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Survival stories (episodes)

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Creation Date June 26th, 2020
Updated Date Updated August 19th, 2022
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  1. Rerun - Imagine the Hurculean effort it takes to summit 29,035' Mt Everest. Now imagine reaching the summit and enjoying the fruits of your accomplishment only to realize your vision is fading rapidly with no one around to help you get back dow
  2. Being a restaurant owner during this Coronavirus outbreak is not a walk in the park. However, facing seemingly insurmountable challenges is nothing new to Melissa. Today she tells us her story of overcoming a terrible accident that nearly compl
  3. Originally aired February 6, 2017 In May of 2001, Brad, Melissa, Brad's father, and their dog were stranded overnight on Mount Evans in Colorado during a freak late-spring blizzard. With the day not going as planned, the group made the tough de
  4. In Episode #27 I talk extensively about the true Survival Legacy of Christopher McCandless, what we can and should learn from his legacy and why his life and death matters in the world of Bushcraft and Survival training.
  5. In survival stories, we often play the “what if” game, and wonder what we would do differently under the same circumstances. Here are two true stories of people lost in the jungle, including the remarkable...
  6. In 1979, a four person Cessna crashed on the frozen peak of a California mountain. One of those people on board was a remarkable 11 year old boy named Norman Ollestad, Jr., and he would be pushed to the limits as he attempted to climb down the
  7. Join Tim Hewitt and I, as we discuss his career racing the most extreme human powered race in the United States and possibly even the world! Tim details his experiences with packs of wolves, frost bite, and fractured bones, all in the pursuit o
  8. The terms Survival, Adversity and Resilience will certainly be redefined in this Flatline episode. Coming to you from Seattle, Washington the hometown of our guest Brian Dickinson. Brian served in the U.S Navy as Special Operations Air Rescue S
  9. In this episode we are turning up the dial with our incredible guest, Justin Oliver Davis. Justin is a motivational Keynote speaker, turning adversity & hardship into powerful journeys of unsurpassed resilience. Its taken Justin 8 years of reha
  10. Caroline D Leon certainly comprehends the power of falling from heights (Literally).Shattered & broken body, 14 surgeries, 23 blood transfusions and 2 years to recovery. Listen to this powerful and detailed story from Caroline and the tools she

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