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Bonus Halloween episode reading of The Raven. Originally written by Edgar Allen Poe. Narrated by Mike Cole.
Summary: The heroes go face to face with a wastrilith before MC Nastly does something that shocks everyone. The villains lock in their plan with Captain Murphey. Still disguised as Tubba, Hesh attends the secret meeting of the S.H.R.I.M.P. Brig
Summary: The heroes board the FFS Betterprise and meet the crew. Captain Juan Fuked Lizard recruits the heroes to investigate some mysterious activity in the cargo bay. Hesh, disguised as Tubba, takes Ayda and Francis to meet with Fried in orde
Summary: The heroes make it to Seaforge and look to book passage on a large ship to cross the ocean. MC Nastly meets up with some friends. The villains head over to the C-Food restaurant and Hesh takes on a new disguise. The party learns about
Summary: Thadeus is still struggling with the wet floors everywhere. Random travel event triggers for the heroes while they make their way to Seaforge. The villains continue their shopping adventure in ICEA. Hesh gives Francis a gift. Ayda take
Summary: MC Nastly is exhausted and Sir Thadeus still believes everything is wet. The party does some last minute prep at the library before they rest for the night. Before they head to Seaforge, Sir Thadeus receives a gift. The villains arrive
Summary: We are joined with a special guest, Allen who plays the GAG-ME adventurers Dr. Michiana Bones. Michiana gives them a high level overview on portal magic and the books that they retrieved from Thorkillin’s Vault. The Villains discuss wh
Summary: Ingvald decides to use the “make me a god” scroll while Thadeus struggles with the wet floors that plague the GAG-ME barracks. Hesh and the other villains go head to head with the entity that attacked their ship. Is this creature more
Summary: Malphaedor meets with the Monsignor and looks for a path back to Greyhawk’s light. The heroes all use their brand new scrolls to start the day. The Villains encounter and enemy that they have never seen before and Ayda casts her first
Summary: Thadeus visits the library at the mages guild to research portal magic. MC Nastly visits Ingvald. Malphaedor finishes his visit with his father and the three heroes get back together. The villains are still aboard the C-LAB and they co
Have you ever asked yourself, "Self, I wonder what the NPCs are doing while the fools are all doing their foolish foolery..." Well, ponder no more. You can now dive into the dark and mysterious lives of the Non-Player Characters with this Patre
Summary: Thadeus and MC Nastly go to school. Malphaedor has a surprise visit from his father Donato Bromroyo. Hesh sets course with Captain Murphey Ayda reads a letter from Master Douche. Francis the Lion writes a poem.Find us: www.afoolsquest.
Summary: Picking up where season 3 left off, the heroes attempt to figure out how to save their friend Terry, investigate the the villains they just met, and chat with some GAG-ME officials about the ethereal beholder. The villains have their n
Spoiler alert!This episode recaps seasons 1-3 for new listeners or for people to remember what has gone on since the release.Find us: www.afoolsquest.com Support us on Patreon and get additional content: www.patreon.com/afoolsquest If you would
Summary: Welcome to our end of season 3 cast interview. We are hosted by James of Roll Britannia. Our villains talk through season 3 and their thoughts on what’s to come in season 4.Find us: www.afoolsquest.com Support us on Patreon and get add
Summary: Welcome to our end of season 3 cast interview. We are hosted by Adam of Microphones and Monsters. Our heroes talk through season 3 and their thoughts on what’s to come in season 4.Find us: www.afoolsquest.com Support us on Patreon and
Summary: For the first time ever, the Heroes come face to face with the Villains; and Terry is in between. This is the final episode of season 3! We hope you have enjoyed the story so far.Find us: www.afoolsquest.com Support us on Patreon and g
Summary: Finally out of Thorkillin’s Vault and back into the forest, Malphaedor and MC Nastly rush to rescue Thadeus from an unknown threat. The villains finish up their trip with Master Douche to meet Thorkillin. The heroes make it back to Che
Summary: As we get closer to the end of season 3, the heroes and the villains wrap up their adventure arcs of the season. The heroes make their way into the inner most section of Thorkillin’s Vault. The Adventurers of Squirtle and Derek begins.
Summary: After getting ambushed by Borin Serious and Syed Kek, the party meets back up to interrogate Derek. The Derek now leading the way, the heroes continue on into Thorkillin’s Vault. Traps, puzzles, arcane runes, and shenanigans all lead u
Summary: The villains throw on their disguises and infiltrate the house of the tradesman, slavers: The GoldenRods. Ayda comes face to face with the last remaining members of the family that enslaved her.Find Us: www.afoolsquest.com Patreon: www
Summary: The heroes go toe to toe with Borin Serious and Syed Kek along with two other lackeys (Dave and Derek) after the sudden but inevitable betrayal. With the party split and the space tight, this might be the most dangerous fight so far.Fi
Summary: After recovering the scroll for Master Douche, the villains finished in Hammerpost and head back to Farrow’s Expedition Camp. On their way, the meet up with some operatives from the Farrow’s Organized Opposition Troops (The F.O.O.T.) a
Summary: Having met with almost all of the other contacts that Manny gave them, the Heroes finish up their tour of the collective by meeting with Micky the Mute for some last minute information. Squirtle takes the heroes through the city and in
Summary: In the middle of the street on Sesame Boulevard, Hesh has a run in with three unlikely Tortles. The three brothers of Michelangelo are chasing Beatbox and Blockparty when they accidentally collide with Hesh during their chase; doing hi
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