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Creation Date August 28th, 2021
Updated Date Updated March 7th, 2022
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  1. Mary’s song, the Magnificat, is in a way the first Christmas carol. In fact, we should say that Mary, in a sense, is the first Christian. She’s not the first person saved, not the first believer in God, but she’s the first Christian in that she
  2. Christmas utterly contradicts and shows the foolishness of the wisdom of any age, the prevailing thought forms that hold sway over the most educated, enlightened people. Christmas shows the wisdom of the world is dated, shallow, inadequate, and
  3. In public places, Christmas is generally seen as meaning that if we really work hard we can make the world a better place. That’s the meaning of Christmas. If we hold hands and breathe in unison, if we really get together, we can make the world
  4. Christmas is about the doctrine of the incarnation, God becoming human. That’s what we sing about. And this passage is a breathtaking roller coaster ride through the doctrine of the incarnation. What I’d like to do, instead of looking so much a
  5. It’s one thing to have the gospel presented to you. It’s another thing to drop in. It’s another thing to have it come to you. According to this passage in Colossians, it is very easy to miss the gospel. How do you know if the gospel has come to
  6. We’re looking at Colossians 1 during Advent, which is probably the loftiest, most penetrating view of who Jesus is. And Paul tells us here that Jesus is a king. One paragraph tells us about the kingship of Christ that is. The other tells us abo
  7. I’d like to prove to you that really everything Christianity is about and everything the Bible is about is locked in the statement, “Fear not: for, behold, the gospel of joy.” Why were the shepherds afraid? It’s because of the light–a particula
  8. This sermon was preached by Rev. Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on December 22, 1997. Series "The Real Jesus Part 2; His Life". Scripture: Luke 2:10-14. Today's podcast is brought to you by Gospel in Life, the site for all serm
  9. The promise of a Savior that wouldn’t arrive for 700 years might not have been a great comfort to the army that received the prophecy, but God knew what they needed, and what we need today, is a Messiah who would save us from our sin. Today, Pa
  10. The gospels of Matthew and Luke tell us about the facts of Christmas: the star, the shepherds, and the manger. The beginning of the book of John doesn’t talk to us about the facts of Christmas. It doesn’t tell us the story, but it tells us the

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