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Generosity: Studies from the Gospel of Luke

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Creation Date September 2nd, 2021
Updated Date Updated November 15th, 2021
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  1. We’ve been looking at the Gospel of Luke and seeing what it says about the theme of generosity. This particular text looks again like it’s about being generous with our money, and of course that’s very much a part of it. But the Bible is primar
  2. Jesus calls us to be relationally and emotionally generous, generous with our homes, generous with our time, our talents, our gifts. While you can be financially generous without being generous in heart, you can’t possibly be generous in heart
  3. Generosity is way more than just giving away your money. Generosity needs to be pervasive in your life. There needs to be a generosity of spirit, a generosity of heart, a generosity in relationships, an emotional generosity. And yet, in order t
  4. We’ve been talking about the fact that there are different currencies of generosity, and the currency we now get to is a very important one. It’s a non-financial currency, but it is a way for you to give value to other people. Every believer sh
  5. The Bible considers generosity to be radical, deeply unselfish living in every area of life. It’s possible to be technically generous––writing big checks. It’s possible to be generous with your money, but not be a generous-hearted person. There
  6. As soon you hear the word generosity, you say, “Oh, a series on money.” No, not necessarily. It is possible to be technically generous with your money and not at all generous in your spirit or in your heart. There are plenty of people who are a
  7. According to the Bible, generosity is not less than being generous with your money, but it’s quite a bit more. In a place like Isaiah 32:8, it says, “The generous make generous plans, and by generous deeds they stand.” There’s no talk of money

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