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Creation Date October 4th, 2018
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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About This List

You want to know what we're about!?!?! Oh baby we'll tell you what we're all about! Check out this list for a crash course in Everyone I Know
  1. Character Episodes

  2. Guest: Charlie Topics: Old Wise Sayings, Office Supplies, Andy's Newest Delusion
  3. Guest: Tim Topics: Movin' Sux, Hey Baby (Don't Call me That), Would you sell your Soul to the Devil?
  4. Guest: Nick Topics - Cold Cuts, a 'Chip Dippers' interlude, Waluigi
  5. Guest - 'Fancy Candy Lad' Charlie Topics: Ghosts, Smoking Alternatives, EIK House of Horrors (EIKHOH)
  6. Guest: Rob Topics: Plagues and You, Coffee Houses and You, Pizza  Xmas and You 
  7. Guest: Brian Topics: Super Powers, Sponges and Such, Pizza Man Christmas
  1. Just the Fellas

  2. Guest - Brendan   Topics: Headphones in Public, Checking out Socially, and Audience Participation at Concerts.
  3. Topics: Alex Jones and other such things Guest: Just the Fellas
  4. In the third episode of the EIK Podcast Dot Com Limited Series 'EIK OUT OF TIME' Andy really lets his freak flag fly. We're talking about slime and slime related videos and how gosh darn satisfying they are. Listen, laugh, love, but most of all put your ding dongs in some slime.
  5. We are taking a week off, but do not fear dear listeners we gotcha covered. Episode 2 of the EIK Limited Series EIK OUT OF TIME goes into the band that arguably signaled the death of Nu Metal.   Get ready for EIK OUT OF TIME with just the EIK Fellas.
  6. This week we are talking about the fuck boi deluxe Smash Mouth! This could have been avoided bois if you had just come on the podcast.   Hey now your a fuck boi, sing for children, get fuck'ed
  7. Brendo on the Mico Topics: Mrs. Doubtfire: Evil Genius, Nostalgia and other things, The Great Slasher Villain Showdown
  8. Guest: THE FELLAS Topics: Surprise B-Day Parties, Best Harrison Ford, Stealin and Cheesin
  1. Famous People

  2. Bonus Friday episode, the first in a series of interviews / goof-em-ups with Andy at Disc Jam 2018. Today on we have Rob Compa!!   Listen, Laugh, Lunch. TGIF AMIRITE!?
  3. Bonus Friday episode ya jerks, the third in a series of interviews / goof-em-ups with Andy at Disc Jam 2018. Today on we have DJ Logic!   Live. Laugh. Lunch. (also smash that like review subscribe) -Eric M.
  4. Bonus Friday episode, the se sec second in a series of interviews / goof-em-ups with Andy at Disc Jam 2018. Today on we have Space Carnival!
  5. Bonus episode ya jerks, the 4th in a series of interviews / goof-em-ups with Andy at Disc Jam 2018. Today on we have Formula 5! Also I made flat bread from scratch today it was good. The trick is using olive oil and yogurt, but not greek.
  6. Guest: Dan Topics: EiK is for the Children, Classic Rock and other musing, A Socialist Interpretation of the Film Christopher Robbin
  7. Guest: TJ Topics: The Great Cola Wars, Be a better Driver Please, The Great Tim Curry
  8. Guest(s): Tori + Jimmy of the Silent K Podcast Topics: Questions 1(Andy), Beards, Questions 2(Chris), Cell Phones
  9. Guest: Dan Topics: We need an Intern, The 90's Bay-be, Graduation
  10. Guest: Katie Lame X-Men assemble, Camping v Glamping, How to do an Interview
  11. Guest: Ian Topics - Scumbag Landlords, Cars and the Purchase there of, Gym Class
  12. Guest: Cody of Palemen https://palemen.bandcamp.com/ Topics: Our Friends' Bands, Alien v Aliens (and other movie and TV topics), Novelty T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers 
  13. Guest - Dave Topics: NU Metal, The Life Script, Pretension in Music Taste
  14. Guest - Charlie Topics: How to prepare eggs, Murder House, Do you know how to change a tire you millennial piece of shit?
  15. Guest - Eric   Topics: Dad Rock, The Happy Birthday Song, and Animated Families
  16. Guest - Kevin Topics: Blowing your Nose around other People, Vomiting, and the Ethics of Cannibalism
  17. Guest - Elena   Topics: Horse Sports, Condiment Preference, and Girly Man Drinks.   Send us an email at theeikfellas@eikpodcast.com
  18. Guest - John   Topics: Shock Videos, Spirit Animals, Can you Fight your Dad (and win)?
  19. Guest - Olivia Topics: Murder Boyfriend, Questionable Novelty Baby Onesies, Dank Ass Memes
  20. Topics: The department of Goatees, Your favorite Dildo, Famous corpse Death Battle! Guest: Kayleigh
  21. Guest - Yackum the Clown Topics: Huggin', Talking about Music with Friends, Clowns
  22. Guest - Nick Topics: Sonic the Hedgehog, The Golden Girls but with Men, Brand Mascots
  23. Guest: Michie Taking Pictures for strangers, Prepare for the Apocalypse, Partying Hard
  24. Guest - Eric Topics: Social Media Judge Jury Executioner, Elon Musk is a Normal Human that is totally not an Interplanetary Alien, Kicking it with Nicolas Cage.
  25. Guest: Aaron Topics: Life without a Phone, Bartender Pet Peevs, Fan Fiction(s)
  26. Guest - Miche Topics: Fake Ass Holidays, Would you Rather or The mystery of Jelly Jesus, The Wonders of Cilantro
  27. Topics - Forgiveness, Prez Rap Battle, The Gang Creates a Cult Guest - Paul
  28. Guest: Pat Topics: Giant Fighting Robots, Forts and Schemes There of, Hating things that People like (Stranger Things is not that good)
  29. Guest: Nicole Topics - Printers Suck, Scotland, Scared Straight
  30. Guest(s): Katrina and Lauren Topics: What type of IBS are you? (and IBS in general), Bagels, Misophonia (the sensitivity to small sounds)

  2. Guest: Michie Topics: IM NOT A CULT LEADER, Mad Libs, Squad Squabble
  3. Guest: Kayleigh Topics:If beers were in a movie, Public Speaking, Crowd's Choice

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