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In this episode our heroes face their most challenging foe yet, completely at Random. After a roll on a random encounter table brings a bloodthirsty monster to the party, all hope seems lost. But a miracle of the dice roll allows Guda to obtain the first taste of his true potential.Lyra's anger gets the better of her. Damien is bled. The Herald has visions. Guda is inspired. Zinfir's home continues to decay. Be sure to check out our website: 1upPodcasts.comCheck us out on twitter @AreWeDeadYetPod
The party attempts to take on Thousand Teeth, a monstrous crocodile that has been plaguing the Lizardfolk. Damien tries to persuade, Lyra sticks her neck out, Gude does the heavy lifting, Father Crow provides Guidance, Zinfir makes a call to the wild. Follow us on twitter @AreWeDeadYetPodLeave us a review on iTunes.Check out our website:
After escaping the domain of the hags, burying Welgar Brinehanded, and then drinking to his memory the party awakens from their night of debauchery and finds that they are about to cause Saltmarsh even more problems. Guda investigates a gift, Lyra wakes up in a questionable situation, Zinfir seeks a tailor, The Herald wants to drink, Damien finds a book and a mystery. It all comes to a head when Damien and Lyra visit the Temple of Procan. Follow us on Twitter: @AreWeDeadYetPodLeave us a review on iTunes.
Our heroes have finished their initiation for the mysterious wizard Perry. After introductions and explanations of how their positions will work they are shown Master Perry's Compound and provided with beds and food. Uhar plays a prank on Chip, Lumi tries to convince Uhar to steal something. Tamu studies and writes. Shay takes a trip somewhere else. Our heroes, minus Shay, are sent out on their next mission and hope that it will go as smoothly as the previous one.Our podcast is registered with the People's Choice Podcast Awards. Please consider registering today at and register to nominate us for the People's Choice Podcast Awards in the Gaming category! We would love to be honored with the opportunity to receive such an award. The more people that nominate us, the better our chances!Leave us a review on iTunesCheck out our website: for cast info, more shows, and some short stories.Follow us on Twitter
The demon has sprouted from Damien, however Damien sees something special in the dark creature terrorizing the town. Lyra wants to blast, Zinfir seeks meditation, Guda meets a friend, The Herald pays his dues. Damien meets the mysterious admirer from the letter a few weeks ago but not all is as it appears. Josh will be at Podfest March 6th-8th, 2020 in Orlando, FL and would love to meet up with our fans in Florida. Shoot us a DM on twitter and let us know if we can link up!Follow us on Twitter: @AreWeDeadYetPodLeave us a Review on iTunes.
Lyra has awoken in her temple, a burning zeal for her god in her heart, a new hammer in hand, and no Tick Tock to be found. She frantically searches for her dear companion and finds who holds the little Monodrone Captive. Calling upon her allies, will Tick Tock survive the late night brawl? or will everything end in a shower of sparks, a hail of shrapnel and a tavern wall being blown out?Find out in this exciting episode of Are We Dead Yet?Check us out on Twitter!Leave us a Review on Apple Podcasts!Check out more content on our Website!
In this tense finale of the first mission in the Saltmarsh campaign our heroes are now shipwrecked, at night in the water. The Herald doesn’t see it coming, Guda and Damien sleep with the fishes. Zinfir is claimed by the waters. Lyra tries her best. As the sea claims the remains of the smuggler’s ship, unexpected visitors arrive. Be sure to check out our other content at and follow us on twitter @AreWeDeadYetPod.
Our heroes have arrived at the entrance to the cavern that Master Perry told them about. Inside they find more than they bargained for and must race against time as they try to find a way past the necromancer's puzzle. Chip and Lumi have an exchange, Tamu shows off his accuracy, Uhar creeps and crawls, and our heroes use fire to once again solve their problems.Our podcast is registered with the People's Choice Podcast Awards. Please consider registering today at and register to nominate us for the People's Choice Podcast Awards in the Gaming category! We would love to be honored with the opportunity to receive such an award. The more people that nominate us, the better our chances!Leave us a review on iTunesCheck out our website: for cast info, more shows, and some short stories.Follow us on Twitter
In this episode of Are We Dead Yet? our party finishes resupplying in town. Zinfir and The Herald wake up Lyra. Lyra cuddles Damien. Guda practices with his new toy. Master Welgar Brinehanded has told Zinfir of a solution to the problems of the forest, but can't be found in town, leading the party to set out into the drowned forest to search for Lyra's master and the one who holds the key to the salvation of Zinfir's people.Be sure to check out for more information on this show and other shows coming from the creators of Are We Dead Yet?And follow us on twitter @AreWeDeadYetPod 
Damien has been rescued by the city guard and Lyra goes to bail him out. The party learns of what transpired on the ship. Lyra has a new enemy. Gude makes some style decisions. The party sets out for the lizardfolk lair. Lyra begins her swimming lessons. Josh will be at Podfest March 6th-8th in Orlando, FL and would love to meet up with fans of the show. If you’re interested in a meet-up, shoot us a message on twitter @AreWeDeadYetPod. We look forward to seeing you! Follow us on twitter, leave us a review on itunes and visit our website
Having saved Tik Tock (for now), the party faces the backlash of the town, despite their best efforts to keep everyone safe. Lyra has terrible scars. Gude finds a new treasure. Damien slams their enemy. Father Crow parties and insults. After a night of festivities, drinks, and poetry, the group retires to their beds for the night. But lurking in the shadows is a threat none of them are prepared to deal with. Their future seems… Uncertain. This is the last episode of our Saltmarsh campaign until we are able to begin recording in person again. Until then we will be bringing you remote recorded “Quarantine Sessions” with new characters, a different story, some fun action, and silly moments. The audio quality won’t be as good in the Quarantine Sessions, but thats kind of what makes it fun. We hope you’ll stick with us. We look forward to continuing the adventures of Damien, Father Crow, Gude, Lyra, and Zinfir soon, once this whole Pandemic has blown over.
Episode 1 of our Quarantine Sessions has begun. Our players have taken on new personas in this journey:Chris is playing Tamu, a tortle monk from Chult who is on a pilgrimage for his home library. Part of this journey is to discover new knowledge in the world and bring it back to his masters. David is once again running the game as DM.Jon is playing "Chip" Flannegan, The horny halfling boy bard who thinks far too highly of himself and his abilities. He is here to have fun, satiate every bodily desire, and perform his music... poorly.Josh is playing Lumivroth, An athletic lion-tabaxi trained as a clan crafter of great weapons, on a quest to recover all the weapons he ever created before they can do more harm.Zach is playing Ulharixen, a lizardfolk rogue who is out in the world to make sure that the evils that befell his people don't befall others in the same way. He seeks adventure and the salvation of the world.Zoe is playing Shay, an elf (?) cleric. They once cured a great and terrible disease from a town and is now out on a journey to help others and make sure that none suffer as that town had suffered. Come with us on this Journey. You won't be disappointed.
A new campaign, with a new DM, begins. A new world needs explaining. We dive into just what the World of Kievus contains, who they worship, and how they harness magic to improve the lives of their people. Into and Outro music by Salty Dog Company. Find them on soundcloud by searching for "Salty Dog Co."Backround Music by David Cole of the Four Orbs podcast Song titles, in order of appearance: "The Sorrow of Giants""Betrayal""Beyond the Horizon"Search dcolemusic on YouTube for further interest
Our party has worn out its welcome at the Lizardfolk lair and quickly return to Saltmarsh, much to the annoyance of the city council. After providing a report of their journey to to the Lizardfolk they quickly learn that a council of war has already been called and many of the surrounding settlements have banded together to take on the Sahaugin Threat. All is well until an old friend makes their reentrance into the lives of our heroes. After an awkward (re)introduction to Gellard the heroes of Saltmarsh are invited as special guests to a grand feast to celebrate the new alliance. As our party prepares for the feast, Xendras has more goodies for the party to spend all that gold. Lyra receives guidance from the Great God, Procan.Leave us a review on iTunesFollow us on TwitterCheck out our Website:
The party has discovered their quarry and have fought off the first 2 waves of lizardfolk to attack them. The Herald runs off, Gude is at a disadvantage, Lyra tries to hold on, and the party meets a new friend. Follow us on twitter: @AreWeDeadYetPodLeave a review on iTunes!
Episode one: The party gets created, the world is established, and the adventure begins. 
In this episode of Are We Dead Yet? the party’s journey into the house on the hill takes a turn. Damien and Lyra have a coughing fit, Guda cuts a striking figure, Zinfir has a fall, The Herald suffers from premature eldritch blast. The party commits an unspeakable crime. Ned shows his true colors. Please be sure to check out the other content on and follow us on twitter @AreWeDeadYetPod
In this episode the party learns of a mysterious light seen by The Herald the night before. Guda performs a ritual, Lyra ascends, Damien tries on a disguise, Zinfir casts some magic. The Herald lights the place up. An adventure of epic hi-jinks awaits you as our party finally faces their first foes in combat. Ned makes another appearance. Be sure to check out the other content available at and follow us on Twitter @AreWeDeadYetPod.
The conclusion to the first chapter of The Quarantine Sessions is here! Our heroes have escaped the cavern just in time but are now hanging precariously on a ledge and another threat looms overhead. Meanwhile, we learn of just where Shay disappeared to and what he has been up to during this time. Lumi Climbs and falls, Chip mocks those that are threatening from above, Tamu takes a shot, Uhar offers tribute. Shay makes a jail break and a spectacularly electrifying entrance back to the party, will Shay make it in time to help?Leave us a review on iTunesCheck out our website: for cast info, more shows, and some short stories.Follow us on Twitter 
The party awakes to find themselves in the Saltmarsh Prison, but quickly finds that their fortunes have changed. The party gets offered a job, Lyra and Zinfir visit the temple. Guda, Damien and The Herald hire a boat. Be sure to check out the other content on our website and follow us on twitter @AreWeDeadYetPod
In this episode of Are We Dead Yet? the party is out of the frying pan, but Guda realizes that not all of his stuff made it back to town. After a short trip out to where the battle took place, the party searches through some wreckage but not all is as it seems.Lyra finds some spices. The Herald seeks answers. Zinfir thinks strategically. Be sure to check out our website, Follow up on twitter @AreWeDeadYetPod
The party has survived their frightful encounter with the vampire of the forest, but Damien still requires rest. The party seeks shelter from the horrors of the forest. Lyra uses her drinks to commune with her god, Gude and Zinfir scout, The Herald carries Damien. The party's true enemy shows her face. Follow us on twitter @AreWeDeadYetPodCheck out our website: 1upPodcasts.comEmail us at:
After a first encounter with the Hag that has been stalking them, the party decides to seek out aid from the nearby Firbolg village. Zinfir climbs high, Lyra takes the lead, The Herald shoots off, and Guda takes a good hit. Damien is seen as a prize. The party squares up to fight. Follow us on twitter: @AreWeDeadYetPodShoot us an email: 1upPodcasts@gmail.comCheck out our website: 
The Party has defeated the Hag, but not all is as it seems. Confronted with the realities of who their enemy is and what this adventure has cost them, the party seeks to leave the drowned forest. Lyra gets a promotion, Gude helps out, Zinfir tries to hide. Damien drinks to the memories of others. The Herald sees nothing.Follow us on twitter: @AreWeDeadYetPodEmail us at
Our party has begun its Journey North toward the Lizardfolk lair with their new friend Giros. They come to the treeline of the swamp and decide to hunker down for the evening. What happens next should listen for yourselves. Follow us on Twitter: @AreWeDeadYetPodLeave us a review on itunes
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