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Accidental Tech Podcast

A Technology podcast

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Three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely related matters.

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Casey argues for day/month/year instead of year/month/day (ISO 8601) Celsius is stupid for ambient air temperature Follow up: Root bug post was in the dev forums, not the support forums. Reporting to product-security@apple.com XProtect and Xplorer Shell script iOS keyboard woes and Gboard Jo...

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Keyboard imprints on laptop screens Butterfly keyboard Video of Casey's old ThinkPad 701 Steganography Marco is no longer case-liss Jamie Clawson leather skins Apple Leather Case dbrand skins Follow-up: Fingerprint gloves 1 2 Thanksgiving follow-up: What about the Nintendo Switch? Casey has fu...

Not Enough Ratings

Follow up: iPhone X multitasking gesture Requesting refunds on AppleCare (via John Himm) Fake fingerprint stickers iCloud restores during iPhone X setup HomePod gets delayed Upgrade #168: Hail Hydrant Welcome to Macintosh #14: Hey Siri Regarding conspiracy theories (#caseywasright) Jonathan's ...


Follow up: Tradespeople and Face ID Multitasking gesture wonkiness on the home screen "I got this phone for $50 and it's fine" Pro-rated AppleCare+ MacBook key repairs OLED and burn-in Kbase article (👋🏻, Stephen) iOS' commentary iPhone X camera Joe Rosensteel has thoughts about portrait mode...


Follow up: Apple TV 11.2ß makes John happy Time Machine local snapshots App Camp for Girls fundraiser #askatp iPhone X cases (via Nathan Walls) Apple Leather Case (Casey bought black) Impact of Siri's ineptitude (via Kapila Wimalaratne) Sony A7R III (via Ananda) Canon 5D Mark IV iPhone X: ...