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The Scientist Life

Scientists, their lives, their research, and their careers

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Created May 16, 2020

Updated May 29, 2023



  1. Scientists & Their Careers

  2. What can you do with a PhD? Do you wonder what career you can aim for with a graduate degree? Do you fear you'll be unemployable as a PhD or after a postdoc? If these are questions you ask yourself, Papa PhD will help you dispel them by bringin
  3. So you have a PhD or trying to get one. But what are YOU going to do with THAT?Listen to Dr. Ido Rosenzweig as he talks with early career researchers in academia about their process, their success stories, obstacles and the way they overcame th
  4. Under the lab coat, the podcast that undresses scientists I’m Elodie Chabrol and I can't wait to take you with me to meet the humans behind the research.  We will of course talk a little bit about science, but we will mostly talk about them. 
  5. The Lonely Pipette is a podcast where scientists share tips to help you do better science. The episodes include conversations with researchers around the world. Renaud Pourpre and Jonathan Weitzman will talk to inspiring people to learn about t
  6. PostDoctoral is a modern-day, academic Dear Abby podcast for those interested in career options outside the professoriate. Whether you're about to finish your PhD or somewhere out there trapped in an ivory tower of your very own making, it migh
  7. Explore the wealth of career options out there for neuroscience grads with host Rana Ghafouri, a former neuroscience Master’s student at McGill University. Presented by Healthy Brains, Healthy Lives (HBHL), an initiative at McGill aimed at crea
  8. A podcast for celebration, commiseration, and support through grad school for the students who are living it (or want to). Join Elana Gloger, a full-time 4th year doctoral student and part-time human, as she chats with fellow grad students abou
  9. helping academics and former academics find wellness, meaning, purpose, and freedom
  10. A podcast about the career journey from academia into the non-academic world! If you're interested in learning how others set their compass to find a job outside academia, or if you want to try to identify which non-academic voyage might be for
  11. We believe everyone has something to teach, and we are all life-long learners. Therefore, students should strive to continue to learn and share what we’ve learned with others.
  12. The Careers Podcast for PhD Students and Research Staff at King's College London.
  13. Learn from insights, steal some strategies and discover different career paths that HDR candidates and graduates have followed. Important aspects of resourcefulness include being able to draw from knowledge and experiences, learn from others, b
  14. Wise Grad is the go-to podcast for everyone interested in the academic world. The mission is to help students, new and old, to maximise their full potential and find the best resources. From school to the working world, Wise Grad will help you
  15. There's no one way to be a scholar. We all produce and consume meaningful work- regardless of our job titles. Erin and Caroline have decided to spotlight scholars with one foot in the academy and one foot anywhere else. We’re all involved in so
  16. A weekly science + comedy podcast hosted by Shannon (a scientist) and Cody (not a scientist) where we discuss what's going on in the world of science and laugh about how little we actually know.
  17. Curious about what biomedical science PhDs do for their career? In the "Beyond the Lab" podcast series, the Vanderbilt BRET Office of Career Development interviews biomedical science PhD and postdoctoral alumni about their career path.
  18. Science Comedy

  19. Profane, insane, and 100% primo science, Petri Dish is a no-BS podcast that explores the wildest subjects in modern science with clarity and evil joy.Hosted by Sean Allen, a Nanoparticle/Immunology Researcher, and Nathan Allen, his "screenwri
  20. Better Than Human the Podcast: Your favorite science biology podcast, where each week we pick an animal or topic to illuminate how fascinating our subject is and prove, once and for all, humans are not the epitome of the evolutionary chain.
  21. A hilarious drunken podcast about science stuff. Thesis: Listen, laugh, learn.
  22. Drunkenly Educated is a comedy science podcast brought to you by real-life drunk graduate students. For about 30-60 mins every other week, with new episodes dropping every Monday, these educated drunks will put their science minds to use to ans
  23. Lauren is a science teacher and Nick is a scientist. Together, they use comedy and science to debunk pseudoscience, myths, and common misconceptions they find on the internet. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/justna
  24. Math Therapy explores the root causes of math trauma, and the empowering ways we can heal from it.  Each week host Vanessa Vakharia, aka The Math Guru, dives into what we get right and wrong about math education, and chats with some of today’s
  25. Research & Researchers

  26. Volcanoes. Trees. Drunk butterflies. Mars missions. Slug sex. Death. Beauty standards. Anxiety busters. Beer science. Bee drama. Take away a pocket full of science knowledge and charming, bizarre stories about what fuels these professional -olo
  27. Discover New Advances in the world of genetics, from technology like CRISPR to rare diseases to new research. For over a decade, multi-award winning podcast ”DNA Today” has brought you the voices of leaders in genetics. Host Kira Dineen brings
  28. What’s this “PhD” thing all about? We explore research methods, talk about research life, and all the other Mumbo jumbo of a scholarly life
  29. SCHARR’s Communicable Research is a series of podcasts from the Sheffield Centre for Health and Related Research, based in the School of Medicine and Population Health at The University of Sheffield. In this series we’ll hear from researchers
  30. Tegan and Joram explore the world of molecular plant research. How to plants sense their environment? What controls their metabolism? How do they store energy? Come along to an excursion into the very cells of all green things!
  31. The podcast airs biweekly on Mondays and is hosted by Anne Chisa, also known as Anne with an E. The show revolves around interviews with individuals involved in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) from across
  32. Science is hard work, but making it through a PhD program and into a rewarding career can seem downright impossible. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone shared the secrets for success at every stage? Admissions, rotations, classes, quals, research
  33. Just two caffeine fuelled PhD students on the journey of a lifetime. Making it through one day at a time. Join us!
  34. We talk with students, staff, postdocs and faculty working to understand viruses and how they affect you. Host: Larissa Thackray, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases
  35. Who is microbiology? Meet the Microbiologist (MTM) introduces you to the people who discover, innovate and advance the field of microbiology. Go behind-the-scenes of the microbial sciences with experts in virology, bacteriology, mycology, par
  36. After spending time in academia and exploring the unknown, the industry often seems too limited scientifically to those finishing a PhD. We will explore the bridge between the industry and academia to understand how basic scientific findings ta
  37. We welcome YOU to America’s leading higher education podcast! Hosted by Dr. Joe Sallustio, whose down-to-Earth approach & industry experience helps to make dry & complicated educational topics more fun & engaging to discuss. Elvin Freytes, Prod
  38. National award-winning radio show and podcast bringing a fresh new perspective on the issues that matter to you from the heart of Tasmania. We cover all things Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) from medical marijuana to science be
  39. Illuminating life science career opportunities outside of academia through the experiences of those who have been there before.
  40. Past and present advances in the fields of agronomic, crop, soil, and environmental sciences. Enjoy interviews with researchers published in journals, books, and magazines from the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America,
  41. There's a plethora of misinformation, marketing, and hear-say related to growing horticultural plants. In this series, we digest replicated scientific data and research shared in popular science magazines (such as GrowerTalks) and share it with
  42. One to Grow On is a podcast where we dig into questions about agriculture and try to understand how food production impacts us and our world. One to Grow On is hosted by resident expert Hallie Casey and her very own dad.
  43. These are long-form, unscripted interviews with Academics, Scientists & Journalists about their areas of research. Forming a series of in-depth conversations with fascinating people, with loads to say about the current state of the world, e
  44. We (Julia and Jonathan) happen to be academics and also happen to be psychologists studying speech perception. We want to make awesome science, make science awesome, and share what we’ve learned with a broad audience. In The Juice and the Squee
  45. An optimistic, curiosity-chasing show about the wonder and wildness of life, following the threads that connect us to the natural world. The Wild Life is, always has been, and always will be a show about the diversity of life within the animal
  46. because science is fundamental in the 21st century
  47. We are a weekly podcast where we chat with the scientists behind your favorite hormones. But these just aren't any conversations with scientists. Each week, we highlight a new interview with real scientists who study hormones in any capacity, h
  48. Wildlife Weirdos is a podcast about animals! I try to find out all the cool, weird, and interesting things about animals and tell you all about what I found!
  49. A podcast exploring the intersection of science, society, and queerness. Intertwining personal interviews and audio storytelling, this podcast aims to challenge the current discourse of diversity in STEM to empower marginalized voices and think
  50. Tips, tricks and strategies on how to build an online business using blogging, podcasting and video as an academic entrepreneur
  51. Professor Jim Al-Khalili talks to leading scientists about their life and work, finding out what inspires and motivates them and asking what their discoveries might do for us in the future
  52. The Naked Scientists flagship science show, includes the latest science news, interviews with top scientists, hands-on science experiments and answers to your science questions.
  53. Making science engaging, inclusive and intersectional through storytelling. #STEMdiversity #SciComm #STEMFemme
  54. Science Popularization

  55. Join us, Ellen and Christian Weatherford, while we review your favorite species of animals and rate them out of ten in the categories of effectiveness, ingenuity and aesthetics.More information can be found at justthezooofus.com 😊Got a speci
  56. The Varmints! podcast is an education/comedy podcast that’s all about animals! Every week a bunch of nerds a do a whole bunch of reading to bring you a mix of science, education, pop culture and comedy about all things that creep, crawl, slithe
  57. If you're on this planet, plants have a HUGE impact on your life. Whether you're a vegan, a carnivore, or somewhere in between, plants are the basis of the food you eat, the clothes your wear, and the air you breathe. We don't intend just to te
  58. This podcast explores various wildlife species and their conservation through the lenses of environmental, cultural, and economic value. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/the-nagging-naturalist/support
  59. Curiosity Cake is a podcast for adults who still have a child-like sense of curiosity about the world. Featuring laid back conversations with experts across a wide range of subjects satisfying my unending curiosity and feeding my hunger for lea
  60. The Mad Scientist Podcast is a comedy show about the history and philosophy of science and pseudoscience. Hosted by Chris and Marie, join our intrepid hosts as they talk about all the weird stuff your science textbook left out. Because sometime
  61. Hosted by Gabriel Hesch and Autumn Phaneuf, who have advanced degrees in EE and industrial engineering/operations research respectively, come together to discuss mathematics as a pure field al in its own as well as how it describes the language
  62. Physical Attraction is the show that explores topics in science, technology, and the future - from a physicist's perspective. From the birth of stars to the end of the world, from interviews with experts to meticulously-researched deep dives, w
  63. 5 Live's science podcast, featuring Dr Chris and Naked Scientists with the hottest science news stories and analysis.
  64. From Earth orbit to the Moon and Mars, explore the world of human spaceflight with NASA each week on the official podcast of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Listen to in-depth conversations with the astronauts, scientists and engine
  65. Mercury. Dog hair. Heroine. What do all of these things have in common? They were all used at one point in time for cures to various ailments before the advent of modern medicine. Biology student and full time dog mom Stephanie Renee takes you