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There are so many theories on Leadership it can get quite exhausting.  In fact Leadership theory is wide and so vast you may find yourself throwing your arms up in the air and saying, "I'm just going to do leadership my way".  Well it is confus
Are you leading from your current job?  Why not?  Have you discovered what you are purpose in  your current job?  What?  Why?  Are you thinking to yourself well I am just a (fill in the blank).  You are NOT a "just a".  You are and can be a lea
In today's world more people than ever have a home office.  And as nice as that sounds and can be, it is not always conducive to productivity.  As a matter of fact you home office may be more home than office.  And the idea of trying to "balanc
As an entrepreneur we typically are idea people.  Some of us are sales people, but it seems like the more entrepreneurs I interview the more I see their creative side than their sales side.  Sometimes it appears to be an attitude of, "if I buil
It is no surprise that men and women are different.  Not just our physiology, but how we communicate, handle stress, deal with conflict, the differences we see in relaxing, romancing, sex and more.  So often we can go so frustrated with these d
Here are the facts we are in a revolution where artificial intelligence (AI), digital spaces, and technology are speedily influencing our world.  So much so that even a seemingly sound career is being affected dramatically.  In many cases jobs
When you hear the word ethics and sales they really don't sound like they go together.  It is kind of an oil and water thing for most people.  As a matter of fact when it comes to business our colleges and universities don't even teach ethics o
We all have dreams of our future.  What happens when we put all of our energy, dedication, mind, body and soul are put into it and then you get there and something outside of your control takes your dream away?  What do you do?  Especially if y
Relationships.  It really is what makes our life...life.  Where would we be without them?  Well, first of all you and I would not have been born so there's that.  But, our relationships do add spice to life, and in fact we relate to not just pe
"Build me a website, that's what we need to have a successful business".  Then what happens?  They continue to spend money on website design, SEO,  and other IT initiatives only to do one thing...run out of money.  That marketing philosophy is
Success we all want it, but we often do not want to pay the price for it, or hear the answers on how to ultimately achieve it.  So often we think that success is a by product of getting the right breaks in life or business.  Some believe that s
We need to be honest with ourselves our world has changed.  It moves at an incredible pace, and as technology continues to move our problems become more complex and challenging.  How we choose to think about and solve those problems must also c
Conflict is something we all face.  It comes in many different forms, and the truth is it makes us all uncomfortable.  At the heart of conflict is the fact that one party is not getting what they want and the other party is not getting what the
You may or may no be acquainted with "Lean Transformation" or "Lean Management", but the truth is you more than likely employ some of the principles.  Lean management is a business wide thought process that starts with what you customer really
Let's say you are in the middle of a war.  You have an enemy that wants to destroy you.  Not only do they not care about you they want to take everything from you.  How do you go about your mission to defeat the enemy?  Do you just wake up one
No one wants to admit it.  In fact we get defensive when accused of it.  In most cases we go into denial and rationalize it.  What am I talking about: Bias.  The fact of the matter is bias comes with being human.  Every single person in the wor
We all want to achieve success.  And success can mean different things to each one of us.  But, I would venture to say that to the vast majority of you reading this right now, that at least on some level success has something to do with your fi
Everyone wants to be happy.  As humans we will avoid pain at all costs for our own happiness.  But for most people happiness is an elusive mistress.  We try to define our happiness with things, stuff, fame, fortune, money, relationships, but at
Our work life has changed.  Most all of us are working remotely.  That means most all of us are now using a technology called Zoom.  As cool, convenient, and amazing as Zoom is, it does present some occasional challenges.  Such as making sure i
Drs. Tara Peters & Cathy Bush (The Leadership Doctors ) & Authors of The Demotivated Employee Often as a executive coach I am asked the question, "How do I improve employee motivation?" or "How do I motivate this employee?".  In fact, it is re
You may be reading this right now and your performance at your job is slacking.  Why?  You may be thinking because you are bored?  Maybe you did not get enough sleep.  But what if I told you that there are things in your environment that are in
Whether you are in business, a consultant, coach, teacher, or speaker, our world has changed when it comes to doing presentations.  Whether it is a seminar, workshop, company training, education, or public speaking we are all using some sort of
The easiest thing for us to do as leaders is rely on what worked in the past.  But let's be honest there is not guarantee what we have done in the past will produce success in the future.  We also need to face the reality that as businesses cha
Are you someone in leadership?  Well the truth is we all are leaders in some way.  So much has been written about leadership.  How to be a good leader.  How to be a more effective leader.  It seems however, when it comes to leadership and philo
Our beliefs are so powerful.  What we believe determines our outcomes.  If you believe that you cannot do something, guess what you won't.  If you have a belief system that believes the worst is going to happen, you will only see the worst.  If
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