgenson and find out more about her work by following her on twitter her podcast Tales From The Aether here Mary McDonald here can follow Alternative Stories on twitter here on instagram here
  2. A psychological drama in which Kirsty Monroe, a busy young executive in London struggles to maintain a relationship with her younger sister whilst holding down a difficult job.  When Helena disappears Kirsty must track her down and try to patch up their failing family. In the Lake Isle you can hear Kelsey Griffin as Kirsty MonroeSophie MacNair as Helena MonroeCarl Wharton as Mr Monroe Warren Graham as Michael, the counsellorChris Gregory as the man in the coffee shopThe Lake Isle is written by Chris Gregory and Clarke Wainikka with script review by Sophie MacNair and Kelsey GriffinMusic, sound design and mixing are by Chris GregoryThe presenter is Kelli Winkler If you’d like to find out more about writer Clarke Wainikka you can follow her on twitter via at her webpage you’re a regular listener and would like a namecheck on the podcast or access to Alternative Stories bonus material and merchandise please contact us via  Please contact us also if you would like to recommend a writer, poet or dramatist for inclusion in future editions.You can contact us via twitter Instagram
  3. Selkie is an original audio drama by Signe Maene.  Selkies are mythical creatures from northern European folklore.  Seals that can transform to human form by shedding their skin they are particularly prevalent in Scottish folklore .  In our story, Andrew discovers a selkie whilst walking on the beach near his home.  He immediately falls in love aiming to make the selkie his wife.In Selkie by Signe Maene the parts were played as follows Sophie Macnair as The Selkie Lewie Watson as Andrew Simone Low as Andrew's MotherKelsey Griffin as a Selkie and singer of Ae Fond KissStevie Skinner as a Selkie The music is arranged and performed by John Spiers based on the traditional folk tune "The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry" "Ae Fond Kiss" (trad. with lyrics by Robert Burns) is performed by Kelsey GriffinAdditional music and soundscapes are by Chris Gregory and published by Scared Crow MusicSound effects are from Sound mixing and editing are by Chris GregoryThe presenter in this edition is Kelli Winkler Signe Maene is a Belgian writer, academic and folklore specialist.  You can follow her on twitter and view her website at Spiers is a folk musician and player of many squeezebox style instruments.  You can follow him on twitter at and view his website here Follow John's YouTube channel to see and hear him in action Alternative Stories on Twitter at Instagram at contact us directly via 
  4. In the forests of Scandinavia a family is besieged by a malicious raven which watches and follows them everywhere they go.  How will they escape from this curse and at what cost?  The Seeing Trees is a dark nordic mystery with elements of violence, peril, horror, language and elements that some listeners may find disturbing. Please do not listen if you object to any of the above. In the Seeing Trees By Kaitlin Felix… Charlie Richards played Trygve Lewie Watson was HarleifTiffany Clare was MotherAmy Forrest played FrejaChris Gregory was Magnus and TownsmanAnnika Kordes played Townswoman 1Karen Cooper played Townswoman 2The incantation was performed by Charlie Richards, Tiffany Clare, Kaitlin Felix and Chris Gregory with coaching, support and counselling by Kaitlin! Original music and soundscapes were by Chris GregoryThe Seeing Trees was adapted from her original short story by Kaitlin Felix and Chris GregoryThe presenter is Kelli Winkler  You can find out more about Kaitlin Felix and read more of her work by visiting her website or following her on twitter where she posts as If you have enjoyed this edition and haven’t yet subscribed to the podcast you can do so in apple podcasts, spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Once you’ve subscribed you’ll have all future editions of Alternative Stories delivered to your podcast feed the moment they are released.   If you would leave us a rating and review and perhaps recommend us to a friend we would be very grateful We have more drama coming soon with “The Lake Isle”, a psychological drama which examines the ways in which we communicate in the digital age, “The Bomb”, a sci fi drama by Emily Inkpen and a follow up to our drama “The Out-of-Towners Club” by Jackie Jorgenson and Mary MacDonald.  We’ll also have more poetry from Ella Frears Angela Stoner and Lesley Hale in our Cornish Poets season.You heard a trailer for Sane Time Sane Place, the new podcast by Phoebe Batteson-Brown and Miztli Rose of Ladylikes 
  5. A Memory of Robin is an audio drama from writer David Green.  It tells the story of Gem, the daughter of a woman called Robin whose last few days of life we follow through extracts from her voice diary as she seeks to escape the confines of an increasingly oppressive and totalitarian government. In A Memory of Robin by David Green characters were played as follows:Robin - Jackie JorgensonGem, her daughter - Abby HildenThe Voice of the Nation - Kelli Winkler A Memory of Robin was based on the short story of the same name by David Green.  Additional material and adaptation were by Chris Gregory.Original music was composed and performed by Chris Gregory and published by Scared Crow MusicSound design ,editing and soundscapes were by Chris GregorySound effects were from Freesound.orgThe presenter was Kelli Winkler Find out more about David Green by following him on twitter visit his website www.davidgreenwritercom.wordpress.comAnd facebook Warned: Episode contains swearing and references to suicide
  6. This edition is called Raven.  It features the short story "The Raven's Call" by Charis McRoberts and a preview of The Seeing Trees, our forthcoming audio drama which features a raven. This podcast also includes interviews with Charis McRoberts, Kaitlin Felix author of "The Seeing Trees" and Amy Forrest. The Raven's Call is written and performed by Charis McRoberts with music by Chris Gregory.  It is reproduced with Charis' permission.The Seeing Trees trailer features the voices of Lewie Watson, Tiffany Clare, Charlie Richards and Amy Forrest.  The Seeing Trees is written by Kaitlin Felix and will be published on the podcast on Friday 4th June.  You can also hear a short interview with KaitlinWe also reproduce an interview from the BBC's Podcast Radio Hour in which Amy Forrest talks about the ways in which Alternative Stories has adapted to the Covid 19 pandemic.  This is the full version of a piece which was truncated for the BBC broadcast. Sound design, music and mixing are by Chris Gregory.  Music is published by Scared Crow Music. The presenter in this edition of the podcast is Kelli Winkler Find out more about Charis McRoberts by following her on social media where she posts as out more about Kaitlin Felix by following her on twitter and at her website can follow Amy Forrest on Twitter us for The Seeing Trees, the full audio drama in our next podcast.

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